Iamsu! - I Know It Lyrics

I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it

I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it
I glowed up, you know it
I glowed up, you know it
I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it
I glowed up, you know it
I glowed up, you know it

All of my real ones link up
We hit your city with the brinks truck
So many people switched up
We been through everything that you could think of
They try to hit me with the "okey dokey," man the 52 fake out
They didn't know that I was saucy, saucy, man I got too much flavor
Yeah, yeah, take notes
I could show you boys how to stay afloat

Eyes on Me, eyes open
Mind on it, I'm focused
I cook up, that potion
Ride on me, slow motion
I always get my way
All I have to say is

I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it
I glowed up, you know it
I glowed up, you know it
I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it
I glowed up, you know it
I glowed up, you know it

She asked me I'm in the studio, I'm like "roger, copy"
I play my girl that Kehlani, she give tsunami-nami
You think that she catch me cheating, I'm like "not me, not me"
But if I'm slipping on Instagram, then she prolly caught me
Look man, I know it, I'm open
3-pointer, I'm scoring
Can't do a regular, that's boring
I need foreign whips, painted orange
And Imma do whatever it takes for my crew to win
You ain't bout that life that you sayin' I knew it then
Throw you in that water, you either sink or you swim
Throw me in that water, I'm growing gills and some fins

Cause I know it, eyes open
Eyes on Me, I'm focused
I cook up, that potion
Ride on me, slow motion

I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it
I glowed up, you know it
I glowed up, you know it
I know it, I know it
I know it, I know it
I glowed up, you know it
I glowed up, you know it

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Iamsu! I Know It Comments
  1. Rashad Westley

    Just stumbled on this song💡 🦈🦈🔥🔥 I glowed up!

  2. Suprxme Fire_

    This is the best thing I ever heard

  3. bruh chill

    IAMSU is a legent, consistent hits since 2012. all the way from Canada. pure love

  4. Suprxme Fire_

    This is amazing💪

  5. J Buck

    He blessed the bay with more than confidence! Keep it lit six speed

  6. Rebel daboi

    this right here my jam 💯
    all the way from Zimbabwe south side Africa

  7. terrence jordan

    He in love with kehlani

  8. Joe Garcia

    I really don't know why this song doesn't have well over 1 million views. Especially with all the garbage that's out there. Oh well, I'll keep it to myself! 😎

  9. Tyrail Jones

    Still slappin in 2018! Yee!! #RollUP

  10. Darian Mendoza

    Who's subwoofers already blown out their windows to this already?

  11. Torin Montgomery

    That 52 Faaaaake out

  12. Charles Reynolds Jr

    Your songs are so fire🔥✌

  13. Pizamo Gaming

    We know that I know you know it

  14. Alfonso Elder

    Suzy goes dumb in the paint all the time and always making sense.. I fuck wit it the long way.. Keep moving nd progressing cuz its the only way. Highly Elevated x HBK all the way..

  15. Em Love

    2:37 Killuminati

  16. Leilani Marzette

    Daddy 💪🏽😩😘

  17. David serrano

    Been bumping IAMSU! for 4 straight years now. Def need to see him again.

  18. Luis Arismendiz

    Nah he still bangin dog!!

  19. Jose Cortes


  20. Ashley Pabawena

    They need to stop sleepin on the IAMSU! Fr

  21. Qwame Original

    yess I know it for real. I feel it deeply in my soul🙂🙂 Salute you soljar🔥🔥🔥

  22. Demelvae Brown

    Regardless of how his old flow was, his new style is still original and like no other.

  23. Martell Green

    man su my fav rapper by that's and eye ball not I as in I. tryna be clever but it was bad su

  24. Averie Unique C.

    I like this song

  25. Joseph Nazareth


  26. treasure johnson

    Love Iamsu new old 4ever!

  27. Fernando Diaz

    Until we meet. Shout out to the money

  28. Fernando Diaz

    Lyrically evolving into a bigger smarter rapper. I like iamsu's vibe

  29. Mario B

    Want the whole world beyond the bay to hear bout su but at the same time I want him to stay under so he don't lose that su vibe! Either way tho slap on his slap and never slept on his tracks! Suuuuuuwee

  30. laurel edwards

    1:57 the coldest part 🔥💯

  31. Gonzalo Robles

    best track on boss up 2.. I know it

  32. MrBxstar


  33. Martin Ramos

    Fuck, this is good as fuck. It'd be dope as hell to have young thug do a feature on this.


    Nice Melody!!

  35. Bomb Disarmed

    This slaps..

  36. Juwan Alexander

    i accidentally hit the dislike button seen it and was shocked lol iamsu is in my top 3

  37. SwizzMusic

    This don't sound like old su, but I think that's the point this thang hot

  38. Dj Watters

    reminds me of his first kilt!!!!! so dope!! i get a as far as it goes vibe!! suzy 6 bitches!! westwest pnw

  39. Drew Schweitzer

    The thing you must respect with Iamsu. He makes his own beats more often than not. His talent is noticeable and it is only a matter of time till he blows up. HBK FOREVER

  40. Boss Hon-cho

    wtf is this smh

  41. Gonzalo Robles

    You ain't a real fan if u can't vibe to this

  42. craftedwithart

    dope production, just the way I like it trippy and wavy

  43. Gilvert Lara

    look up try c the celebrity -rollout- out on soundcloud

  44. Gonzalo Robles


  45. Bryce Decker

    Make Suzy bay again

  46. Stefan Wenk

    Verses are groovy!! I think the chorus is just a little repetitive..STILL, creatively, IAMSU represents the Bay Area..Check me out after, I'm from Sacramento!!

