Ian Brown - In The Year 2525 Lyrics

In the year 2525 if man is still alive
If woman can survive they may find

In the year 3535 ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies
Everything you think, do or say is in the pill you took today
In the year 4545 ain't gonna need your teeth, won't need your eyes
You won't find a thing to do, nobody's gonna look at you
In the year 5555 your arms are hanging limp at your sides
Your legs not nothing to do, some machine is doing that for you
In the year 6565 ain't gonna need no husband, won't need no wife
You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too from the bottom of a long black tube
In the year 7510 if God's a-coming he ought to make it by then
Maybe he'll look around himself and say, guess it's time for the Judgement day
In the year 8510 God's gonna shake his mighty head
He'll either say I'm pleased where man has been or tear it down and start again
In the year 9595 I'm kinda wondering if man's gonna be alive
He's taken everything this old earth can give and he ain't put back nothing

Now it's been 10,000 years, man has cried a billion tears
For what he never knew, now man's reign is through
But through the eternal night the twinkling of starlight
So very far away, maybe it's only yesterday

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Ian Brown In The Year 2525 Comments
  1. david rose

    Are you gonna be watching this in 2525 Ian Brown? Xx 😎😎

  2. Lee McCormick

    Release it now! Fitting I think?

  3. Mark Gillan

    Party Martin.

  4. Peter Griffin

    Anybody watching in 3535?


    one of my all time fav songs, nicely done by mr Brown, sweet , fantastic love it, timeless

  6. Liam Thomas

    Just found out this is a cover fuck sake

  7. bronxsushi2

    Welp. The original is still the best. But this is the best remake I have heard.

  8. Jason Bamber

    Love the man he is a genius

  9. carl davies

    Ian Brown, legend, nuff said......

  10. Kitty Davies

    Come back to Klanndudno. Anytime before the year 2025
    I'll be 57.
    Loved Ian Brown for 30 yeaars.

  11. Cooper

    In the year 2525 if Mani’s still alive. Then what? another reunion

  12. Steven Sutton

    Great cover
    You did it browny

  13. Fracmental

    Couldn't have been covered by a better person.

  14. Steven Brown

    Magnificent cover.

  15. Ant C

    Such an underrated song it should have 2 million views

    K. L. Kliewer

    the original is so much better

  16. Oliver Madin

    who's still watching this is 2525?


    keith richards

    Kasa Amarela

    @terraspent hahahahahahahaha


    Youll be lucky 😘



    david rose

    Not me, I'd be 415 yrs old if i were! Xx

  17. JackDoggy

    Where is this tune and viddy? Ian Brown

  18. JackDoggy

    Where is this tune and viddy?

  19. Floydfan75


  20. Medieval Richard

    Great cover!

  21. simon patrick

    only he could hold this tune down !

    Данила с Воронежа

    Classic, example of right wave!

  22. richard kent

    I guess in the year 2015 didn't have enough of a catchy name for song name

  23. Diogo Pinto

    Á Máfia Italiana têm os dias contados .

  24. Talons of the Raven

    cool didnt see this till now, Ian Brown is the man, great song, great cover!

  25. Alan Macnaughton

    Great cover over Zager and Evans 2525.

  26. rockstoneballs

    How embarassing for you.

  27. deeingalaplike

    Music wise not really, but style wise he's gone a bit oasis.

  28. Dan Roberts

    yeah only ian was doing while liam was in the crowd watching him so you mean why is oasis members trying to look like ian? dunno maybe because he's the coolest genius around!!

  29. james hopkins

    haha are you for real..how did ian copy them,ians solo work is nothing like oasis :)

    Richard Kent

    james hopkins oasis a stone roses tribute band

  30. deeingalaplike

    Haha fail. Oasis were inspired by Stone Roses but they were more baggy style. They copied him then he copied them.

  31. james hopkins

    sorry my friend i cant help you,it has been covered a lot this song the only other i know of is zager and evans and Visage - In The Year 2525 (1978)..sorry..morrison would have been great at this,i know its not him you are referring to,but it would suit him.

