Ice Prince - Wassup Wassup Lyrics

[Hook - Ice Prince]
Shey na wassup wassup
Na papa God put me ontop ontop
See Jehovah be my guide them I support support
So badman no need to fuck up fuck
Shey na wassup wassup
Na baba God put me ontop ontop
See Jehovah be my guide them I support support
So badman need to logoff logoff

[Ice Prince]
Choc boy, celebrating
And everyday my fanbase is elevating
Say we the best yes no debating
See badman die and we replace him
Omo right now we the main thing
We step on stage and the people fainting
They see my real colour I’m like a painting
And gone are those days we wear the same thing
No need for all the hating
The boys we salute the girls we dating
I no get time, I’m concentrating
Jehovah had me sign undertaking
Very necessary o
I’m shaking my belly o
All over your telly o
I’m blowing your stereo
Omo no de vex me
If you want to x me
Remember say your chic de for house just de text me


[Ice Prince]
Badman, shut up shut up
You see me for your street make you lock up lock up
My dogs will bite if you fuck up fuck up
Ice Prince and Tuface that’s wassup wassup
Yeah, no NEPA but we are shining
My Chris Aire flow is perfect timing
Since Olu and all did the signing
I be getting nig cheques even for miming
I feel blessed o
And nothing in the world fit test oh
They say Ice Prince is he the next
And Tuface tell them say yes
I’m not decling
The music architect, I’m just designing
I make life better and sweet for rhyming
When you see me for your salute my rhyming


I know say as you see me so
Say you wanna let me know
Say na baba God make a bad sharp guy to blow
Every other nigga, so we just dey de flow
Rejoice bam make I wanna come and take am on the floor
Everybody know that father Lord is my forefather
His my saviour
He’s the one that cover me umbrella
Ella ella ella
This is no a joker matter
Not unto preacher
Or they think I wanna say that
Everybody jigga for me let down the feeling that they bigger than another state (bigger than another state)
Yes I want just crazy everytime
I de gig kid over the all is my saying
Everybody know bad move (they know bad move)
Take it take it


Wassup wassup [x6]
Okeke [x2]

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Ice Prince Wassup Wassup Comments
  1. Mikal Hedges

    Am still here in 2020 !!

  2. Ettie Ogu Olugbo

    2019 and we are here.

  3. Chibuzo Papilo

    Can we video for this songs it's gonna sell trust , still loving it till date

  4. Fizz Elvis

    i love this song ice prince ft two 2face eyoooooor ice ice

  5. TC Genera

    dope shit 🎤🎵🎶

  6. Shaneé Townsend

    Haters LOG OFF! LOG OFF!

  7. Olusegun Odesanya

    tubaba murder dis kids

  8. sylkyj

    Omo right now, we the main thing!!

  9. Ikenna Heatler

    10 people don't know WASSUP WASSUP make them FUCK OFF FUCK OFF

  10. Allegra Logan

    Ice Prince looksa like Nas on this cover album.

  11. Defmonkful

    I must hunt down the beatsmith for this song....mind blowing!

  12. Wilson Skyva

    I feel BLESSED OH!

  13. Kenny Powers

    bad mon, shut up shut up!!

  14. esrarsidd

    w a s s u p . w a s s u p ?

  15. armana1

    super sleek 9ja flow.big up ice prince!

  16. Obiora Bold

    wussup wussup baba GOD on top on top

  17. Obiora Bold

    shit i luv this jam banging crazily

  18. Changeclothz Uzo

    Damn this song bangsssssss...........i love em' like krazy

  19. Mario Khali

    The beat is killing mehn...i can only see myself untop now bro,,

  20. Noel Takwa

    8 people don't have enough money to dey say wasuup wasuup.

  21. SureMe Nasal

    Tight...and Blessed

  22. degase81

    Wow!!!!..... So many hatters!!!!.... So many!!!!!... Can't believe it.... This is a great collabo... They are not trying to be Nigerian or British or Jamaican or American, they are being ICE PRINCE and TUFACE... Kai!!!,
    If you don't like the song fine.... Come off this page and leave it for the people who do.... Cause while you are in your pyjamas sitting in your bedroom Hating these guys, the world and everything in it... They are on to the next one making new music and more money.... Big tune

  23. Chukwuemeka Mbanaso

    2face killed his part...God of nigerian music

  24. Janice McGrory

    love love this album... this track with 2face.... one my faves

  25. Michelle Tshimanga

    Awesome tune.. eeeyyy wussup wussup?

  26. Adekunle Abiodun

    This is not an exageration but i have replaying this track for more than 4 hours now

  27. JajaMonkey

    wassup wassup..dat shit go hard...bad man tune u dey play

  28. Ladysuzane Omeiza

    na 2baba kill am abeg!

  29. sylkyj

    Nice one and good use of sampling!!!

  30. Isiejeme0829

    Another wicked tune in this impressive album. Guys on fire.

  31. MceeDon

    Tu Baba!!!!

  32. Philip Ugo

    No NEPA pole, we are shining........

  33. sunshine damzel

    haters fuck off fuck off

  34. Ibrahim Iliya

    5 people dont know WASSUP....make them FUCK OFF FUCK OFF......

  35. Amsterdam101

    2 baba dey heaaar sooo!!!!

  36. Amsterdam101

    @ugowoundo Jesse Jagz

  37. Mictizzle

    new beats on my page


    2 baba

  39. Chuka Ezeigbo

    @funkevevo your a fucking idiot, wack on dis? you dont know music. hang yourself while listening to justin beiber

  40. funkevevo

    nonsense joint but ice prince write gud raps 4 mi,y hes he wack on dis

  41. Tayo Oye

    tht's wassup wassup mehn!!!... goooddd tuness

  42. Tayo Oye

    @TheMsAbiola guess someone dnt know wat jamaicans sound like!!..... THEY DONT SOUND NOTHING LIKE JAMAICANS>>>> I WOULD KNW THT ONE THING SOOOO PLLZZZZ appreciate good music in peace!!!

  43. Abiola!

    @mountaianeerfly They are TRYING to sound Jamaican. I never said they were good at it.

  44. yeenkah

    no NEPA but we are SHINING... (word)

  45. Onyekaba Nnaemeka

    beat is dope!

  46. Jay Mchenry

    2baba much respeck to you man.

  47. Adnan Sagir

    this guy is dope..DAMN!!

  48. That254chik

    @natasha3400 oh i hitted that button alright..... like i've never hitted it before

  49. Abiola!

    @TheBUMZY1 Or maybe the person who hit dislike doesn't like that fact that these two Nigerian men are trying to sound Jamaican. I wish Nigerians would stick to their Nigerians accents. That's what makes us unique.

  50. morris mulambo

    nice jam jelas down,ma guy u de too much

  51. shevaism

    2face too much

  52. fwcbaby

    @ugowoundo sounds like jesse jagz. idk sha.

  53. brightandcoloured

    thumbs up if u think the 1 dislike on this song sure definately dont know wussup....

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    Bangerrr! Wussup wussup

  55. P-Whale Hoover

    u lucky you eating on sponsors wit dis tune,ok but not classic

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    2 face baba

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    Ice Prince can flooooooow!

  58. John Curry

    na wassup wassup !! dog go bite d bad man !! lol ~~

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    am feelin dis song


    Thumbs Up if U Hitted the replay buttom ....

  61. dozzyross

    Ice prince is the best

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