Idina Menzel - It's A Sign Lyrics

Yesterday this woman met this man in Madison Park
Quite by chance,
all at random,
as it were
But they met again just now,
in this tunnel in the dark
Could mere chance have caused the two things to occur?
Or could there be another meaning to infer?
Could the universe have a message,
for him and her?


You meet a man who is handsome and nice
Quite by chance one day
But then you meet that same handsome man twice
That's not chance, no way
The universe has a message for you
And if you're smart
Then you'll let it through

It's just a gentle shove
A signal from above
It's plain to see
It's meant to be
You're destined for love

It's a sign!
Oh it's a sign!
Like when clouds open up
Or the stars align
It's a sudden smile
A nice surprise
So act just like those wisest guys
And follow that North Star and you'll be fine
It's a sign

Who's read their signs today?

Today a pigeon shit right on my head
It's still in my hair

The Virgin Mary appeared in my bread
I said: "That's her face right there"

I found a sandwich right here on the floor

Now those are signs that you can't ignore!
It's perfect and it's plain
Like rainbows in the rain
One more clue
There for you
Do I have to explain

That it's a sign?
Oh, it's a sign
Like the leaves in your tea
Or the cork in your wine!
It's a lady's wink,
a poet's rhyme
A train door open just in time
It isn't just some handsome stranger's line
it's a sign

It's a new moon on a Monday night
A blue moon on a late-night flight

Patterns in your latte cup
Buttered bread falls butter up
When a stray dog comes to stay
When a black cat walks your way
That tingle in your fingers too
Means something good is here for you

It's a sign!
Oh, it's a sign!
Like when clouds open up
Or the stars align
Read your tea leaves just in case
Read the wrinkles on your face
They're telling you your life is on the line
The galaxy has got your grand design
It's perfect, it's profound, and it's divine
It's divine
It's divine
It's a sign

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Idina Menzel It's A Sign Comments
  1. Lilium Louise

    that kulning is literally EVERYWHERE these days
    people in all ages: Aahh ooh.. aahh oohh...
    me:"I can hear you, but I won't"

  2. bring back jemery kyle

    For every like I'll add a 🥶 I'll start


  3. Spartan Kronos

    She just straight up called the voice a "hoe" at the beginning 😂

  4. BlackFriday cheyenne

    elsa bursts sharp ice symbols
    Guard: my queen are you ok- *guard gets stabbed by ice symbol*

  5. Master Word

    Full movie click in my profile. Thanks!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  6. Maria Magouti

    Elsa is my favourite

  7. Cadi Loves Michael Jackson And Bruno Mars

    This movie was amazing! Like if you agree

  8. FrozenHeart96

    Elsa we talked about this. This is the second time you’ve screamed off the balcony!!! 😡😡😡

  9. Michael Fernando

    This song deserved the oscar nomination! And it deserves to win!

  10. yehia awad

    This song is lit but Elsa shouts whyyyyyyyyy

  11. Naushad Javed Khan

    , I like this song

  12. Phaselly 412

    So this what I do at 4 am play this on repeat huh

  13. Hafsa Saleem

    Love the song into the unknown

  14. Daisy Blundell

    I love this song you should make I know it is crazy but a frozen 3 it is true I love frozen 2 please make a frozen 3 next year☺️☺️

  15. Noby’s For Every Movie Clips

    Elsa: annoying because of that voice.

    Me: So thankful because i hear that voice.

  16. Arulmozhi Renganathan

    People of arendelle : we can hear you but we wont

  17. awesome gamer45

    My grown ass getting goosebumps everytime the "unknown" note hits

  18. Dani M

    I'm here for AURORA'S vocals

  19. yu - ma


  20. Anida Rizka

    Siapa yang kesini gara gara eunhyuk super junior 😂😂

  21. Roxys Gaming

    I’ve been listening to this basically everyday ever since the movie came out. It’s too catchy, same goes to show yourself

  22. Unicorn_sophie Giffney

    Wait Elsa goes to the same place when she sung the line what do i want cuz u been keeping me awake

  23. Fernanda Oliveira

    I already watched frozen 2 is very top

  24. Kiera Ward

    Is no one going to talk about Anna just being a mood

  25. Elitsa Gill

    anna can here the screm and also the pepple can here the screm

  26. Elitsa Gill

    she loks like she is sick

  27. ? ¿

    y'all forgetting about my fave, show yourself

  28. Shanoona Mohamed

    I love this song i listen it more than i don't know even to tell it is that much beautifull❤❤

  29. Khue Nguyen Minh

    My teacher: “Quiet!”
    Me: I can hear you but I won’t

  30. Elitsa Gill

    and anna also in bed with shos

  31. joons dimples

    i contributed at least 500 views to this music video alone. no cap

  32. Elitsa Gill

    i nu it

  33. Elitsa Gill

    she is in bed with shos

  34. Nisa Icha


  35. 체리새콤달콤

    그렇다, 엘사의 마법은 미래를 볼 수 있는 정도까지 강해졌다고 한다.

