Idina Menzel - Christmas Just Ain't Christmas Lyrics

Merry Christmas
Have a Merry Christmas
Oh yeah
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Have a Merry Christmas
Oh yeah

Christmas just ain't Christmas without the one you love
New Year's just ain't New Year's without the one you love

Underneath the mistletoe, I saw a face all a glow
Last year, this time
Now I stand home alone and my house is not a home
Without that man of mine

Christmas just ain't Christmas without the one you love
New Year's just ain't New Year's without the one you love

12 o'clock and all is well, I was doing oh so swell
Last year, this time
Going shopping with friends together, making vows to leave each other - never
It was a waste of time

Christmas just ain't Christmas without the one you love
New Year's just ain't New Year's without the one you love

It was just last year
We were sitting here and talking about our
Our plans and our dreams and I
I just don't know what happens
It's just like my heart is breaking
And I'm just not the same
Without the one you love

Merry Christmas
No it's not the same
Just not the same here without you
Christmas just ain't Christmas
No no no
I won't stay at home, I won't be alone

Christmas just ain't Christmas without the one you love
New Year's just ain't New Year's without the one you love

Merry Christmas
Have a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Have a Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Have a Merry Christmas

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Idina Menzel Christmas Just Ain't Christmas Comments
  1. Meigs P

    Everyone in the comments: ELSA??
    Me (the theatre nerd): ELPHIE?? MAUREEN??

  2. Rani Zaman

    Queen Elsa Of Arendelle?!

  3. Ria Vecino

    You win
    Queen of arrandel

  4. mira mechie orita

    He's voice is familiar for Elsa

  5. Brook Zimbauer

    0:25 is funny, how they have it all planned out

  6. Joshua Strittmatter

    Moral of the story: trying to hold a fairy captive is equivalent to trying to hold Godzilla captive with a giant plastic cup.

  7. Catereena Cat

    So you’re the voice of Elsa.

  8. Ayeh Al Yazdi

    who else hears elsa in her voice after watching frozen?

  9. Joshua Lowe

    I imagine Elsa singing this

  10. Steven Patten

    Standard HallMark sap... No Stars! Do better next year.

  11. 安っぽいCheesy

    All I can hear is Elsa singing.

    Itz Naxmi

    That’s a true Opinion. Sneak peak of Frozen 3 now 😂

    Aesthetic Nat


  12. PJ's Place

    The animation isn't consistent but nice job! This is animated by Dee Dee Animation studio in Vietnam, and I'm proud of my country for producing this MV for Idina

  13. Breeze

    I seriously think of Elsa when i hear her voice

  14. Ellis James

    I don't really care about the video, her singing is what gets me.

  15. Mila Hancock

    0:32 I love the girl with the hijab!💜

  16. TDItaly98

    Save Christmas Idina 💪🏼😂

  17. Ronald Verdegaal

    You know I’ve never heard any of her actual songs other than the frozen songs and oh my god she’s amazing

  18. candy lover12

    Ok, someone please tell me this animator worked on “cartoons and vodka” cause I’m getting huge vibes from this

  19. Ellis James

    This is the first time I ever her sing. She is better than I imagined.

    random gaming

    Ellis James she voices Elsa

  20. Ellis James

    This girl has pipes! She can really sing!

  21. Valarie Snow Frost

    I don't know why but I'm only focusing on the video lol
    Great idea btw ;)

  22. TheIceKing503

    Love the animation

  23. Megan Sutton

    Those colourful things kind remind me of jellybeans

  24. TimeFliesAway

    Imagine Elsa saying "without that man of mine"

    Anna: "wait, what? WHICH MAN???"

    Marc McDonnell

    TimeFliesAway (*thought to myself *) Jack Frost? Or just saying to herself?

  25. Chris Smalls

    It's Elsa!

  26. Charlotte Hickman

    Oh man... don't get me wrong, I love Idina... but this is just over-the-top cringy...

  27. Dinal Aliffiandy

    What i hear is elsa singing this 😂

  28. Taylor The Amazon Avenger

    You look amazing in animation, Idina! 🤩

  29. Alison McGregor

    what are those weird jellybean people

  30. Blondie Fabricante

    This is my fave song from her album

  31. Aldila Muzdalifah

    I noticed that idina's eyeshadow here is purple, just like elsa. Love it haha (watched it again, and oops it's actually pink? Idek I kinda suck at colors lol)

  32. Kays_sounds paige

    Merry Christmas have a good hoilday

  33. DJ Baby Otaku

    Sing it Queen!!!😍😆

  34. JadaFaith

    I see Elsa singing this

  35. Rebecca

    I heard her singing this song on Colbert the other night!

  36. Zephdo TV

    Is this what Idina looks like in Adventure Time????

  37. Maria del Rosario Rosas Sanchez

    I love this song and animated video
    happy holidays

  38. Leslie King

    Wait. So the little monster or whatever they are just celebrating Christmas disputed the fact the loved once disappeared cause of the invention?!

  39. Leyla Aliyeva

    In the beginning of the video i saw Jewish symbol! 😇🙄🤔

  40. Kim & Randy Shrader

    Woah! Niiiice!!

  41. frankole1234 gt

    Den er gode giver mig et like pisss?.

