Ian Brown - Thriller Lyrics

Close to midnight, something evil's lurking through the dark
At the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as someone looks you right between the eyes
You're paralyzed

You know it's thriller, thriller night
Fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight

You hear the door slam and realize there's nowhere left to run
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll ever see the sun
You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination
But all the while you hear the creature creepin' up behind
You're out of time

'Cause this is thriller, thriller night
Ain't no second chance to kill the thing with forty eyes
You know it's thriller, thriller night
Fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight

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Ian Brown Thriller Comments
  1. Bryce Terry

    ...i'm not not into it

  2. Luke Haverty

    I can just imagine a zombie dancing like bez listening to this.

  3. Simon Wilcox

    Relax people your opinion means nothing anyhow!!!!

  4. Ant

    Little gem.

  5. Brad Matthews

    Well I never. Not bad.

  6. monsieur boeuf de tête

    ok now this is just bloody phantasmagorical...

    btw: the fashion tv live stream on yt brought me here... they play the coolest music as glamorous young runway models do their thang - this was one of the songs they've used as "background music". the second i realized i was hearing a thriller cover, off to google i went! :)

    joebodman 8

    monsieur boeuf de tête I like ur profile picture

  7. Dean Nelson

    I have just emerged from under a rock, what the fuck is this shit!

  8. Issaraquell


  9. TheNewVocal

    Good evening from Singapore! I wish you'd have a amazing week =)

    Connor McMullen

    sound mate

  10. Dean Barker


  11. worley 68 99 08

    is this a joke??

    Kitty Cats

    rick worley I thought it was at first...I mean it's different, I think I'll stick to the original though

  12. David Smith

    Ian brow is cool as fuck but this just makes me laugh I really mean it I can't stop laughing

    David Smith

    and that picture at 1.43 tipped me over the edge


    Yeah what the fucks Barry White doing in there ! ??

  13. RM R

    i love this, Ian is a God

  14. Dj Harg /Haggis


  15. George marlow

    whats this crap?

    Ben Roxy

    George marlow his point is that he can't sing but it's not crap

  16. Ross McDonald

    i really hope you come back to your account and notice this comment

  17. Ester Samuels

    It's weird how different it sounds compared to the original. A lot less cheese. Part of it may be the way he changes the vocal rhythm a little.

  18. Vanessa

    better than jacko.

  19. bobbydylanio

    What a surprise. I click on your profile and you like Pink. How can people live there lives a cliche?

  20. AJ Mares

    my ears there fuckin bleeding omfg aaaaaa!!!

  21. fitless

    This is the way any cover should be done: you take the material and tailor it to your own style. Awesome.


    lmao what the fuck is this shit

  23. alvarockdavii

    how?? stupid?

  24. nightimelady

    thanks, i've never been called that before

  25. alvarockdavii


  26. Temporicide

    The fact that you've wrote such a long reply tells me you have alot of time on your hands!
    You need to chill out, you started this confrontation (inter-web-trolling)
    Cheer up and put some make up on and make up.

  27. Temporicide

    your negativty explains how much pain your in. i would suggest you get a life and be more positive or just crawl under a rock and die.

  28. nightimelady

    The Brown is BOBBINS mate, one day you'll find all his records in the charities alongside perry como and all the other chud no one wants.

  29. Temporicide

    You was dropped on your head mate!!!

    my comment is 2 years old... but not as late as your reply.

  30. nightimelady

    the most ridiculous comment ever award goes to you mate

  31. Robin Johnson

    awsome cover

  32. lyudikareda


  33. teacher benji

    who even has the balls to cover jackson? not a big fan of ian brown, but this is sooooo good! kudos to brown, anyone who doesn't like google madonna ya jerks!

  34. M P

    genius no....
    but he nails this cover ...yes

  35. NINloverD

    ha! didn't know ian brown did a cover of this song :) came across it by pure chance. hes managed to take a brilliant song and make it his own :) i love it :) can defo hear his northern accent too :D hehehe

  36. Follow BLACKMOSES1

    He must be a big MJ fan

  37. fabbrunette

    I think you're all taking these comments too seriously. Relax, it's YouTube.

  38. marysimon

    me like...

  39. Adam Miller

    Ian brown is in it for the music not the money

  40. Cyborganna

    A clear sign of true genius is when one genius recognizes the genius of another! I have no idea what that says about me though! *cheeky giggles* MJ + IB = BOSS! x x x x x

  41. Raghav Radhakrishnan


  42. Mr_Pessoa_79

    Great version. Brown is a genius.

  43. raulox71

    This is cool. I like it.

  44. 19may0001

    is there a instrumental to this?


    I have never understood why people just get on and say a general comment like "this is rubbish". If you dont like it either dont comment or make a constructive criticism that will in some way actually help the artist. I like it bro,creative and different.

  46. MrYodafox

    His billie jean is good and this is too. He knows a good song and brings a realism to music that is rare these days. Big up Ian Brown

  47. quinny707

    @bobbitt187 Burnage is only about 4 miles away from the town centre.

  48. IamThFEAR

    First heard this on Sirius Chill bout 5 years ago, such a brilliant remix.........if you thumb this down.......well.....you just suck.