  32. Hideous Fish

    There was a cover of this song, circa 1971. Huge on the radio at the time. Sounded like Jim Morrison singing, but wasn't him. I was only, like, 9 years old then, but that was the first version of this song I'd ever heard. It wasn't the original Zager and Evans version. Who covered it and became top 40 in 1971-1974? Anyone know? Ian's version is fantastic, but I also want the slightly post-Zager-and-Evans cover... Can anyone help me?

  33. SC2Barbarian

    the song's from Zager and Evans.... not visage.. whoever that is...

    craig east

    SC2Barbarian Yes that is correct but Visage (Fade to Grey?!?!) did cover it.

  34. davidsan01

    @Flrestarter absolute rubbish. do some research before commenting on here!

  35. josedeacero

    @davidsan01 IS FROM Zager & Evans
    FROM 1969

  36. juve baby

    great cover, love ya Ian ..***..

  37. George Estremera

    Not a bad cover. He's got a good voice for it. I think I've been on a "Year 2525" kick because even the near future seems uncertain, and the recent past hasn't helped matters much...

  38. Prizm4

    Thanks for this cover...but the lack of an 8-beat hi-hat makes it sounds little strange.

  39. tyebillion

    I like the Project Pitchfork version.

  40. Denis H. H.

    saka cast....masterpeace cover!!!

  41. james hopkins

    @Jauly haha reverse that comment the stone roses started that look,no ian brown no liam knobened gallacher,oasis couldnt touch the roses...:)

  42. Jake Green

    @yubidee dont let em draw you in mate :)

  43. james hopkins

    @davidsan01 visage did cover it..but zager and evans wrote it...

  44. james hopkins

    @davidsan01 this is a cover of zager and evans version,of course he supports man utd,he was born in warrington,he definetely does have a soft spot for celtic,spoke to him after his gig in my home town of greenock and he mentioned that he had been to celtic park at the time of one of his gigs in glasgow,he told me he couldnt stand some of the right wing followers or rangers and thats why he had a soft spot for celtic,type in ian brown irish flag killarney,and listen too what he says to the crowd.

  45. davidsan01

    @hoppybhoy71 OH you don't believe me? I bet you can't even tell me where he's originally from (my home town)... and don't say Manchester! And to say he has a soft spot for Celtic is stretching a point. His team and only team is man United! ok.

  46. james hopkins

    @davidsan01 visage lol..

  47. davidsan01

    Cant believe he's covered a Visage song... great cover though!

  48. james hopkins

    yes he was in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. just as small role,he i a wizard stirring a coffee cup,drop your popcorn and you would miss him

  49. Jake Green

    @mcanner25 te he

  50. mcanner25

    @hoppybhoy71 ha ha very good he would pull it off alright drugs dont work in all lol

  51. james hopkins

    @mcanner25 haha m8..i liked that..i heard ashcroft was appearing in the remake of one flew over the cuckoos nest..

  52. Paul Raal

    @hoppybhoy71 not really in stone roses times ian looked way different from oasis rebeljukebox. com /live/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/stoneroses.jpg

  53. jjaassoonnjjaassoonn

    @Jauly nob

  54. karlands97

    love this song

  55. james hopkins

    @mrhoppy17 no m8..noel was a roadie for the inspiral carpets..they had nothing to do with the roses..except going to them that at spikey as fans..

  56. jimshoez

    @Jauly Why did Oasis try so damn hard to look like Ian Brown? 'Cuz he's totally bad ass and they are wanna be's. Duh!

  57. eleven38

    @Jauly dude ur fuckin clueless

  58. james hopkins

    @Jauly can you reverse that comment..ian looked like that 5 years before oasis were invented..are you nuts..

  59. Paul Raal

    why is ian always trying to look like an oasis member?

  60. Craig Nags

    What a cover does the song credit

  61. F-zero91maru

    in 2525 we all be dead bc thats years away aka the 26th century i know is that that year is a super biggest mystery

  62. Carl Eriksson

    @hoppybhoy71no, you can beat a original, but this one sure don't

  63. GoatseObama

    Pretty good I am liking the good flow

  64. Sugar Ray

    @hoppybhoy71 Ian nails it!

