Ice-T - Our Most Requested Record Lyrics

[Opening Skit: Evil E as Mickael]
[Phone beeped]
Come On!! pick up the phone, it's getting out my bubble
I got to hear this new song.. he he he!!

[Phone beeped]

[Ice-T as a Radio Request Line employee]
Yo, what's up? Request Line

[Evil E as Mickael]
Yes, this is Mickael, I'd like to hear that new song about.. AWWHHH.. Ice-T
I don't know the name of it but AWWHHH.. it's bad!

[Ice-T as a Radio Request Line employee]
Don't worry about that homeboy, we're about to rock it
That's our most requested record

[Song's Intro]
[Ice-T] Yo E, what's up man? they got our record on the radio boyyyy!!
[Evil:] Yo man, they're rocking our stuff, Ice man
[Ice-T] I'm telling you man, this is the Most Requested Record, everybody wants to hear this record
[Evil:] It's for everybody, you gotta throw this stuff by respect.. what you think?
[Ice-T] I know, you know what time it is, it's flying high
[Evil:] Let me do..
[Ice-T] I'ma tell them what's up!
[Evil:] Yo Ice man, tell them boys what time it is ~

Yo, one two, my name is Ice-T, I'm hear to let you know Rhyme Syndicate is in effect
And where ever we go, me and my posse gets stupid respect (YEAH!!)
But good jerking this on juice, YEAHH!! just because where we're staying
But I'm here to let you know L.A. don't take no mess, understand what I'm saying?
Yo, this is the Most Requested Record, New York loves to hear this record boyy!!

[Evil:] Yo man, Chicago loves this jamie, man
[Ice-T] Detroit can't live without this record, man
[Evil:] Yo, Memphis likes this jamie man
[Ice-T] Miami wants to hear this record, and how they gonna say we ain't got beats?
We got Afrika Islam man, kick the swings up the hits
[Evil:] Kick it A!!
[Ice-T] There it go boy, you know that swing is so fly!
[Evil:] Awww Yeah, you know the flavor my man
[Ice-T] And I wanna let you know the publicity charm
Well, this is coming from Los Angles, you know what I'm saying?
[Evil:] Yeah, L.A.'s in effect, you know what I'm saying?
[Ice-T] L.A. got it going on, but what does it matter where it's from?
You just listened to the beat of the drum, you know, and we're swinging out here in California, Yeah!!
[Evil:] Awww YEAH!!!
[Ice-T] But they say that STILL ain't fly enough E
[Evil:] Yo, what's up with them chumps Ice man, they don't understand the beats man
[Ice-T] I think they wanna hear some 8OA, some boom boom!!
[Evil:] Boom boom!! Aww man, let's hit them the boom boom man?
[Ice-T] Low temple, you know...
[Evil:] Old 8OA man, they don't know about that man
[Ice-T] Temps and flavor
[Evil:] Yo, let's give it some flavor, we're gonna take the bass, man
[Ice-T] I don't know man, I hope they're ready, let's change the temple!!

[BOTH:] AAAWWWW!! YEAHH BOYY!! it's a big world
[Evil:] Awww! what you know about that?
[Ice-T] We did it fly now!!
Run the Power Moves on them -> [Bushwick Bill]
[Ice-T] Awww Yeah, Evil-E and Ice-T in here
trying to do one tip for all the ladies out there, what we're trying to do, E?
Run the Power Moves on them -> [Bushwick Bill]
[Ice-T] Yeah, you're knowing, all the posse deafly loves it, right?
[Evil:] Yo, yo, yo, yo.. yeah!!
Run the Power Moves on them -> [Bushwick Bill]
[Ice-T] L.A. loves it, you know, we're kicking it man
[Evil:] We're chilling, cold stupid in the place boyyy!!
[Ice-T] Yeah, what?.. what?..

Attention the inside!! This is L.A.P.D
Turn the music down; or we're coming inside
This is L.A.P.D!!

