Idina Menzel - What The Fuck? Lyrics

Hey you there, with that face in the mirror
What the hell are you looking at?
No, really, who are you there to judge me?
You're exactly like me, but flat

I'm the one who has to live this life
Grab the happiness that comes my way
So I'm gonna say

What the fuck?
Stay the night
There's a chance that it will all be all right
It's possible I'm pushing this a little too far
But it's not like things can get a whole lot worse than they are
I'm not running on a streak of good luck
So what the fuck?

Another day of saving the planet
One more night of nothing but tears
And Stephen plays dumb, surprised that I want him
Like we haven't been flirting for years
And I know that I was out of bounds
It was me, somehow, on the attack
But then he kissed me back

What the fuck?
What's the deal?
Can I ever just feel what I feel?
I'm accomplished and I'm funny,
I've got wisdom and wit
And a taste for certain men who will treat me like shit
So romance has again run amok
Oh - what the fuck?

What the fuck?
What'd I do?
How'd I end up lying naked with you?
I was stone cold stupid sober, so I can't blame the drink
I was needy, I was greedy, and I just didn't think
That's a lie - I thought about it a lot
I had lots of warning thoughts I forgot
Just another bad decision, I guess
Just another pile of crap in the mess
But I've managed to involve my best friend
Will my trail of sad mistakes ever end?
'Cause I'm starting to suspect that I'm stuck
Like a schmuck
And I suck
What the fuck?

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Idina Menzel What The Fuck? Comments
  1. Amandarama

    Idina saying what the fuck gives me life.

  2. Matthew Rodriguez Quezada

    Viewer discretion is advised!

  3. Queen Chelsea

    i love idina so much you don't understand

  4. TDItaly98

    I find myself always coming back to this song 😂

  5. Saleh Jasser


  6. Sorrowful Cheshire

    I need to see an animatic of this song

  7. T'monie Anne Jordan


  8. G.C. Bolling

    Deciding to get started on Game of Thrones:
    "What the F***?" :\
    After 1x09
    "What the F***?" :(

  9. BKPlayz

    0:25 when you have summer homework

  10. M G

    I swear this is me at my high school. Shit's going down..student's have threatened to shoot up my school. My response is 'what the fuck'

  11. Ahem, my eyes are up here

    Most elegant usage of the word I’ve heard.

  12. mythical

    a big mood

  13. Enter Man

    Why people are refering 'Idina - Elsa' they are the same voice, singing

  14. Hunter Schnee

    @My Ex best friend who would do gay shit with me then blamed me even though I only instigated stuff like once or twice.

    Hunter Schnee

    "Let's do stuff." "No you're drunk"
    Then he tells people I am the monster *shrugs*

  15. Bonga Langa

    why jjsjsj

  16. jossie grossie

    75% of this song is speaking to me right now :(

  17. Kathleen Woodruff


  18. Nana Love

    what's the fuck? what happened?
    How'd Elsa end up flooding all the comments?
    You were stone-cold stupidly sober
    So it was on purpose.
    You were a fan, you were obsessed
    You couldn't let her go.

  19. Sailor Venus

    i was listening to a frozen playlist on spotify and i was like wtf when she said what the fuk

  20. Kaelee Bolme

    Idina: "I was needy, I was greedy..."
    Me: "...did you need that hen?"

    I love when lyricists just throw in allusions to completely unrelated material that they know very few people will notice or care about. It makes my heart happy.

    Kathleen Woodruff

    VengefulKBM haa???😞😨

    Gillian Quigley

    Into the Woods.

    Silvia L

    YES! I was listening to this song and looked for it on youtube specifically to see if anyone had pointed this out :D

  21. Aziza

    I couldn't help but crack up when she said what the fuck. I mean i've known her since wicked but I'm sorry it's just hilarious compared to the last time i heard her, i guess she really did let it go lol

  22. Brandon Pozzo

    My theme song 😂

  23. Kimberly Gaeta

    All I could think of is Elphaba singing this 😂😂

  24. Darrien G

    I feel like idina has a mega potty mouth in real life so this feels really her 😂


    She does.

    mike melanson

    She swears like a sailor and it's adorable

  25. Kat gray

    I mean same tbh

  26. JACCO20082012

    Omg. Just knowing Idina's voice and being so familiar with it for roles like Elphaba and Elsa, I did a literal spit take and burst out laughing at the first "what the fuck"
    Absolutely amazing. Lmao


    Imagine being in the audience! It was like being around 3 y/o children! We laughed at each "wtf"

    Alma Kent

    If you love Idina Menzel, watch Rent. (PG-13)

  27. Amanda Alvich

    I will always reference idina to Maureen. Ever since then I've grown to love her work. Such a talent.

  28. Amy

    I had when people refer to actors as their characters. Liz, Beth, Elsa, Elphaba, maureen, etc. are just that, characters Idina has played. They are not Idina and they are not related to each other. Don't mix up the art of musicals people.


    thats only true sometimes. some character are that one character but know of those actors end up being good at any other role.

  29. mythical

    If you say you don't relate to the first and/or second chorus(es), you're lying.

  30. A Person...

    I had the amazing chance of seeing If/Then back in September and it's one of my favorites now. The acting, the singing (especially this song! Everyone died laughing when she sings the chorus because she makes this face that just works), and the stage itself was really nice! The story can be kinda confusing in the beginning but you'll eventually get it. If you ever get the chance of watching this musical you have to! But sadly it's closing in March :(

    Michael Graziano

    I saw this around new years and I agree....amazing. I listened to much of the soundtrack on repeat beforehand but when it's live it is raw and gritty and dirty and she throws the lyrics directly into your heart.

