Ice Prince - By This Time Lyrics

Jos boy

[Hook - Wizboy]
By this time yesterday, them no know who I be
By this time yesterday, I no fit chop belle full
But today for Naija, na we de run the show
From Europe to America we de all over the world
Baba God na your hand eh ehh [x4]
Okwa I ma na Wizboy and Ice Prince de blow
Ala banko

[Ice Prince]
Like play like play, we turn to atomic bomb (GboOoM)
Like play like play, all the girls them be feeling the song
Now we steady raising
Cause they stealing my lines
Marketers are pricing and I’m feeling so fine

Yeah, that’s me on TV
See these days they speak and they believe me
And I’m fly above brass easy
From J-Town to Freetown they need me
Yeah, see me swagging to the bank homie
I lay it straight and no be say I de plank homie
I got star above on all my rank homie
So be the best and fool my nigga banks homie


[Ice Prince]
Shey them been talk say, them been talk say we no go blow up
Shey them no give us protein them talk say we no go grow up
But e be like say I put hand for mouth and money I throw up
And I try buy my brand new racey I cause them hold up

Yeah, and I’m feeling so fly man
Haters go be for be
For me never reply man
Baba God noni
Them de hala my name for the whole country
Yeah, Ice Prince Wizboy
We de step on stage
And we de destroy
This boy so good baba God for me
I’m coming on blow now we get money


Oya make we de skimpololo
Oya make we de senkiliwo
Oya make we de skimpololo

Senkiliwo kiliwo eh


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