  47. GTO_ MELLO

    straight summer hit 💯😎

  48. kukus suce

    its from france iamsu is the best

  49. Foreign Authority

    Only 50k views ??? Wtf this is bullshit !!! This shit goes !!! And 21 garbage gets so much attention smh people are like robots hahaha Roger copy

  50. Gevonna Garcia


  51. dream guru

    We all miss the old flow but y'all gotta recognize his progress. He still gassin and stayin true to his self. He obviously likes his new sound. True fans stay loyal. Been supporting since "Su the right thing"


    Such fell off man. His old 11 - 14 flow was the best ever and we witnessed some of the best. He is now a shell of his former self.


    @will_I_am cant agree hes evolved and progressed lyrically and production dont gotta like it but you gotta respect it hbk gang over everything 💔🤞

  52. christopher Lane

    Shared this for people out in the east!

  53. Hurricane & BIG

    You need to give them kicks more impact, no disrespect but they too weak, not bouncing enough in my car

  54. RighteousLim89

    Lit Video

  55. OnStocks

    Weekend needs to be longer #Bossup2

  56. Jake Gannon

    favorite from the new mixtape tho

  57. Christopher Hall

    I need foreign, whips painted orange.

  58. Thugger Baby


  59. Ashish Pyala

    This is fire Suzy

  60. Drew Schweitzer

    This song is so good! IAMSU really just speaks from the heart!!!!!

  61. Ryan.R Cano

    the fame took over su smh

  62. Michael Ruiz

    ookie putting in work ill love how iamsu links with all different people too make something dope much love for iamsu and the gang

  63. Foreign Authority

    This is flame !!!!

  64. 4LZ Crack

    Сделал своей девушке предложение под этот трек [Thumbs_up]

  65. Liam Sinaly

    Iamsu needs to sound like his old flow instead of tryna sound like yachty

  66. Tye Hunnids



    what happen to the cockyness the faster more excited flow ..this slow boring shit ain't you


    you falling off bruh

  69. jordan estrada

    great song

  70. Jeremiahii Triguerosii

    That new song P-lo has sucks

  71. Adrian Escobedo

    Okie dokie'saucy saucy

  72. OfficialCarlosVH

    Awesome video :)

  73. kj646

    Big Bank Sudy Mane!!

  74. 710 Dabz

    damn this sounds like old school su 🔥🔥🔥

  75. asvp honeyy

    Aye that Kehlani shoutout though 🤙🏽🌊💖


    asvp honey shut yo bald headed ass up biatch

    asvp honeyy

    Valentino 4hunnid 😂😂😂😂

  76. Jay Soto

    sounds like he jockin the dude from sob rbe

    roger padman

    Jay Soto he doesn't sound anything like sob rbe. He has his own flow and been doing this since 09, they look up to him too he's an OG

  77. Flo Gang

    Thank U

  78. DeeOnDaBeat


  79. Carl Morrissette

    Iamsu never disappoints. 🔥😈🔥💯

  80. MrJosh2themax

    this sound nice. I like this!

  81. TheConceitedAfromatic Channel


  82. paisa 408

    I wonder what he knows

  83. louie Frisco

    iamsu been best since day one sty on the top Neva clocking out 🔥💸⛽💨💯

  84. Ataraxia

    He forever gonna be too west coast for the mainstream, fire as always tho

  85. Julian Magana

    wow su. truly amazing bro

  86. Daniel Gallardo

    This song.... So lit! I know Iamsu is gonna get that grammy! I know it!

  87. Jam _ Tv

    dope art as always

  88. Axe Corona

    Song slaps but this is the most wannnabe trippy video of all time lmao

    New Jack Forever

    create a rap collective & build a company from scratch, bring the bay back & drop a few albums then you can talk


    how bout you make the video then & let me these people in these comments go rock with it or not

    Axe Corona

    whose dick i am riding? lol


    what the hell is a wannabe trippy video ?

  89. TheRichierich96

    seriously gonna be some of his best work just killing it since day one only gotten better progression is key to survive in this game 💔


    TheRichierich96 Word. its more impressive to see him evolve with the game, plus he doin it better than all these other cats anyway!!


    1BluntZ1 🙏 word up

  90. Cindy Silba

    ayyy... this shit goes... i know it...

  91. Flyboy 162

    I'm from Newark New Jersey shit💥💥💥💥💥💥 you got it kid keep it up by my side my shit to


    su good! idk who this "old suzy" is😭 same nigga to me

  93. Kevin Rivera

    This new Suzy is coo and all but we miss the old flow. P-lo new song has that bay vibe


    Kevin Rivera fuck off this shit slapz

    Eternal Darkness

    Yeah bruh. His flow is hella weak now. No Gas, just all brakes from that nigga Sudi Mayne. 😂😂😂👍



    N i k o

    He don't know it, he just know mainstream stuff now

    ignacio rojo

    Kevin Rivera why we arguing wether or not my nigga su is good or not this niggah raw Period. Richmond baby so I know about so since day one he changed but his music still slap IONO BOUT YALL BUT IM AT THE CONCERT IN OCKLAND

  94. bruh chill

    shits is fireeeeee 🔥🔥 su all the way up!!

  95. Shay Koewler


  96. Jesse head

    i dont know it. can sombody help me understand

  97. lopez lucia

    tapped in with iamsu fashowly

  98. Hbk Arthur

    Iamsu! Stay dropping heat🔥 doing it big for the Bay Area

  99. New Jack Forever

    Su is the FUTURE of Bay Area Culture.