[Ice-T] Awww man, I told you.. I told you not to play the record so loud
[Evil:] Yo Ice, I won't man
[Ice-T] All these.. aww man.. y'all.. hit the back door fellows..
[Evil:] Awww man, but I got a warrant man
[Ice-T] Wait a minute.. hold it.. hold it.. looks like they're leaving man
[Evil:] Leaving?!!! WORD!!
[Ice-T] Forget the police man, turn the music back on man!!

[Ice-T] Yo, they knew better than coming here
[Evil:] Yeah, Word word man, they knew better than that, cause my boys are in here
[Ice-T] We're just having fun, but they BETTER not coming through the door
[Evil:] BETTER not man, BETTER not
[Ice-T] You know what? all the people out there wanna know exactly who we are
We've been talking, but they still wanna know who we are!
[Evil:] Who you are Ice man?
[Ice-T] Yo E, throw the jamie on, show them who we are, kick it!
[Evil:] Bet man, bet it..

[Break: Evil E Scratching and cutting quotes below]
I.. I.. I.. I.. I.. Ice-T UHH! -> [Ice-T]
I.. I.. I.. I.. I.. Ice-T -> [Ice-T]
E.. E.. E.. Evil.. Evil E UHH! -> [Evil E]
I.. I.. I.. I.. I.. Ice-T UHH! -> [Ice-T]
I.. I.. I.. I.. I.. Ice-T -> [Ice-T]
E.. E.. E.. Evil.. Evil E -> [Evil E]
FLY!! -> [Ice-T]
I.. I.. I.. I.. I.. Ice-T UHH! -> [Ice-T]
I.. I.. I.. I.. I.. Ice-T -> [Ice-T]
E.. E.. E.. Evil.. Evil E UHH! -> [Evil E]

Yo Ice man, yo man, they don't understand about that fly Rap man
Why don't you throw them a fly jamie man

Word! thinking of a demo, late nights alone in my lemo
Not a Pictum my man, I'm talking black sadan
Stretched like a fine truck, E counts the grants
My plan; write a rhyme like nobody can
Totally unpredictable, understand? (WORD!!)
Talent is mine, but the judgement is yours
You vibe my records, my crew tours (YEAH!!)
You make request in my sale sore
You clear the shelves of the record store (UHH!!)
Soft core I'm not, but knowledge I got
I keep my posse in effect when I rock the spot
Grand hot, or maybe you forgot
You should've cracked the jams early before the cops block the lights
Mack magnifier, Hitman for hire
Drop when I fire, watch the guard wire
Ice ain't no lier, I'm never retire
Cause my back went [?] with young troops I inspire
Cold as nitrogen and fold as hydrogen
Thought you had a chance to wax, you better try again
Hip-Hop commando, Bum Rush Rambo (UHH!!)
Intelligence is my weapon, dum dump my ammo
It's okay plea it, call it as you see it
I'm from L.A. ~ this joint is like Viet-nam gangs illing
Wilding and killing, bars on your door please protect your children
I ain't no bad guy though suckers may try, they say I'm violent WHY?!!
Because I'm fly, got girls to date, therefore
Don't wanna hear no more, chauffeurs shut the damned door (WORD!!)
Cause I'm a player, I ain't no Beat-boy
I love the ladies and money is my real joy

[Evil:] Word Them Up! Yeah, I know that was down, yeah, you know the poetry was deaf
[Ice-T] Yeah E
[Evil:] You know, just kick a little poetry for my posse Rhyme Syndicate in here
[Ice-T] Hell yeah!! yeah baby, Beatmaster V rocking the drums
[Evil:] Yeah, and my man Afrika Islam is on the drum
[Ice-T] Charlie Jam boy, you know that, BG is in effect
[Evil:] YEAH, XT, Gustie G
[Ice-T] King Quality man, E-Mack Boy, E-Dubb
[Evil:] Yeah, you know what I'm saying? E-A-SKi in the house
[Ice-T] Yeah, Nat the Cat, D-Rock-ing a funky beat
[Evil:] Yeah, and my man Mike, Mike Love, my man Hen-Gee are stood out there baby pal

