Idina Menzel - What If? Lyrics

[Guitar Player:]
Here's how it starts
and here's how it ends

[Singer 1:]
Two different hearts
maybe lovers or friends

No one knows the ways
the long road bends

[Singer 1:]
Once every day your life starts again

[Guitar Player:]
No one can say just how or just when

Somehow the world turns inside out and then
And then...
What if? What if?
What if you wonder?
What if? What if?

What if I always belonged
in the city the moves me
With people who thrill me
The marriage, the mortgage
I left them behind me
before they could kill me
My plan is just perfect,
courageous and daring
to start my life new.

Now I look at this morning,
it moves me to say
"Oh my God, what the hell did I do?"
I can do to this, I know
I just need to take care
You're smart, self sufficient
and hyper aware.
As I'm flirting with forty,
there's no time to wait
and I can't help but feel
I'm already too late!

Tell me what if I'm bound for disaster?
What if I fall off the cliff?
Will I ever just learn how to live
and not wonder what if?
What if?

Do I go there with Lucas
or stay here with Kate?
Why do I do this?
Obsess and debate
I've been prudent and cautious
for all my life long
And most of my choices
turned out to be wrong.

Tell me how can this make any difference?
How could it matter at all?
How do I make such a major event
out of something so small?

[Guitar Player:]
Once every day your life starts again.
No one can say just how or just when.

Somehow the world turns inside out and then...
And then...
And then!
What if? What if?
What if you wonder?
What if?

[Elizabeth (Company):]
See each choice you make as kind of a loss.
Each turn that you take
and each coin that you toss.
You lose all the choices
you don't get to make.
You wonder about
all the turns you don't take.

And so what if I’d gone there with Lucas? (What if? What if?)
And then what if I'd answered that phone? (What if? What if?)
Think of all of the things you’d have done
if only you'd known...

(Here's how it starts
and here's how it ends)
What if I’d gone there with Lucas?
(Two different roads
and how each one bends?)
What if I stayed there with Kate?

(And then...)
What if? What if? (And then...)
What if?
What if I knew? (If you knew would know what to do?)
What will I do? (If you knew would know what to do?)

What if I choose will I change things forever?
If I leap will I fall of a cliff?
If I choose then there's no turning back...
No turning back,
No turning back!

And you wonder what if? (What if? What if?)
What if?

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Idina Menzel What If? Comments
  1. Didrick Namtvedt

    Wonderful cover but is it just me or does this guy sound exactly like Josh Groban? Hadn't it been for the picture and the video title, I'd easily think this was sung by Josh and Idina Menzel.

  2. Jade Lawson

    Rhydian will always be my favourite X Factor contestant. I have goose bumps each time.

  3. Abz Edits

    Love this song 🥺

  4. Bob Fox


  5. princepeterwolf

    I LOVE THIS, I wish someone would show this to Kate

  6. Magic gems Tropical

    I love this song I wish he would of one the X factor I wonder what he doing now

  7. Paul Murrell


  8. xristos paph

    Kates is way superior. cute duet but nothing more than that

  9. Jack Montgomery

    Two beautiful voices..

  10. windsong361 Helker

    Idina 's voice soars and carries your heart along with it.

  11. Anamarie D

    A Perfect duet, Idina & Rhydian...

  12. mel emeny

    I love Idina .. I mean her Wembley concert was amazing!! But this.. Not so much.. If she sang it in her own - thn I think tht it would be perfect!! I'm sorry he has a strange voice.. And I dnt think tht his voice compliments gets in any way.. Shame really.. ; o(

    Paul Murrell

    mel emeny His voice is not strange its classical and is ancient... Problem these young/anti-traditional know nothing of true classical beauty...

  13. ebeneza scrooge

    I'm Scottish and the x factor was fixed here is your true winner

    Brayden Fitzsimmons

    I agree, I'm Scottish and anyone could tell that Leon (even though he is talented) was only there because of his back story.

    Paul Murrell

    That's why Rhydian is still around unlike Leon

    Simon Kehoe

    He is an awesome singer. His persona and stage presence was amazing. I doubt management could have used and abused him as a money making machine.

  14. Michael I. Haber

    and Idina had a song called what if in her show If Then


    I see you everywhere 😂

    Michael I. Haber

    +1Dponylander Productions showing the Idina spirit.

    Tae Finesse

    +1Dponylander Productions omg exactly I thought I was the only one everywhere😂😂

  15. Kat ere

    I remember watching X factor when Rydihan as on it and now to find Idina, been a massive fan of hers for sometime and finally got to see her live at Wembley she is always incredible in everything she does, love this song the two of them sing so beautifully together xx

  16. sandipan Samuel das

    This is a Kate Winslet song. I love Idina, so I would say this duet is pretty good too*-*

  17. Emily Marie02

    OMG I've been a fan of idina for a really long time! And I just found this song,I was looking for what if in if/then then I found this!

