Idina Menzel - Here I Go Lyrics

I'm not one for fortunes
Or wishing on a star
And I've studied all the stories
And what our chances are
Then my heart starts beating faster
And it makes this disaster worse by far
Still, here I go
Oh, here I go

Now I know all the motions
The steps to every dance
And I count
cards at the table
I never bet on chance
I leave nothing to the gods
I know all the odds and even so
Still, here I go
Oh, here I go
Why, I don't know
Oh, here I go

You're not some romantic
You know, that's no surprise
And you're no good at small talk
Or little, loving lies

I'm awkward, ungrateful,
And sometimes, I'm hateful
As you know

Still, here we go

Oh, here we go

You know, deep down, I'm a coward
Afraid to let you in
But the only thing more fright'ning
Is to say, "what might have been"
So here I go
Oh, here I go
I love you so

[Liz & Josh:]
So here I go
Oh here I go

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Idina Menzel Here I Go Comments
  1. Fuk Ur Feelings

    Literal CHILLS every single time Idina Menzel opens her mouth.

  2. Vahlera Marie

    I hate idina so much I can't even

    Anand Jha

    Vahlera Marie if you hate her then why are you watching this video😫😫😬😬😧😠😡😡

    Gobble 1234

    Vahlera Marie here’s a tip, don’t watch videos of her singing then 🤗

    Christina Rivera

    I love idina so much I can’t even

    Andrea Wilkes

    Jealous much

  3. Angie Wagner

    James' voice KILLS ME.

  4. alvin medina

    Fantastic work!

  5. The Q-Tip J-Hope throws in the YNWA Preview Show


    Queen Chelsea


    The Q-Tip J-Hope throws in the YNWA Preview Show

    +Susan Murphy *high five*

    Queen Chelsea

    Morrisseys7thFriend HIGH FIVE !

  6. JulieSomeone

    ~~~ Here I Go ~~~ #poweredbyplants #vegan :-D

  7. Maggie GD

    They're so cute. Obviously so much respect for each other's talent, and I love it!

  8. Ann Runser

    LOVE James & Idina! This song is perfect!

  9. D Jones

    The control that James has is Sick! Ugh! That is such a talented man. As for Idina Menzel, well, i could listen her sing anything and be completely happy with my life.

  10. Beth Lawrie

    I love Idina and i love the perseverance that she took to get where she is now!😊

  11. Ferdinand Arcinue

    This song has been stuck in my head since watching If/Then a few days ago at the Pantages.

  12. TehCubeGirl

    If James wasn't married, I'd be shipping that hard af. 😍 I love Idina. I could watch her videos all day.

    Emma Esparza

    Same. 😊

  13. marylaura55

    i love it!!!

  14. shabytin

    I love how raw this video looks like. :) Just pure talent! And how beautiful Idina Menzel is? Goodness, still rocking it at 43! :)

  15. Ashley Currier

    you can really tell how she pours her heart and soul into her music! i love this song! i have been listening from 2:10 to the end of the song for the last 45 minutes... i love it! i cant wait to see you in Seattle and Huston! 

    Hennessy Garcia

    I put my whole heart and soul into music to in fact everybody says that I sound like her when I sing and Jody Benson I also could Play piano and guitar I learned how to play them by myself and I am blind so sorry if I spell something wrong but I am talking to my iPad and sometimes it messed me up so I have to delete everything and write it all over again anyways God bless you

  16. Samantha Pulham

    Who else TOTALLY ships it??? Of course I do! <3 <3 <3

  17. climbinguphill

    Oh my, that was beautiful. Love them together!

  18. Valerie Hyde

    This is an excellent duet. They sound so good together!

  19. Karma Windsor

    Who are the six crazy people who disliked this?

    Alman Guano

    @Karma Windsor actually, they're already 7 :c

    Caitlin Chavez

    @Alman Guano Make that 8

    Emilie Trimbee

    @Caitlin Chavez 9

  20. Reika S/H

    So amazing <3 

  21. Olivia Arva

    My favourite song from If/Then! Love this so much!

  22. Aja Desormeau

    Just ugh. Perfect. Just amazing.

  23. Arturo Herrera

    Oh my god... this woman... :3

  24. Kristin K

    Love both so f*ing much. If James wasn't married I'd ship them so hard


    I ship them anyway. A girl can dream right?

    Kristin K

    @BritishBeauty101 true true.. #Jadina  

    Shannon Crawford

    I ship it, but then feel guilty xD.

    Ashley Currier

    i still ship them so hard... they would be o cute together!!!

  25. Jordan Howe

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  26. Colleen Uribe

    Love it so much!! This is my favorite song from the show and this video is just perfect:) James and Idina are such a perfect onstage pair! Thanks for sharing!!