[Ice-T:] DAT the Most Requested Record, if you don't play this record; you'll be sorry
My whole crew is gonna come down and have to..
run a bum rush on you, you know, the same stuff took a round, you know what I'm saying?
Some [?] and all that fly stuff, you know, this is what you want, the beat
This is what you want to Rap, this is what you want
Ice-T and DJ Evil E, 1988, taking no [?] yeah boy

[Evil:] Taking out all simps and suckers, y'all know the flavor, No Time
[Ice-T] The Most Requested Record, everybody loves this record, Red Alert
[Evil:] Yeaaahhh, this for my man Chuck, you know what time it is Chuck
[Ice-T] Houston wanna to hear this record
[Evil:] L.A. knows what time it is.. ha ha!

[Closing Skit:]
[Phone beeped]

They will never pick up the phone, you're stupid!!

There I go again Nancy, can't you see I'm trying to get through?
Just calm down like a Sugar Brown

[Phone beeped]

[Ice-T as a Radio Request Line employee]
Yo, what's up? Request Line

Yes, this is your homeboy Rodney from DC, wearing red, white and blue
I've been trying to get through, me and Nancy just wowed about that little song from Ice-T
We don't know the name of it but if you play it, we'll be more than happy

[Ice-T as a Radio Request Line employee]
Don't worry about it homeboy, we've just rocked it but we'll rock it again
Cause that's our most requested record!

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Ice-T Our Most Requested Record Comments

    Kick it!!!!

  2. LGKids

    Before Travis Scott changed up on his beats, Ice and Evil mastered it! Peace!

  3. MrETHEX100

    Heartbreaker us the break

  4. tony johnson

    Truly Old School 1988!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris Heat

    Proves Cop Killet wasn't about black vs white

  6. TheTirado2

    One of the best rap songs ever! great sampling great beat, killer rymes. Dope rythem changes, my local boy rocks it just like LA

  7. Andrew Watt

    Ice pre-bling - just look at that shit watch he's rocking!

  8. Hank Mardukas

    Most requested because people love Led Zeppelin

    Andrew Watt

    Because people love DJ's mixing classic rock! Very clever and effective sampling. Anyhow, Zep stole 'Whole Lotta Love' riff, and many others.


    it was some of the lyrics to the song "whole lotta love" that were stolen not the riff.

  9. DarthIsMyFather

    Led Zeppelin- Heartbreaker.

  10. Rob Nelson

    3:29 - Straight up ill shit!

  11. BillyKnockout

    @barrjail Thats wassup ! Man..if i had known you were in the market for some techs i would have sold you mine for the low ! Theyre not 1200's though but they were direct drives . Remember the 3200's ? They were the 12's before the 12's ! I just let both of them go for 50.00... jet black joints with the pitch controls and all that !! Yeah... i know... youre gonna call me crazy... i didnt need them... they were just sitting there .

  12. steven mcconaughy

    @billyknockout yo b, i still got this on 12" with pim pin aint easy on that b-side, ya feel me?? i got to get some bukuu scratch sos i can gets some techs tho!! then ill be spinning out thecrates on u-tube too!! peace and one money chief!


    steven mcconaughy facts
    In that fly as 935 Carrera.
    I worked at a store called DownstairsRecords Ice T ot Trscy was buying 12 worth of vinyl before fame and brought
    Darlene took flicks look up Downstairs Records but yeah same dude but friendly in person no mean mugging.

  13. BillyKnockout

    @barrjail Hell yeah , Ice T went in ! I used to bump this one and pimpin aint easy on the regular

  14. steven mcconaughy

    cold as nitrogen, exploding like hydrogen, thought u had a chnce to wax, u better try again!! ice rips and kills this joint kid!!

  15. uVueD2b

    Ice T rocks this! With Ronnie Baby at the end is more funnier...

  16. coreyaustin1

    @HorusRising The Micheal Jackson skit alone was hilarious. This is back when artists had 100% creative control and you can tell....

  17. coreyaustin1