Ice-T - I Ain't New To This Lyrics

Come on
Come on

[ VERSE 1 ]
Do this, ugh, come on, come on
Time to get wreck and kick the so on and so on
The I-c-e-T
O.G. M.C.
s (Ho!)
Watch the mic blow
I flip scripts, and the Dump drops the Ammo
Time to get wreck with the new style
It's '93 and MC's are gettin buck wild
But I - ain't a - nigga
That's gonna get left with a big zero as a figure
I'm gonna end up with a big sum
Cause if you don't like one jam, I always got another one
Different, specifically I don't copy
Tear up the track if the flow sounds sloppy
I don't play one game
I bust about a dozen cuts on my lp's, none the same

I ain't new to this
I ain't new to this
Never been
New to this
New to this
I ain't new to this
New to this
Fuck around and catch a left and a right fist

[ VERSE 2 ]
Boom bam, I drop fat slang
When I used to hustle, used to be down with the crack game
When I was young, I used to roll with a street gang
If you wanna squabble, muthafucka, it ain't no thang
I ain't new to this, I ain't new to this
Blow your dome, I hit quick as a pugilist
Ugh, ah, what's up? Now your eyes swoll'
Thought I went soft, cause my records went gold
(Sucker) Buster, you'se a - muthafuckin punk fool
Caught you in your eye while you reached for your tool
Now it's mine, and you're blind
Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop goes the nine
Yeah. what you're dissin bout, friend?
Sayin I went out, but you ain't never been in
I got r-e-s-p-e-c-t in the industry
That's somethin that you'll never see


(They can get a smack for that) --> Flavor Flav

[ VERSE 3 ]
On and on to the funk track
Back glass shakin like shit, that's where the trunk's at
That's cause my shit's - made for
Niggas that are hardcore
Brothers is quick to hook a left to your right jaw
Girls, come on, girls, come on, girls, come on
Get your clothes off and the fun on
Girls, come on, girls, come on, girls, come on
Get your clothes off and the fun on
It's time to check cash
Jump in my 4, hit the switch and lay the ass
While the Klan try to kill me
But I wrote 'riot' on my muthafuckin will, gee
So when I'm gone, it's on
Caps goin off on the streets like popcorn
Talkin bout Simon till the early morn'
Word is bond
But now I just cool
Bumpin my Gang Starr tape by my pool
I ain't new to this


[ VERSE 4 ]
Check, check, I got problems with the press
Caught the punk in traffic, stabbed the sucker in his neck
(Ugh) Punk reporter tried to diss me
(Ugh) Now the muthafucka's history
(Ha) I got to make a break hardcore fat tape
Word, I don't fantasize, I don't exaggerate
Just kick correct with the 1-2 mic check
Still quick to swing, take a sucker to the deck
I'm not the nigga you should step to like a sucker
Walk up talkin shit, you best to be a good ducker
Your posse best to run from my gun
Keep my nine off safety, and E holds the other one
(Yeah, sucker)


(They can get a smack for that)

And you don't stop

Fuck, fuck around and get your punk ass dropped


'93 for the underground
I ain't new ta this

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Ice-T I Ain't New To This Comments
  1. Christopher Harper Digicash

    one of the best tracks on the CD! takes me back to Queens and watching The Box! Burning gold memories

  2. Chris E Chang

    Proper G tune 🤜🤛

  3. Mr D

    I ain't uterus

  4. Kodanshi Helcarver

    Best bit: 4:10 “Fuck fuck around and get yo’ punk ass DROPPED!”

  5. kalloykalloy

    I was 13 in 93 and these song runnin up and down in my Walkman!
    Ice-T made my day!

  6. HipHopFanaticZ


  7. Mr D

    I ain't uterus

  8. mauricio morales

    Severo track 🇨🇴😎

  9. D. Moonspell Rites Productions.

    True stuff from the streets !!! Ice-T doesn't lie ...

  10. Dan Robinson

    'Wise guy eh?!' 'They can get a smack for that!'

  11. Andy Gunn

    I saw Ice T live and it was off the hook, only a few fights, overall crowd was well behaved! He performed Cop Killer and I haven't seen him back in New Zealand since. That was like 1994 or 1995 - damn, this shit bumps hard even in 2018!!?! Body Count were the LOUDEST band I have ever seen, absolutely ear smashing badness!

    Chris Baldwin

    Just like the rap by Ice T mate but respect still for the Bodycount work by the man loves his metal as much as his g rap lol

  12. Carlos Esperanzo

    A true westcoast all star XD!!!!!!! Tha iceberg himself yo XD!!!!!!!

  13. Tragedy Ferrero Beats


    Jason WAlker

    🤑🤑🤑 110% real gangster shit. Nobody does better than Ice. Young generation can't FUCK with real shit.

  14. No 1

    Bitch ain't one

  15. No 1

    Damn soft like gold that is decent

  16. Thierry Diallo

    Will Always Love ICE T for reality

    Peter Lehman

    back when rap was the best

  17. 15 Inch Digger

    Ass Hooooo! :)

  18. david nicholls

    If i had to choose a song to cut the hostages ears of to, it would be this one.well done ice,thanks mate.

    Mr D

    david nicholls lmao 😂

    Mr D

    But yeah, I feelin it bro...

  19. younes moe

    Should be on GTA.

  20. Mark Hunter


  21. accradata

    Fucken dope

  22. gacha maja

    Yeeeah... Bitch-ASS

  23. Cartrell Payne

    this shit is fucking bumping