  36. KT Box

    ThIs HaS 83 mIlLiOn ViEwS wTh

  37. Leona Carr19


  38. Anzu and Anna

    Anyone watching this at-2020 January

  39. Skeller Love

    I wish this song was longer

  40. romy_ love_07


  41. Khishigsuren Batjargal

    i love the im sorry secret siren part ;w;

  42. Elitsa Gill

    she is out in pj

  43. Keiara Buenaventura

    Seriously , how did Elsa didn't woke anyone up at the part she sang "Into the Unknown" at the top of her lungs..

  44. mαrcσ sαn ツ

    *when im sleeping and my alarm clock starts ringing*

    Me in my mind: i can hear you...but i wont..

  45. Stephany Ramos Castro

    I 😍 it

  46. SaraBottoncina


  47. Wimonsiri Khummee


  48. Merben Anne Ruado

    elsa:into the UnknOoownnnnnnn
    anna:why is this queen noisy??!!
    the boy:mommm why do we have wird singing queen..singing while others where sleeping followi.g an echooooooo?!

  49. unknown user be who you are

    If you think about it, then you'll notice that she is or seems really happy. That's because she probably thought that she had found someone that is just like her. In reality that someone was herself or I think so at least
    Sorry if my english isn't that good that's because english isn't my first language 😅

  50. Ginobilli Portes

    Frozen 1: *Screaming in balcony in her ice palace **_(Let the storm rage onnnn)_*

    Frozen 2: *Now screaming in the balcony of the arendelle palace**_(Into the unknoooowwwnnnn)_*

  51. Master_nicka party lol

    This now my favourite song ooh~

  52. Trip ni Lala


  53. Loulwa H

    Elsa: *Screams and sings when everyone is sleeping*
    Anna: *wakes up and goes outside* WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ELSA!!!!!

  54. Ivel Namreka

    Elsa: There's a thousand reasons I should go about my day, and ignore your whispers which I wish would go away

    Also Elsa: Where are you going? Don't leave me alone!

  55. Loulwa H

    My question is



    When frozen get popular when 2013–2014..the most popular song is let it go
    And now the most popular in frozen 2 is the ah ah ah song😂😂😂

  57. 시은.

    영상좀 쓸게용

  58. Virginia Miller

    I'm unknown

  59. Vanix- Brawl stars

    I'll set Elsa's high notes as my alarm

  60. Dope_Asian420

    I went with my crush to this movie, she held my hands and fell on me while watching because she became sad.
    This movie will always give me amazing vibes, I'll never forget those memories.

    And she rejected me by the way :(

  61. Rabiul Alam

    99% here is saying about arendile's kids saying to their mother the Queen is singing again but listen

    she is singing this only this time before this she have ignored this voice but today she is answering

  62. jb odvina

    hayst best song for me
    its me cry

  63. Songkiat Pimsri

    I hope you release all music videos Especially the show Yourself.

  64. Farrah Abdurahman

    Wait... why is she in bed with her shoes on?

  65. あどみっしょんぽりしー

    Into the Unknown (アナ雪2)

    Ah ah oh oh oh
    Ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh
    Into the unknown
    Into the unknown
    Into the unknown
    Ah ah ah ah ah

    I can hear you 
    (アイ キャン ヒアーユー)

    but I won’t

    Some look for trouble
    (サァム ルック フォア チョラボォ)

    While others don’t
    (ワイル アダーズ ドンチュ)

    There’s a thousand reasons
    (デアーズ サウザンジュリーゾンズ)

    I should go about my day
    (アイシュッ ゴー アバウ マイデェイ)

    And ignore your whispers
    (アンノォアー ユアー ウィスパーズ)

    Which I wish would go away,

    ah ah oh oh

    Whoa oh

    [Verse 2]

