Iamsu! - Goin' Up Lyrics

West side four fingers, count to much money for you broke niggas
Richie Rich city I ain’t from the bay
My money come fast like andale
Tell me what you want, tell me what you need
Hit the car lot dealer hand me keys
Hit the pawn shops saying can you please
Broke rappers stayin' home, running outta cheese

[Hook - Iamsu:]
Goin up, I got all this money in my pocket and that shit is going up
She wanna pull her drawers down but this time is goin up
Its goin up, its goin up, its goin up, its goin up
Its goin up, its goin up, its goin up

Its going up like a staircase, rare bape and the real one
No where near fake, real estate
Paint a picture, yeah I illustrate
Young G getting paper like a dinner plate
Like I’m dealin' weight, you a pillow case
Bass bang make the building shake
Uh got my city on me like I got it tatted
Gold chain, bustin' semi automatic
My girl booty big you might wanna grab it
But if you reach for it you ain’t coming back wit
Nada, keep heat like Nevada
In the summer Suzzy number one stunner
Got gas like an H1 hummer,
Turn a good girl to a track runner
Niggas don’t wanna, call em, and my check
Keep a whole lotta, comas


[Wiz Khalifa:]
And now I don’t give a fuck
Some niggas I'm with poppin them mollies I’m rolling up
I'm emptying out that bottle and putting gin in my cup
You niggas know what time is it, bought the rollie with diamonds
I smoke like there ain’t no crime it
Just look at the car I’m driving
You niggas go keep that talking
My homies go get the fire and nigga watch your mouth
Flying G 5's when I’m in the clouds
Porsche 911 when I’m on the ground
See me on the scene all I talks paper
Buying all the bottles then I paid the tab later
You a fuck nigga can’t get a favor
Yeah I’ve been broke, but I never been a hater
My broads from the bay, bloods from the bay
Ask around I got hell of love in the bay
Get money give a fuck what a hater say
I’ma bring the kay kay and bombay...
Its going up..


Got my ends up now these girls think I'm the man
Got some red kicks on that came straight from Japan
Got my whole hood with me like I came with the clan
Drinking so much liquor you ain’t making no sense
To the bay we never do it but I’m thinking we can
And my whole click fly, niggas prayin' we land
Switch my lingo up, so they can’t understand
I got my cirrelo rapped up and two rubber bands


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Iamsu! Goin' Up Comments
  1. Kostas Stelmokas

    ''i've been broke, but i've never been a hater'' - that's respect! sounds like a real one... 🙏✌

  2. NRG

    Ah, I remember listening to this middle school way back, still only 5 mil views damn hella underrated...

    Jake Phillips

    Iamsu and HBK are underrated! Randomly came back to this song, bringing back some memories!

  3. Jeniva 01

    Legend Norris = my🌞sunshine #fuckakidnap

  4. Matt

    Where was this filmed? Chatsworth

  5. Riym Shazaly

    Iamsu! Songs and MV's got the chillest vibe tbh😍

  6. Xochitl Estrada


  7. Roberto Contreras

    1:32 its goin up

  8. Derek Engelleiter

    2019 anybody?

    Noma Productions

    Derek Engelleiter you like the video?

  9. noe Baires


  10. CliffHuxtableSweater

    YOOOO wiz lowkey had a nigga thinkin he mighta been from northern cal w/ the vibe and accent he put on his verse 😂 he smashed his part tho fuh real🔥

  11. YV KV

    Just now realizing Kreayshawn directed this...

  12. Rick Gonzales

    One 9 !

  13. Rick Gonzales

    Rip Gabriel Cortez ! 916💯

  14. Cork Soaker

    Why he do him likr that in his own track lmao. Wiz killer

  15. Muhammed Atas

    2019 anyone ?

  16. DJ Wolve

    Not my genre, but an enjoyable tune to drive too, especially with a nice sized subwoofer 😉

  17. T F

    He talking about bitcoin???

  18. Rick Gonzales

    Rip Gabriel Cortez! You use 2 bump this slap!

  19. AMG

    Roach gigz in the background

  20. Jalen Morris

    Scooooobby dool

  21. Junior Gomez

    Gooo stupid ! Duh!

  22. Broke Poor Asian Kid

    Wiz always spitting fire

  23. Luigi Nardozza

    Wow wow wow Wiz khalifa grande cantante wow artista bellissimo vidio💃😎🍸❤❤❤

  24. Gold Blooded


  25. Suleiman Ibrahim

    Who's wachting 2019👊👌 it's goin up🔥🔥🔥

  26. Little Eva Escobar

    Goin up

  27. Joey salinas

    Hbk tgod

  28. Blown Out Tater Biscuit

    Damn this bring back memories

  29. Yungsleepy ixi

    2018 🔥🔥🔥

  30. mandalor-83 J

    You ain't from the Bay.....but sure needed it to back your whole style name and game boy

  31. Grace Kronenbitter

    Sick ass song!!

  32. Lucas Murillo

    Ay ay ay ay ay

  33. Tyrone Jacobsen

    2013....damn time´s running :P

  34. Garrett Mendes

    Gigs in the back still gets me lmao 🤣

  35. Al Gar

    What is the dance called that he does

  36. mylesfinch

    West side fo fangas

  37. Leonardo Guerra

    Vídeo clip monstro letra pesado . Artistas único e melhor gênero de música.

