Idina Menzel - A Hand For Mrs. Claus Lyrics

Every December, we always remember
To celebrate the fella in the suit
We see the promos for reindeer and his glow nose
Believe me, I think Rudolph's nose is cute
Now I'm a fan of Frosty, I go ga-ga for The Grinch
But beneath the hype, are they the type you'd turn to in a pinch?
There's someone more deserving of applause
How 'bout a hand for Mrs. Claus

I'm not complaining, I'm sure it's very draining
Pulling off a Christmas Eve world tour
My point in this is it's his marvelous missus
Who gets it done the other three-six-four
Who's really checkin' all those lists
And fillin' all them shelves
She's a mister multitasker who works faster than the elves
Who keeps the North Pole hot 'till winter thaws
The answer's clear, it's Mrs. Claus

She reads every Christmas letter
Throws on a Christmas sweater
Better than old Santa everyday
She runs the operation
With no appreciation
Send a little Christmas love her way
Oh, oh yeah

She just gets no respect
She works so hard

Now I'll sing a fa-la-la
And I'll shout a ho-ho-ho
But I'm bouncin' out this ballad for the gal who runs the show
Join me in this very worthy cause
How 'bout a hand for (Oh, oh, yeah)
Let's make it grand for (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
Everybody stand for Mrs. Claus

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Idina Menzel A Hand For Mrs. Claus Comments
  1. saturn boi

    Into the *UNKNOOOOOOWN*


    lmao why am i watching dis in January 2020 😂

  3. The Sherbetorc

    1:25 she sounds so like elsa

  4. Gacha Tay

    I just found this now!- I might be listening to this a little more often-

  5. •Choco Brat•

    *I can seriously see Elsa singing this song* 🤣

  6. 계란툰

    I'm korean. But I like this song! so cool :)

  7. SillyArifBoy SillyArifBoy

    I came here cause the river of memory/ahtaholland is calling me with her voice sounds like "Ah Ah Ah Ah"

  8. XGamingTimeX X

    This is so cute

  9. Flora Ruby

    I can't stop imagine it's Elsa's singing

  10. tina Thiessen

    Yup both of those ladies should make more music together

  11. Lianna Rivera

    It’s Cat and Elsa!!

  12. Unknown Link

    Who came here from willne lol

  13. anonymous


  14. jamir domingo

    Imagine if there would be a frozen Christmas episode and then Elsa would just sing this

  15. october-sunflower10

    Here’s one thing that confuses me about Elsa. She is voiced by Kristen Bell, but she is voiced Idina Menzel too. So who is her actual voice actress? I think it may be Idina, but I may be wrong.

    Oof. zOE

    october-sunflower10 idina menzel voices elsa and kristen bell voices anna 💗


    Lol im so forgetful lol. Sorry for wasting your time! TwT

    Oof. zOE

    october-sunflower10 no problem!

  16. Twilight Prince

    Their voices mesh way better than I imagined

  17. Martin gardner

    WHY OH WHY OH WHY did I not get someone's brand new christmas CD for this year? Every year since 2006 I have.

  18. Irish Nato

    You sound like elsa

  19. Lydia Vittorio

    How did I just realize about this song the day before New Year’s Eve?!

  20. Lois Loves Cheese

    i came for idina

  21. Pastelic Puppy

    ...everyone is like commenting about how everyone is from Ari, but I don’t see any comments for just Ari

  22. Jeffrey Brown

    Show Yourself

  23. iBen

    im here because idina is amazing, and including ariana, elsa + ariana wow best combo

  24. pLaY rObLoX

    You’re funny what are you thinking the grinch

  25. Rocío González Sosa

    So since all the comments are rude here’s the thing Idina is a thousand times better than Ariana.

    Ariola Granede

    Where's the "rude" comments? All I see is yours.

    Rocío González Sosa

    Ariola Granede then you are blind cause all the comments are “im only here for Ariana” and unnecessary things like that

  26. hassan Aleem

    Give email powers

  27. Gentle Touch

    I’m here for Elsa oof

  28. bean

    christmas song in october

  29. •HxneyComb•

    Their vocals tho.....

  30. •HxneyComb•


  31. ItzBocaBitch

    Ariana's low notes=😍
    Also, the runs Ariana's doing remind me of like, 2014 Ari.

  32. daphne

    idina is such an incredible artist i’ve been obsessed with her lately ughhh

  33. João Clécio


  34. Geo Aquino

    Idina brought the power to this song while Ari brought some sweetness to it like I can imagine Mrs. Claus complaing while sipping a hot chocolate on Winter

  35. Marcus Cheng

    From the songwriters of the Frozen franchise and Coco.

  36. touby thor

    who's excited for christmas
    👇༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  37. Wan Yun Thean

    Elsa it's youuuuuu 😍😍😍😍

  38. • Yamious •

    For a minute I thought this was Elsa singing but then I was like wait.... Oh never mind

  39. ツAntdroid

    I came here for Ari and Idina

  40. Brittney DuBreucq

    Idina is iconic. Ariana is iconic. I’ve loved Idina for soooo long. If you don’t like Idina, what are you doing?

  41. Canal Xanlim

    Elsa e Ariana Grande um grande Feat aaaaa❤️❤️

  42. Miraculous ladybug And Cat Noir fan at heart

    My eyes: Idina
    My ears: Elsa
    My soul: Elphaba

  43. cujoedaman

    I like how this entire song just says that Santa does NOTHING and SHE does all the work. Such bullshit femnazi propaganda. Ask a woman to go out in the sleigh and deliver all the gifts in the freezing ass cold and she'll complain about it and ask a man to do it for her.