  18. HBSanta

    This song is fantastic.  I thought it started a little slow but when Idina Menzel comes in, the song just takes off.  The last 45 seconds or so gave me chills.

    Music Lover

    Same here👏😍

  19. Kristopher Michaels

    Where can I buy this song on MP3?

    Sean Anthony

    Kristopher Michaels you can just convert it with YouTube Mp3 converter x

  20. Robyn Edwards

    It was this song that convinced me to pick up the album. It doesn't hurt that the rest of the songs are amazing as well...

  21. Avvie Cunnington

    Same lady who sang in Frozen!

    Tae Finesse

    And Glee

    Emily Marie02

    And the wonder pets!

    Anna Fowdy

    And If/Then

    Anna Fowdy

    +Emily Marie02 she didn't sing in Enchanted.

    Emily Marie02

    No but she was in the movie

  22. Beth R

    I love this song. Rhydian makes it perfect

  23. TDItaly98

    Adorable :3

  24. Cheryl Watson

    Absolutely adore this duet....wonderful voices.

  25. Zalanaria

    shes like celine dion wow


    She's better :)

    Paul Murrell

    Dion has nothing on Idina.

  26. Zalanaria

    first one to comment since frozen is out, for Idina's part skip to 1:20

    Vitor Munhoz

    Skip Rhydian? NEVER!

  27. Anamarie D

    What a great duet,.. loving the mix of their 2 voices.

  28. Claire Sneddon

    Idina Menzel and Rhydian Roberts <3 these people are the reason I love musical theatre and I had the opportunity to meet Rhydian just last night! Such a genuinely nice person <3

  29. Dan DeMaioNewton

    I've never heard the original Kate Winslet one, but I already know I like this one better because it's featuring Idina Menzel...

    Nicola Hughes

    Dan DeMaioNewton I adore Idina Menzel and this is an amazing cover, but Kate's is definitely better.

  30. bilvie

    This is beautiful

  31. Rebecca Scorer

    Wow! This song gave me goosebumps!

  32. MsSweetwaters1

    Idina in no way out-sings Rhydian, nor, exceptional though her voice is, does that out shine Rhydian's either.OK, u men prefer the lady but we women got as big a treat if not bigger in the man here, lol!

  33. tuff8000

    Thanks for the upload

  34. sweetwaters1st

    @SavvyDowning And so too is Rhydian- an even match for talent in this fab-u-lous duet.

  35. sweetwaters1st

    @LemmingCliff The wording is precise: keeps on spinning in my mind'=the question keeps on going round and round in his mind like a rat in a treadmill, no break and no end, no peace from the torment of it.

  36. saaaaaaaaav

    Idina is ridiculously talented.

  37. Simone Michele

    Idina Menzel has the most amazing voice ever. I'm not really a fan of Rhydian but this is brilliant

  38. gmaureen

    This is just amazingly beautiful. The voices blend perfectly - and they are both soooo talented.

  39. Movies International

    Most talented singer in a decade

  40. dimidola

    ugh! I wish there was a vclip for this one... I'd love to be able to see (as well as hear) them... Isn't that what Brodway's all about? ;)

  41. Froggie481989

    Rhydian is a good singer and everything, but Idina took this song and made it her own. Because she is awesome like that.

  42. MissCharli121

    I love this song and this version is just beautiful! <3

  43. Willie Nelson

    Cowell, why the hell didn't you release this as a single??

  44. dimidola

    beautiful song, amazing duo and Idina as usual nailed it!

  45. ruth jedward

    Aww I love this song. I love rhydian so much, he was so nice when I met him! -3 he should have won tbh! xx

  46. Bethany Climie

    two of my favourite artists ever. amazing song. <3

  47. 86443

    this is froma christmas carol movie

  48. bexinthecity

    Gabriel it's a cover of kate winslett.

  49. Mominator

    If Rhydian toured the US, I'd love to see him. He's a great talent.

  50. Lemon Tea

    @missjenx123 check the description box! ;P... i couldn't find them either, at first.

  51. Ktbailey2

    Rhydian was the true 2007 X Factor winner. I mean where is Leon now!!

  52. Gio RC

    Idina's amazing as always!! love her!!
    and I hadn't heard Rhydian singing till now and he's really great!! My God, gave me goosebumps!! he must have got so happy when he accomplished his dream of singing with Idina!!
    :D loved the song!

  53. Solarista6222

    Rhydians voice is okay but Idina is sooo talented.

  54. Reuben Jones

    beautiful song

  55. sab Wiffen

    i absolutly love rhydian's voice he is great

  56. AddisonGilmore

    Like him but as always, love her. Just something about her voice. Thank you for posting.