  42. Drew Lewis

    This is a great song.

  43. Michael Lam

    Damn girl, you never cease to amaze us this year! 🎄

  44. MeteoriteX


  45. 432hz Vibes Latino Hits

    I think elsa is singing

  46. Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal


  47. Pyt Yeah


  48. Jhowy 7112

    Wonderful song I’m glad people still remember the lesser known classics. I’m 21 but I grew up on this stuff. Great song and great video.

  49. SSDT

    I have to imagine there's a non-zero number of parents who use this as "Elsa" singing Christmas songs for in the car this time of year. :)

  50. Lazy Flakes

    2:07 is best part

  51. Jeychiele


  52. Private Account

    All i can hear is Elsa — but I’m not complaining!

  53. Amabel Barlow


  54. danceballetacro

    Adventure time vibes

  55. TeeJay Pineda

    I want Idina ft. Elsa HAHAHAHA

  56. PiiinkSparkles

    the style is lowkey stunning...

  57. I’m Kubo

    The hill in the animation reminds me of Elsa’s north mountain

  58. Disney65Fan

    Elsa is being stoned haha.

  59. Joonsa5401

    I loved Idina’s cartoon charactor from Enchanted once.
    Now I love this version too

  60. Aurora Desrouleaux

    Cuuute animationnn!♥

  61. The Super True Believers Network

    You're beautiful even when your animated. :-)

  62. Lovely Bae


  63. Lovely Bae


  64. Ava 1929

    This animation is adorable omgg

  65. Carlyn Collier

    I love these so much. Thank you for this beautiful album Idina. Love you so much x

  66. Vanessa Ortiz

    OMG 🤩🤩🏹❤️

  67. jasobres

    Very trippy animation. Looks like something you'd find on Cartoon Network.

  68. Dan Eyal

    Ok, I DID NOT expected a giant mecha in a video of Idina Menzel, and I'm pleasantly surprised :)

  69. Ƙwiee•光

    the animation and the song is so lovely 🥳🥰

  70. KGrove94

    That is some nice animation, and a great song as well. Happy Holidays!

  71. dixie pie

    I love your voice Adele Dazeem you're so talented

    -ElsaIceLover Magic-

    dixie pie shes not adele dazeem shes idina menzel

  72. Gilang Setyawibawa

    If Elsa was in Adventure Time

  73. Rain5155

    This song is just 👌🏻

  74. Gara Gimenez

    This Merry my Christmas!!! Thanks Idina for all of you!!! ❤️☃️🎄❤️☃️🎄

  75. Fer Noguera

    love that her voice gave the bad guy maximum power lol it’s true though

  76. Hope Schnur

    We went to see her last night at Carnegie Hall, her voice is just magical, incredible. My husband even said she has a Barbara Streisand quality.

  77. Danica Poyaoan

    Happy holidays ppl!💕💕💕💕 thank you, Idina for this amazing and beautiful song! 💕💕💕

  78. Neko Bakemono

    <3 from VN

  79. Michelle Kerl Acedillo

    Such a feel good song... it makes me stand up and dance. Love you Idina! Happy holidays, everyone! ❤️❤️❤️

  80. Edelweiss Angelita

    THIS IS THE CUTEST. also, living for the suit and heels and ponytail.

  81. JacobDreamWorks921

    Thank you ever so much.😊😉😊😉 I saw Frozen II, opening night on November 22nd at the Dolby Cinema in Leicester Square in London and sadly I gave movie 2 stars⭐️⭐️ And the Into The Unknown sequence just amazed me.

    Kindest love, merry Christmas, Jacob Sheldon, UK😇😇😇😇

  82. Qaania Salie

    Merry Christmas to one and all🎄🎄❤️

  83. Qaania Salie


  84. Shinryu 949

    Where’s that elsa twerking meme

  85. Gamers Wins


  86. Amelia Nomura

    This iS sO cuTe iM crYinG

    Gusion Holy Blade

    i cried a little

  87. Snowblessing

    Merry Christmas and love to you Idina❤️❤️

  88. Super Bright Brat

    Favorite song in the album, and this music video just made it official 😂

  89. Daniel Cha

    Saw you perform this LIVE IN ATLANTIC CITY last week! Good luck at Carnegie Hall!

  90. Hopie Hope

    These songs gives life

  91. Canım Türkiyem

    Amazing voice, beautiful Christmas song and I love the animation. Happy Holiday season to everyone, thank you Idina for your gorgeous singing voice and songs❤️

  92. 김건

    If Cartoon Idina Transform Into ELSA?
    Let It Go! It's CHRISTMAS!
    Show Yourself! It's CHRISTMAS!

  93. Naree Naree

    WoW verygood for thailand

  94. Ernesto Chacon

    I love the animation in this video, it kind of reminds me of something I see in Sesame Street (animated segments) or Dr. Seuss "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (Chuck Jones version).

  95. Jean Claire Llemit

    Just so love this album!

  96. Tim G.

    Love this Video. Awesome Idena 👍💞
    Merry Merry Christmas Idena Menzel. Love You. 👍💞🏳️‍🌈❤💝

  97. Natalia Jimond

    OMG I love this video, soo cute 😍