    Ariola Granede

    Ariana clearly sang in her verse, "Im not complaning, its sure very draining, pulling off a christmas eve world tour". They're just saying that Mrs. Claus should be appreciated too along with Santa. And this song is literally written by 2 men.

  44. CyalaterCyn


  45. lalisa manoban

    I didn't come here for ari...or from her ig was youtube recommendation

  46. Ray King

    lol arianators are so childish I can't.

    just please appreciate Idina, no need to comment "who's come here for ariana"
    That's just so rude

  47. Crystal Ice Fox

    I’m here for both of the singers! I love Elsa and Idina’s voice and I also love Ariana’s voice! I can’t wait for the music video!

  48. MeteoriteX


  49. Dylan White

    This song makes me wanna kill my self I might do it tbh

  50. Dylan White

    This is garbage

  51. robert berg

    I literally have this CD playing in my car ! Also, Ariana grande sings in this!

  52. vanessa Henderson

    I loved this song! It sounded like Elsa was singing with Ariana grande! I am a huge fan of Ariana grande!

  53. Mike Segovia

    Thank you

  54. Oof. zOE

    3rd time listening to this song today 🤩

  55. Shortahhsmurf ._

    Indinas voice 😍😍😍😍

  56. Shxaun

    Idina made this song and ur recognising Ariana? 😂🤧

    Ariola Granede

    Ik it's disrespectful but we all have to agree, Ariana is more popular than idina.

    Ariola Granede

    So it's natural to have people comment the popular one.

  57. Lyrics IS right in front of you

    Eh elsa is singing with ariana 😯💯

  58. Make-up Boy

    I never thought the day would come when the two best singers ever collaborated on a song

  59. Star

    Bruh I don't really care bout ari here...

    I saw Idina Menzel, I thought of Elsa... *click*

  60. Dimitrios Koutsoumpakidis

    The energy this song has its amazing

  61. mrsfluffymoomoo

    Indinas voice always gives me chills omg. And aris always gave me more chills. But when they come together, the most chills ever

  62. Suisen Kensei

    Whos here for Frozen??

  63. Joanne Dela Cruz

    They sound amazing!! They should sing Into The Unknown together

  64. Joseph Jacob Moore

    Two of my fav performers!!!! 😍😍😍😍 it's about time Idina did another xmas album!!! X

  65. Uson Usang

    Are idina menzel from frozen and frozen two😍

    Ariola Granede

    Yes. She is the voice actor for Elsa.

  66. Daniel Jordana

    Idina and ari is the duo i didnt know i needed

  67. Zuzka Zuzka

    If Frozen 3 comes out I want ariana grande to play Samantha 😂

  68. Good morning

    I love her voice so much

  69. Real 8D AUDIO

    So beautiful! 😁❄️🌨️

  70. A Pusheen Fan OwO

    Idina's and Ariana's voices are amazing!

  71. Eric doge love Dog

    Love Elsa and I love Ariana Grande at first I think this was fake but it’s real .... ahhh....

  72. Janisse Valdés

    I love Idina's voice ❤️

  73. Scarlett Evans

    She’s good but all I hear is Elsa tho

  74. Just A Person

    “only here for ari”
    objective listener: who’s the amateur singing with the broadway queen?

  75. Natalie Holmes

    Idina sounds like a badass angel - so happy to hear a Christmas album from her!

  76. Jenny Kai

    Yay for female empowerment! #girllove

  77. moonlightbae

    45% off the comments are about how people came for ari
    45% off the comments are about how idina is a good singer too
    10% are about the song

    Me: i came here for Ari but that’s because i didn’t know who idina is.

    Olivia Paulsen

    wait. you don't know who idina is?


    Olivia Paulsen I probably know some of her songs if I google her but I have never heard of her.😌

  78. julieta travis

    I forgot it was idina who sang for Elsa in frozen so I was like wow this sounds so familiar (love her voice)

    oh and ariana grande my girl nice job loved u on this song

  79. David Yorg

    I love Idina , Ariana queen

  80. adie obieta

    two queens in one video :)

  81. Shabana Baig

    I’m mostly here for Elsa no offence ari love you too

  82. Cake 101

    Came bc of an interview with idina!

  83. Andre I Am

    I came here for idina's story

  84. Marianna Corbo

    yesss idina, get it girlllll ❤️

  85. H E N R Y

    2:11 ARIANA THAT RUN 🤤

  86. arianna laylonie

    Who saw the ad on instagram and heard arianas voice and was like whoaaatt?

  87. Greta Verdò

    Beatiful!!! I love you!! Towards Christmas??!!!

  88. Pedro Torres

    Elsa y ariana singing together

  89. Ming Leong

    Elsa (Frozen) and Laura (Underdogs) :D

  90. Andreyna Santos

    Ariana granda my baby Love 😍

  91. Ivana Sorrells

    Ahhh I love Aris voice. It’s so soothing and pretty

  92. pwincessdumb

    Idina is so underrated. LIKE SERIOUSLY.

  93. Peter Smith

    Elsa with Ari lol

  94. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    Best collab ever.

  95. Freaking billie Lover

    Idına sounds amazing

  96. Ralph Flores

    Elsa singing a christmas song... Ft. Ngongo. Hahahhaha

  97. Reshie Pitrouille

    I've never listen to her appart from Frozen and I've got a big derp
    What a disney character is doing singing with a real life singer ?
    I should listen her other songs...