Ian, Janis - My Autobiography Lyrics

I know you and I'll agree
What this world needs is a lot more me
Well, I have got the remedy
Gonna write my autobiography
I've led a fascinating life
Had a husband and a wife
But you will truly be amazed
At just how humble I have stayed

Enough about me, let's talk about you
What do you think of me?
You must feel such gratitude
That you will get to read
My autobiography

My life doesn't have a very good plot
Guess I'll have to lie a lot
Should be easy to make things up
There's no one left to call my bluff
A lot of my old friends have passed on
The rest did drugs and their memory's gone
So I'll write my own history
In my autobiography

I'll say I slept with a Kennedy
Don't remember which one
They all looked the same to me
Or they did when we got done

Maybe they'll film it for TV
I wonder who they'll cast as me
Should be somebody I look like
Sigourney Weaver'd be all right
Gonna be hard to deal with fame
Once the whole world knows my name
But I'll stay humble and grateful to
All the little people like you

A thousand pages more of me
And all I've said and done
It will be my legacy
And that's just volume one
Of my autobiography

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Ian, Janis My Autobiography Comments
  1. dasgellendehorn

    can anyone tell me where i heared the tunes before?

  2. EleElliott


  3. paulascrazymom

    Love this!! Saw her twice and she is the most classy and gracious person I have ever met!! The books is an excellent read! Couldn't put it down and finished it in less than 24 hours!!

  4. norbert van thunen

    Funny song, excellent read, and great concert in Ratoath on 28th January 2012

  5. homegrowntomatoe90

    I saw her at a concert this October, she sang: "I'll say I slept with the Kennedy's, the Reagans and the queen. When they all got tired of me, I slept with Charlie Sheen."

  6. Karen Manwiller

    Saw Janis in concert a couple of times...good stuff. I have also read her autobiography and she's right, she's had quite a life.

  7. golddustmagazine

    Brilliant, like all of Janis' work. Gives the lie to the review that said 'she makes Leonard Cohen sound like a comedy songwriter'. And she really has written her autobiography it's called Society's Child (Google it).