    You’re not a voice
    (ユーrア ナダボイス)

    You’re just a ringing in my ear
    (ユーアジャスト ア リイニングイン

    And if I heard you,
    (アーンドイアイ ハーrジュー)

    which I don’t
    (ウィッチ アイ ドンツ)

    I’m spoken for I fear
    (アイムスポークンフォ アイャフィール)

    Everyone I’ve ever loved is
    (エーブリワン アイブ エーバラブdズ)

    here within these walls

    I’m sorry, secret siren,
    (アイムソーリー シークレット サイレン)

    but I’m blocking out your calls
    (バッアイム ブロッキング アウチュ

    I’ve had my adventure,
    (アイブハッード マイ アドベンチャーズ)

    I don’t need something new
    (アイドッン ニー サムシン ニュー)

    I’m afraid of what I’m risking if
    (アイム アフレイド オブ アム リスキンフ)

    I follow you…
    (アイ フォロー ユー)


    Into the unknown

    Into the unknown

    Into the unknown


    Ah ah ah ah ah

    Ah ah ah ah ah oh oh

    [Verse 3]

    What do you want?

    ‘Cause you’ve been keeping me awake

    Are you here to distract me so I make a big mistake?

    Or are you someone out there who’s a little bit like me?

    Who knows deep down I’m not where I’m meant to be?

    Every day’s a little harder as I feel your power grow

    Don’t you know there’s part of me that longs to go…


    Into the unknown?

    Into the unknown

    Into the unknown


    Ah ah ah ah ah
    Ah ah ah ah ah
    Oh oh oh

    Where you going?

    Don’t leave me alone

    How do I follow you

    Into the unknown

  66. Zefania Mamusung

    ok but that hair flip tho

  67. Malne

    now my parents have to listen this song by me

  68. Haidee Dorotayo

    Fozen 2 song good

  69. Patmawati Wahid

    Padu beb!!!!!

  70. ARandomGuy OnRBX

    Elsa: Into The Unknown!!!!
    Sone Random Kid Is Trying To Sleep: Mom The Queen Is Singing Again...

  71. Yuli Yuli

    Like 2020™√

  72. romar perdiz

    It so beutiful.I like it.

  73. Robot Kookie

    The guys in my school are singing this just now 😂😂😂

  74. Milktea gacha Army Of BTS

    *elsa start singing*

    My brother: aish here we go again

  75. JaxyFaxy

    Elsab: Into the unKnoWNnnnNn ~
    Man in the village: SHUT UP !!!

  76. Nida Khan

    How did Elsa got her ice powers when she was small how did that happened when is frozen 3 coming hurry up I always wanted to see frozen 3 what did you make it I'm so confused

  77. Ngan Dang

    Is it strange when Anna and Elsa are wearing shoes when sleeping?

  78. Supratiwi kak kalau mau pake gilder loncat 2kali

    Ah ah ah ah ah oh oh oh oh

  79. Ankuran Das

    2:45 No she can't show you
    You'll have to *Show Yourself*


    Alarm: ding ding ding
    Me: I can here you but I want

  81. Hi Bitch

    Кто русский?

  82. Thidayat Bsd


  83. Thidayat Bsd

    i'am islam

  84. Thidayat Bsd

    waw is amazing into the unknown.

  85. Aliya Adnan

    Why didnt anna wake up shes screaming so much

  86. distinguished disaster

    sure let it go was great and everything, but into the unknown just hits different

  87. Pak Iwan

    Aku dah nonton Frozen 2 di bioskop

  88. Woosh

    Imma sing this to my cher cuz he hates this song.

  89. kim jiwon

    This is why Olaf always follow Elsa singing because he can hear that ahh-ahhhh-haaaa

  90. 오지고 질고마이린

    한국생존자 손!

  91. Grace Deng

    Frozen 2 was super boring

  92. misspinkpunkykat

    How does anyone in Arendale sleep?

  93. Park Jimin

    I cant even sing the ah ah ah ah~ part nice and clean how the eff am i supposed to sing the whole song like what lungs do u have i~

  94. Maveen Aeon Raguel Llantos

    That s elsa and anna s mother voice

  95. Maveen Aeon Raguel Llantos

    I like it

  96. Parul Srivastava

    Mobile phones during exams: (notifications) beep beep
    Me: Are you here to distract me? So I make a big mistake?