  65. Lee Riley

    At least he did a cover of it !!! He knew it was a good song. i have been telling my muso mates in Sydney to do a version of this for years. Ian did front The Stone Roses though. Slag them at your peril.

  66. moello888


  67. Jake Green

    one hit wonders though wernt they ?

  68. tomloft2000

    pretty good job here,but the original was more haunting.

  69. james hopkins

    @IchBewerte yes i does,who else could do this cover.ian is the man

  70. Julian Wild

    this version sucks :D

  71. goldendawn69

    It's not better than the Orignal, but very good made

  72. kev d

    Nice job Ian

  73. Jord-Rob

    Better than the original by far.. BY FAR!!!

  74. KrashBandyKay

    cool cover and yet again a great lot of songs on it,nice one...

  75. james hopkins

    i agree m8..you cant beat an original..but ian gives it more punch...

  76. Simon Norfolk

    release this as a 45 today !!

  77. james hopkins

    @c0bbl3rs i would say velocity girl is made of stone..the same tune..but the roses add their own unique sound..thats what makes them special..

  78. james hopkins

    @Tpviper you have dire straits on your page video..fucking bland and boring..thank god bands like the stone roses came along and the youth had something decent to listen to..instead of boring posh rock overated garbage..

  79. Tpviper

    @kingmonkey33 av ya always been a bell end, dont even like direstraits fuckin muppet, also everyone is, an always will be, entitled to there opinion an its still shite.......has sicktar

  80. james hopkins

    @Punorss i know you are not knocking him..and you are right his singing can be awful at times...if people want a good singer..then the x factor is for them lol..even they cant sing hehe.

  81. james hopkins

    @Punorss i think it could be the spliffs m8....i dont care..still my fav frontman..

  82. Dave Dante

    fuck yer pope taig

  83. james hopkins

    coming for a guy who likes dire straits..one of the most overated bands in history...boring posh rock..

  84. james hopkins

    what a twat..the guy has covered it well...

  85. Tpviper

    fuckin shite........... cant even compare to the original

  86. james hopkins

    its a cover of a zager and evans song..check it out...but this is better...or maybe i just love brownie to much and cant see past him..

  87. james hopkins

    next to shane mcgowan my other favourite..for his songwriting anyway....

  88. james hopkins

    yes he can be a bit out of tune at times..but i have him 8 times and the roses twice....and his singing has been great at times..the second coming tour in the barrowlands..was probably the best band i have seen live...and still to this day my favourite concert..unforgetable...but at spike island you couldnt hear them...but i suppose being there was enough..his presence and charisma carries the guy anyway when his singing is bad..the crowd dont seem to care..still the best front man ever..

  89. mcanner25

    agreed mate very good but shit voice live

  90. delboy20091

    classic one of the best tracks of 2009 imo,ultimate lyrics aswel.

  91. mcanner25

    richard ashcroft is working with him at the moment

  92. james hopkins

    @twataris yes he loves man utd..all i am saying is he has a soft spot for celtic..

  93. frago20

    Good cover.

  94. chestypants78

    Saw him in the Olympia Monday. Awesome stuff. He owned the whole theater. Fools Gold live, WOW!!!

  95. elchucko

    Excellent version! Zager & Evans of Lincoln, Nebrska who wrote this does it better(IMO)

  96. james hopkins

    @smokige88 ian is a celtic fan..i spoke to him in the hotel in greenock when he played..he loves celtic..mani is a huge celtic fan.

    thisishowitfeels...inspiral carpets yeah..ian will not be here in 2525...but his music will still be alive in 9510....

    hail hail

  97. Martriano

    T H E ARCTIc moNKEy iS NOtHing cOmPAred TO !AN BRowN HE's amAziNG TF hE DiDNt goBaCK To tHe RoSeS m8 am/2/10 IB/100/10

  98. Martriano

    IaN BRoWn iS A hOOp'S SuPPorter ...... CmON tHE HooPs uP tHe ra