  49. Jureweah


    Mod Mutha

    Jureweah Thankyou for you brilliant and informative review. I await your column in the NME.

  50. KaraokeSUBstar

    I wonder how it would sound live :D

  51. Brian Harvey

    I went to school with Ian and he's from Timperley which is in Altrincham. It's in the old county of Cheshire, but is in the modern borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester. It's definitely suburban Manchester and only a few miles from the city. However, it's on the posh side of the city and the people don't have such a strong Manchester accent. They're definitely not Gallagher type accents.

  52. Ryan McDarby

    It shouldn't work but it does! Ian is a magician...I love it.

  53. TheCyberbedouin

    this is a Leeeeeenon nighTtttt

  54. mudcradle

    ok, this isn't bad but not my kind of music.all i want to know is why the heck was this suggested to me after i watched a metal version of the original.my guess is youtube doesn't differ music styles.still,good work in this

  55. zkearly

    Ian brown and thriller are meant to each other.

  56. Gareth Dowling

    @MrShadow675 Well duh

  57. eve c


  58. 75dannybear

    I.B. messiah!!!!!! go see john and reform the Roses..... a generation needs you

  59. Tobias Johnson


  60. Rushabh Haria

    gotta love ian brown

  61. David Campbell

    fekin edjits, music aint trying to change the world just to put perspectives on it what have you done thats better other than been a critic which my arse could do better....

  62. wellfan1991

    the stone roses absolutley fuckin amazing much much much better than oasis by far oasies is just 2 wee pricks that think they are hard ian brown showed those 2 cunts how to play the tar so fuck them ian browns shit hottt :)

  63. Dreamer's Society

    ian is cool but this ois crappp

  64. Alex Hancock

    thank god for ian brown

  65. IrelandVonVicious

    This guy is just spaming this slander on all the ian brown videos. Just keep reporting him.

  66. Temporicide

    why do people chat shit ...

    Ian brown is a genius ... he makes what he wants to listen too .... not a sell out artist .. you either like it or not ... but respect the work ... :)))

  67. Lauren Revell

    ilu, ianBrown(L)
    i met this maan,
    whatta legend.(L)

  68. rebelred1001

    Nah not 4 me

  69. Ian Haave

    psh this is way better than mj

  70. awowsmatow

    ditto!.its shocking,certainly not thrilling.

  71. Brad Malbon

    i love ian brown and the roses, but i can't say i'm liking this

    at all

  72. Johann Jimenez

    i like it I hate michael jacsons thriller its to noisy I wasnt able to sleep......haha now Im sleepy......NOT! Im more sleepy to your thriller and you force me to do my home work WHILE IM TIRED!........I like michael jacksons thirller because im to energenic to do my homework and i can do my homework ERLIER but to you I CANT DO IT EARLY!

  73. Psycho Jones

    of course the song doenst sound like the original... guys this is a coverversion & ian is an old raver not a mummy popper

  74. Memphis Flash

    Exactly....you confirmed my point !

  75. Memphis Flash

    The internet is amateur. It is isn't it? We're talking about this set of machinery which has given all sorts of people, with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever, and quite frankly no talent, a breeding ground for absolute drivel.

  76. thetruthgenie

    Sounds groovey Man!

  77. melmouth wilde

    thats easy for you to say

  78. crackmonkeyish


  79. Fane Ayuma

    he he....texaspete...yuouve made my day, im leaving the internet now cos i have had my fill of stupidity.....

    .......Its the one road, it may be the wrong road, its the road to god knows where...la la la la la la la la la...

  80. Memphis Flash

    Right then numbskull who can't even spell properly, you have got me really angry so let's have an argument. Firstly he is not a pervert so you clearly have not done your research & nor are you capable of thinking for yourself.
    Secondly a "good showman & crowd pleaser" doesn't produce the body of work that he has, the man was gifted beyond belief. Now take back all you said because believe me, you do NOT want to go down this road with me because I wil rip you a new one !!! You got that ?

  81. Memphis Flash

    I almost this was a joke when I saw this but then I clicked on it......one musical genius adding his unique touch to the work to the work of another musical genius. I never thought in a million years that Brown could not only cover Jackson but also do him some justice but I think he does. I think Micheal would have liked this.

  82. melmouth wilde

    hes a clown

  83. nealtuf


  84. minty73

    billie jean cover was ok but this aint got the same feel

  85. GunHed17

    Whew.... anyone got a light?

  86. stoneroses22

    Best cover i've heard. This is why I respect Brownie so much cos he had the balls to cover this iconic tune and he pulled it off. This is pure poetry in motion.

  87. stoneroses22

    MJ aint that at all, he was found not guilty, case closed. Cos MJ has such geniune affection for people, people have abused his genaroisty, made false allegations about him to extort money from him. U need to stop reading the Daily Star/The Sun! U wipe your arse with those papers.

  88. Nrthern Line

    smack head!?

    is he fuckkkkkk

  89. Garner2092

    I'd like to see you all say that to Ian Brown's face that would be funny seeing you in so much pain dying on the floor hahah xD

  90. Michael Ward

    michael jackson was a drug adict kidi fiddleing freak

  91. César Morales Granados

    This version sucks

  92. Snotra

    Then we are bruthas mate!

  93. Snotra

    Peace frog.