  38. Kaleb Oveson

    Iamsu looks like bash.... wiz’s son

  39. Rasheed Shepherd

    Iamsu ft southsidesu need to happen soon that a be a banger richcity...

  40. Karmiie Studios


  41. Aaron Begay

    Fuck the West Side. It's all about ESD99.

  42. Aaron Begay

    The new rappers now days all suck at rappin, mostly 21savage, and lil Yachty and more. But mostly 21 Savage.

  43. Aaron Begay

    Fuck who ever owns YouTube and YouTube:Red too many buffering too frustratement.

  44. Lilnootsacks

    the reason sue is different then these other rappers is because he didn't sell his soul

  45. Bass Bang Music

    Should have been in GTAV

  46. Dwight Goss

    Wiz killed this song for iamsu

  47. Jorge Qu

    Damn waiting for E-40 to drop a verse!!

  48. Philip Lopez

    3:27 East coast niggas don't know what to do when they come to the bay area Lol

  49. INDX

    I fw these type of songs which also include 'Bout Me' or 'Do It Big', that kinda sound fye if you know what I mean

  50. Raffy V

    video in the SFV tho👌🏿818

  51. katherine rizet

    Is that roach gigz in the video too

  52. Francisco Fajardo

    is going up!!! bangs!!!

  53. Dean Campz

    The way khalifa jus jumps in 🔥

  54. Tyler j

    what park is that?

  55. Ninja Brandon


  56. Tyler j

    Right to it iamsu. GOOD SHIT

  57. Jhon Smith

    How is weak ass rappers wearing sweatshirts and hoodies and hats in the middle of the desert fucking retards skinny ass while you pound soaking wet stupid motherfuckers

  58. BokeyBoii 407

    That beat is nasty 💯🔥

  59. iTz_ThugLife__ All The Way

    y do people put thumbs down these rappers make the beat knock and they got bars that make u wanna go hyphy

  60. Alex Heap4800

    School days nigga

  61. Angel Juarez

    drop a album 2017!

  62. jopimp14

    switch the lango up so they can't understand!!!!

  63. westside slap


  64. deandrew Walker

    young iamsu rep that richtown where we get down! like da hustla say mane!!

  65. Wyatt A

    blurry as shieeett

  66. Michael Mugo

    Wiz wit them baby groot locks

  67. FatKat17708

    This shit still slapp

  68. Tee Money

    Tee money from tha RICH don't talk to me...talk to ya bitch. ' ?

  69. Tee Money

    You the one analyzing his moves.? who's feminine now.? you checking him out bruh. ? he probably thrust it in your beezy. I could too we macking ass pimps from tha RICH. can't resist us.? mad cuz our hips thrust and pound hard right into your chick. get it juicy.? all day I make my girl squirt with these hips. ruin beds type fucking.

  70. Tee Money

    Iam su dances around fake weak ass fuckboiz. hey y'all that's called bay area swag. can't help but have the flavor trust me your girl like it..

  71. Drewbert 420


  72. Javier Mendoza

    bunk. sounds better on cypress hill lol

  73. Mike Lopez

    Gotta love them

  74. glass half full of whatever

    i like this song and some others from him, but they must have run short of funds making this vid though...

  75. Marcos Melo


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    Is That Roach Gigz?

    Natalie Myers

    Ghbvcgg Fvbnnjjnn I was wondering the same thing

    Daniel Gallardo

    yee! they do all kinds of work together

  77. thumbs down


  78. Eliseo Garcia

    iamsu needs to go away his music is trash forever.

    b kay

    Yeah that's why ur watching his video. I bet your bitch ass listens to souljah boy and drake.

    Slow Burns


  79. Ryan Shaughnessy

    im stoned listening to this and it took 10 years to pack another bowl! =',D

    angel solorio

    Ryan Shaughnessy same

    Eric Sr

    Man it be like that sometimes lol then you catch on to it and be like ..dam I'm trippin I'm still not done packing it or rolling it up lol

    Wa just stuck listening to the song lol
    Enjoy the cloud my fellow weed smoking fam lol

  80. jazmin buenrostro

    Turnt as fuck

  81. Angel Monroy

    And I don't give fuck

  82. harsh shah

    gangsta bits . WIZ u killed it man

  83. DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    Wiz saved this

  84. dopeboyy209

    los rakas ft berner roll up

    Donald Baird

    dope boyy209 Yeah they sampled this song.

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    wiz can spit fire all day

  86. Austin

    if you aint got subs gtfo

  87. Broke Poor Asian Kid

    What does it say at 0:00

    Joey Alvarez

    It says "the invasion"


    it says ' '

  88. kevin krucker

    reminds me of 2013 sideshows.. fuckin smackin

  89. Q Q

    iamsu's songs are hella cool

  90. Vincent Abarca


  91. Raffaele Perna

    wiz looks high as fuck tgod for ever I been riding for long time now 100

  92. April S

    which way is it going again?

    Itz Phillip

    It's goin up

    carlos juan

    April S


    April S hahaha🤣🤣🤣😂

  93. Sammy Lutman

    damn Suzy and wiz really killed it together theny sound almost as natural as snoop and wiz😊👌👌👌

  94. Music to the People

    Cap and $uzy need to make a tape together thooo
    TGOD x HBK = fire emoji

    Donald Baird

    Music to the People Wait who is cap?

    Tristian Shmurda

    Music to the People That'd b dope!!

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    idioot songs

    Jimmy Cen

    +Maurice Bogie lmao you are nobody homie