  31. The21M

    Holy shit. We all know that elsa wasn't idina's best or only role, but it's a lot funnier to imagine this being sung by a disney animated princess than by any of her other roles. That's all. You can get off your high horses now.


    lol imagine elsa singing this. just image. in her snow castle. with Hans.

  32. Kassandra Hawkeye

    @The Easter Bunny™ what is Elsa singing???!

    Kassandra Hawkeye

    @The Easter Bunny™ you had a crush on Elsa not her actress.. Cause her actress is like 40...


    ..elsa. not her voice actor

    Kassandra Hawkeye

    @The Easter Bunny™ just checking...

  33. Alicia Lambert

    Idina is perfect💗

    Queen Chelsea

    I agree 💖

  34. monrebentibus

    I agree with everyone in that it IS annoying that everyone define Idina's magnum opus as Frozen. She clearly has Rent and Wicked to her name too and shouldn't be tied down to one of her works as her best. Especially since she's still got a lot of time left in her to do a lot of other great things.

    ... With that having been said, hearing Idina Menzel say what the fuck gives me life.

    Emily Legel

    Totally. I think Chess in Concert is her masterwork, and then Wicked. Frozen is just... ugh

  35. Brad Reynolds

    Here is a karaoke instrumental (backing track) I made to this song in case any one wants to sing it

    What The Fuck karaoke instrumental in the style of If/Then & Idina Menzel

  36. Keri Mae

    After seeing the musical, this song becomes so much more hilarious. She pauses and makes this great face and then just drops the f- bomb. The entire soundtrack is so much more meaningful after you see the musical. 

  37. Suzanne M. Maynard

    This song so fits my life some days.  So glad I got to see If/Then while in NYC.

    Priya Sridhar

    Same here.


    I’m glad I saw the touring show in LA, too.

  38. Cherie Guevarra

    I'll find it funny if kids hear this as Elsa xD,seriously kids,watch Wicked the musical

  39. Brad Reynolds

    Here's a Piano karaoke backing track

  40. XinXin

    Ahh I'm completely in love with how tastefully she drops "what the fuck"

  41. Monroe

    This is Elphaba when Glinda didn't want to leave with her. This is Maureen when the cops busted her show. And Elsa when the guards were trying to kill her

    DeeDee Cordero

    +JayCodyLegit best comment ever!



  42. Monroe

    This is Elphaba when Glinda didn't want to leave with her. This is Maureen when the cops busted her show. And Elsa when the guards were trying to kill her

  43. Aimee Coogan

    I saw the show live when I was in New York and it was amazing! Idina was so good It was amazing to see her live :)

  44. James Gocel

    I love this song and this play!

  45. KimTheBeautyJunkie

    It's slightly annoying how people refer to Idina as Elsa. She's accomplished so much more than that, and played so many (better) roles. Rent, Wicked, Chess in Concert, and she did Amneris in Aida for a while.


    That's bc most ppl are true theater geeks. Most didn't know who she was until frozen came about. Prolly not HER best work, but one of Disney's most popular.

    Stephanie Griffin

    It pains me to say I'm not a fan of the way her voice fit Amneris. Not to say it was bad, just didn't work for me the way Sherie Rene Scott did. But the rest are so much yes.

    Stephanie Griffin

    +Samuel Lowe Because a legitimate theater production with a strong narrative and relate-able story is 'garbage'.


    +KimTheBeautyJunkie Well you have to understand that even though Idina played other roles, Elsa is probably going to be the one she will be remembered for because of Frozen's popularity.

    Claire Townley

    KimTheBeautyJunkie wild party too!

  46. Megan N

    Josh Akins - This song alternates between being about Liz and Beth. At the beginning, it is Liz, who convinces herself to stay the night with Josh. The scene then changes (at :45 in the song there is a scene between Beth and Steven where he comes to her apartment. They kiss, and then he leaves). The next bit of the song continues as Beth. At about 1:40, there is another scene between Beth and Lucas, who shows up at Beth's apartment due to a flustered phone message from the latter. He comforts her, and she asks if he'll stay the night. The next bit that she sings is the morning after. I hope that clarifies things a bit for you! :)

  47. Potterhead4Always 9 3/4

    Queen Elsa.... THE WORD!!!!! Jajajajaja

  48. Gilang Setyawibawa

    OMG! Queen Elsa said an F-bomb!

    Cherie Guevarra


    Kassandra Hawkeye

    No not Elsa..Maureen

    Kassandra Hawkeye

    Yup XD Idina even said that in her Wicked audition that she screamed out "Fuck!" lol

    JeveraLateef//EricCartman336 Caillou909

    What the ffffffffffffffffffff

    10 minutes later


    Matthew Rodriguez Quezada

    😲(Gasp)Queen Elsa watch your mouth!😲

  49. DjKozPhx

    They should have added this song to Frozen: The Unrated Version ;-)

    Flying High

    Right after the scene where she's convinced to bed Anna, and has an existential crisis.

  50. sarah mere

    i'm in love with idina all over again.

  51. Nicholas Ikonomou

    Idina = Queen.

    liss backham

    +ChocolAnimeV4 Queen Elsa in fact....

    pastelqueen 011


  52. Jennifer Becerra

    this is too good.....

  53. cutietucious

    Omg this + purchased recording at the same time=never putting my phone down again

  54. Emily Rasch

    I have watched this too many times in the past two days.