  57. Robyn Ormond

    AMAZING!! Idina Menzel is the most talented and beautiful person ever! Can't wait for her to be on Glee

  58. Pierce Devine

    i prefer the kate winslet original

  59. gustavia001


    you haven't seen him live LOL

  60. Marv

    holy smokes

  61. wickedlovescompany

    only bought the album for this one song. have heard the kate winslett one, not sure which is better, but only this one has Idina, so I think this has to win slightly. try one with kate and idina next time. that would be a hit,

  62. Ben Schaeffer

    Kate Winslet originally recorded this.....her version is beautiful too. This is more orchestral.

  63. tupac0306

    100000times better than leno jackson

  64. M Lvn

    the most beautiful melody

  65. Jenny Baillie

    I love this song so much. I've just realised how amazing Rhydian Robert is! and Idina Menzel has always been amazing :)

  66. kiwiriauk

    simply gorgeous

  67. sarahjaynetaylorson

    awwh :) I like this

  68. abieelou

    i would fuck him - strang? possibly!

  69. shivergal99

    SEARCHED FOR THIS FOR AGES yey !! found it

  70. annie zag

    Great voice! Thank you.
    Thank you Robby for sharing.

  71. mervww


  72. Kitty Martin


  73. RagamuffinBabyDoll

    no way i love this song! this is just as good as kate winslet's

  74. Julidy1

    That exchange made absolutely no sense! ;-)

  75. TitanicPassion

    Kate Winslet's version is better =))

  76. MvyMkr

    Thanks, and I know it's not. I was prepared for the onslaught though. If I had felt Rhydian did well on this song I wouldn't have commented, but I think he seriously underperformed. Ho hum.

  77. Melvin9191

    I prefer Kate Winslet's version.

  78. MvyMkr

    Ha, I thought I might get that reacion :-P
    I'm just stating my opinion. In fact I don't think Rhydian sounds particularly great on this track...I guess that was just my way of saying I don't think he sings very well on this track...
    On that Phantom song though...he blows me away!

  79. ABoismier

    Agreed. They're both fantastic in their own right. I'm a huge fan of Idina's, but this is a duet, and like you said, not a singing competition.

    I really like the chemistry they create together in this song. It gives it a whole new meaning. I absolutely love Kate Winslet's version, but I almost think it makes more sense as a duet.

  80. MvyMkr

    As good as I think Rhydian's voice is, as great as he was when I saw him at Andrew Lloyd Webber's Birthday Concert, and as much as I think he deserved to win the X Factor...
    I think Idina outsings him in EVERY way on this track!!!

  81. JAY GRAY

    Rhydian's voice is just unique and soothing. Love it.

  82. Tammy Epes

    Simply amazing vocals...Britain beats the US hands down when it comes to talent.

  83. jiopsi2

    You really think tey would release the song out of tune. Lol. That is the note that was meant to sing.

  84. ngulbis

    Never heard of Idina before she sung on this with Rhydian but she's got a good voice

  85. Stephanie Clark

    how could some people hav enot heard of rhydian? he was like major in X factor and he was in the paper and everything.imbesults.

  86. amack1n

    Yep, it's a cover of it

  87. jenalicerose

    Not his song! ha ha

  88. Jesstar

    idina was there.. she performed Don't Cry for me Argentina.

  89. jiopsi2

    They blend together perfectly and give a such good contrast eash other. Idina is pretty good but Rhydian is magnificent, probably king of the world at the moment.

  90. Lex Boyd

    Thats so Idina on that recording and i love it

  91. ellie172006

    ONE NOTE! and i knew it was idina!

  92. Daniel Charles

    haha yer that's probably. well anyways this is a wicked song!! =)

  93. amack1n

    Aaa, I see what you mean.

    The version on the album, and this version, is Idina Menzel. Kerry Ells probably did a live version with Rhydian, hence the confusion.

    So we're both right...kinda :D

  94. Daniel Charles

    that vid, it dont say no names! but at the 60th birthday party were he performed, Idina Menzel wasn't there, but Kerry Ells was!

  95. amack1n

    It is definetly Idina Menzel, it's credited to her on Rhydian's album and there's clips of Rhydian talking to Simon Cowell about performing the duet (and the fact that he fancies her!)

  96. Daniel Charles

    that is NOT Idina Menzel its kerry ells!!!
    grate song tho.

  97. littledib

    im sorry but im not keen on this. i adore kate winslets version but not this. sorry. :)

  98. Daniel McConaghy

    If this gives you chills, you need to hear the original version by Kate Winslet. She does it so much better.
    I don't think Rhydian does it justice, but Idina Menzel does help, and make it more bareable.

    She's rather good tbh. Kate Winslet's version really is better. I don't like this arrangement and their voices dont' mix and aren't right for the song.

    Anyone with me?

  99. islandgal3bon

    Rhydian AND Idina together in this brilliant duet! Here's to decades of additional stellar performances from both of these massively talented artists. For me, it just doesn't get any better than this - ah, life is good!!!