Ice Prince - Oleku Lyrics

Ice Prince,. Yeah [x3]
Ice Prince...
Ice Prince....
(Imma 'bout to explode [x6])
Brymo, Jesse Jags...
Ice Prince...Zamani..

Oleku, tell me something wey I no fit do,
Mi o gbopo gbopo gbopo malotuu,
Mo ni ni Mo ni ni, Odeji, Modeji
I hope you ready, Cos its oleku,
She feeling the boy, (She feeling [2x] the boy)
Yeeaah.. [4x]

[Verse 1:]
Okay, I'm so interesting,
Its why they say that I'm the next thing
So even on features I'm impressing
People do hate but I'm a flexing
Yeah, I learned the lesson
The doe mean shot, but I'm a chesting
I'm far from pop my pop is resting
My flow so bad my tongue is vexing,
No one is testing, I'm best by far is what im
guessing, 1 2 3 I win like wrestlling,
How can I loose I'm with the best team..
Yeah, I'm the boy with the fire,
DJ's gimmie more spin than a tyre,
Seen it all, done it all sang in the
Feeling like I'm tenor here only go higher..Yeah!


[Verse 2:]
Okay, its so exciting...
the game's been dull, but I'm igniting,
positive flow I'm so attracting,
whether freestyles or even writing..yeah
I put my life in, the bread don't cut, I put
the knife in, my left hand weak, I put the right in
And take my bars from J to Brighten, aah!
I see the lightning, I know sometimes the rain is
frightening, no matter how hard the seed is ripening
So when you hear Ice prince say hyping.....Yeah!
I don try plenty, I dey rap, I dey sing, I dey cum
M.C, its too many songs and I'm
never empty, now you
chop stone if you want tempt me.........aah..aah


Okay, I'm so contageous, and no one
done this good in ages
I put my foot in hell, courageous....
Too many verse like bible pages...Yeah
And I hit their playlist, so I can grow up from low
to apex, until my account is fat and shapeless
Too many songs but mine is latest...Yeah
So love or hate this, I'm getting my cake, I'm on the
cake list. Beating my chest I'm on the Ape list
You should be honoured and bow to greatness, Yeah...
see my name's getting famous, my team's fire men you
cannot flame us, na Baba God work, you cannot blame us
Its in vain when haters try 'n aim us....Yeaah!!

[Chorus till it fades......]

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