Iamsu! - Rollin' Lyrics

I'm in that mooky (I'm in that mooky)
I'm in that joy rich (I'm in that joy rich)
I get like 2 key (I get like 2 key)
For that fly shit (For that fly shit)
Too many shoes (Too many shoes)
For my closet (for my closet)
My whole collection (My whole collection)
Could pay away through college (Could pay away through college)
I'm with my girl (I'm with my girl)
She lookin fly (She lookin fly)
I'm with my homies (I'm with my homies)
We getting high (We getting high)
I told my mama (I told my mama)
Get what you want (Get what you want)
I hope my mama (I hope my mama)
Proud of her son (Proud of her son)
I made 100 (I made 100)
In like a month (in like a month)
I need a million (I need a million)
Before it's done (Before it's done)
I rep the gang (I rep the gang)
I robbed a bank (I robbed a bank)
I put my homies (I put my homies)
They getting paid (They getting paid)
I pray to God (I pray to God)
Every day (Every day)
I think he listenin to what I'm tryna say (I think he listenin to what I'm tryna say)
Same shit (Same shit)
Different day (Different day)
Same shit (Same shit)
Different day (Different day)
Same jeans (Same jeans)
Different pair (Different pair)
Takeover (Takeover)
Get prepared (Get prepared)
Got haters (Got haters)
I don't care (I don't care)
Put yo motherfuckin 3's in the air (Put yo motherfuckin 3's in the air)
I smoke papers (I smoke papers)
I smoke blunts too (I smoke blunts too)
You think you shinin (You think you shinin)
I might sun you (I might sun you)
I show love (I show love)
I don't hate (I don't hate)
It's all good (It's all good)
I'm feelin great (I'm feelin great)
Benihanas (Benihanas)
By the plate (By the plate)
I got the chicken (I got the chicken)
She got the steak (She got the steak)
I had a vision (I had a vision)
That I could fly (That I could fly)
I got a TV (I got a TV)
In my ride (In my ride)
Hop in (Hop in)
Take a ride (Take a ride)
Woman of my dreams (Woman of my dreams)
I made er mine (I made er mine)
You ain't ballin (You ain't ballin)
You a liar (You a liar)
You ain't ballin (You ain't ballin)
You a liar (You a liar)

Rollin, rollin, rollin ooh
Rollin, rollin, rollin ooh
Rollin, rollin, rollin ooh
Rollin, rollin, rollin ooh

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Iamsu! Rollin' Comments
  1. JesusWalkss

    I will forever bump this song! Such a Banger

  2. Isaac Slater

    Damm its 2018 ns i just remembered this joan

  3. Marvin Hoover

    HBK need to throw a concert in PHX! Banger$!

  4. MrSquaky

    2017 still don't know how this ain't blown up

    Juan Martin Ortega

    MrSquaky yup

  5. Zakk Hampton

    Needs a video

  6. Christian Araica

    10 people ain't gettin it

  7. Kemi Robinson

    Whoerv dislikes a cornball..

  8. Manuel Valero

    H B K !

    Martel Joyner

    I might son you this goes

  9. pabz2o9

    One of the best from iamsu! #HBK #SHMOPLIFE

  10. eksoedusprime

    is that a patra worker man sample omfg!!!!

    RIP George Smith

    eksoedusprime I don't think so

  11. Percy Godfrey

    this beat is sick

  12. Mary James

    Owaaaa owwaaa ohhhh ohhh ohhhh hbkaaaaay yaaa yaaa yaaa

  13. YoungJaayy310

    this beat thoee

  14. Ellie

    Woman of my dreams I made her mine!! Favorite line

  15. Joe Boyd

    this beat got me stuck

  16. Rahul Lally

    The ending part where the guy gives the little speech where is that from I have heard that before can someone please let me know. Thank you

    Durty Lyfe

    Rahul Lally Paid In Full

  17. sdgundam37

    this is my shit right now

  18. parker bennett

    He hella sounds like Berner in the echo

  19. PurpleKushxJetLife91

    dope as fuck, this song goes

  20. Jose Alberto Alvarez

    This a mixtape guys get your music info right

  21. Rodney

    When you in the car with that pretty girl hearing this song.. Hands down gonna be my summer jam. !

  22. eddie guerrero

    Hbk yeah you know how we play! Too much gas, over flowing in his new album!

  23. ion Kare

    this that ONE

  24. Kage

    Owa Owa