Iamsu! - Float Lyrics

Probably never told you this
But baby girl you the shit
You will be my leadin lady
If I wrote a movie script
And I can't, I can't think a way to describe er
The way it makes me feel when I look in yo eyes

When I look in yo eyes it's like swimming pools to yo soul
And Lord knows I can't swim so please help me float
Please help me float, please help me float
And Lord knows I can't swim so please help me float
I said please help me float she said this and I quote
"I pray to God that you love me til you can't love me no more"
I said please help me float she said this and I quote
"I pray to God that you love me til you can't love me no more"

Okay, one time for my lady
One time for her man
Two times for my lady
I do everything that I can

You got that wet wet, make me come home early
Oh yea yea yea and I ain't even scratched the surface
Oh oh, you help me find my purpose uh
I swear you make it worth it uh
Yea, and after all the searchin uh
I think I found the perfect one

[Dolla $ign:]
She got that wet sea world
And I dive in that pussy like shampoo girl
Yea go all the way to the bottom, no scooba
Touch a nigga - move bitch, get out the way like Luda
I hit er with the ruler, I know a little Kamasutra
And my bitch bad so I be glad to hit that coochie
I hit it slow, take my time, man I stroke it
Real nigga can't swim, I'm just tryna keep on floatin

Said when I look in yo eye it's like swimming pools to yo soul
And Lord knows I can't swim so please help me float
I said please help me float she said this and I quote
"Why don't you ever try to see me no more?"

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Iamsu! Float Comments
  1. Alicia Edwards

    "She got that wet sea world and i dive in that..."😰❤❤

  2. Jon Huggins SR

    2019 SHE GOT THAT WET... 💯SEA WORLD 😂😂✌🏾

  3. Shelly Cook

    Thumbs up

  4. Autumn Smith

    Thumbs up if you still listening in 2018 😜

  5. Shakayla Gotell

    my song frl

  6. Green Aminé

    If they didn’t use 6 words in this song it would be perfect

  7. Mike Larry

    that sax at the end is a vibe!!!

  8. Jacob

    Bryson Tiller - No Longer Friends

  9. Steve COLD STONE

    Bryson tiller bring anyone here? Lol


    iI S L A D E iI I swear I was like I heard this sample before ‼️

    Joseph Yanson

    Thought i was the only one lol

    Steve COLD STONE

    KingPetru no longer friends


    Naw tweet brought me her this is her sample

    Sine Cos

    no, heard it on iamsu mixtape before that

  10. Mushawn Knowles

    Where can I find this instrumental?!?! Like this exact one!

  11. Dumara I'm unique

    I pray to god that to be love me till you can't love me no more

  12. Arlene White

    they love me 4 my purpose 2016

  13. chowdermobb

    I knew Ive heard this sample before!! Its Pharaoh Monche- So Good

    Jim Lynah

    chowdermobb tweet-my place

  14. hiley awesome

    Is there any way to get this instrumental

  15. ben dover

    i like this song and i can swim just fine :D

    Najiah Askew

    ben dover your name😭😭

  16. LaShonta Walker

    I play this several times a day 💓🎧👌💖💘💖🎧🎼🎶🎷

  17. Izais Howard

    this has a frank ocean/ odd future vibe

  18. Shania Hughes


  19. Visha Combs

    22:58 ,15.08.15 at Tamarin Bay in Mauritius , Memories 😍🌅❤

  20. Ceola Johnson-Cook

    I like that tweet part in da background

  21. Kameron Caldwell

    This is one of my jams...

  22. NalaDejan

    This song sampled Tweet "My Place" single.... That is my jam.

  23. 206CreoleSugar

    I'm O.G. and all about my oldies (Tweet)...but I'll take this one and roll out. <3

  24. brandi s

    love it ive been listening to it all day everyday for the past 2 days.

  25. kellebaby

    my place by tweet in the background is making this slap

  26. ola dioss

    this shit is smooth as fuck!!

  27. PierreT Pruitt

    the sample is from the R&B singer tweet song is called my place look it up

  28. Kiki_Bangz

    Wiz put me on

  29. MizMyMyBarbie


  30. Lisa Cox

    i love this shit!!

  31. Carson Taylor

    I'm fucking my girl to this next chance I get, straight pussy poppin music.

  32. behindthecliche

    That sample is bomb

  33. Jazzmin Stuckey

    Ima cry my bf said he was gonna sing me this but we where fighting an told him just stop. This is so sweet an now I feel bad ;,(

  34. briebull

    I seriously can't stop listening to this

  35. Andrew Brown

    Guitar player smashing who us that. Shout to my boy ty dolla $ign grew up with him

  36. YSL Drae TwoThree

    So who owns dis song dollasign or suzy because it's on both of there new mixtapes

  37. Nicole Maxwell

    Remind me of ma baby and i

  38. Yasmine Scott

    I fucks with this !! Make me feel some type of way

  39. Nathaniel C.

    Terrace Martin and that saxophone.

  40. DawgPound0924

    My gurl listened to the song ... and loved that line :D

  41. Fuad Williams

    She got that WET....... SEAWORLD......and i dive in that pussy like shamu girl! lol that bar is stuck in my head

    Geunna Mack

    Fuad Williams the only reason I’m here! 😂

  42. AngelM109

    "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh !"

  43. Samuel Adams

    Dope Shyt!!!

  44. China Salina

    This song tho😍

  45. Emeritus Pickens

    Good Shit

  46. ChaChaWitYa

    Dolla $ign can get it

  47. WtfIsADamnUsername

    Dom needs to be on this!

  48. Shaee Imani

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ my two favorites,!!!!!!

  49. Austin Courtright

    Fuck yea.!

  50. chocolatebearwa

    Fucks with this tough

  51. Karina Sanchez

    doppppeeee <$

  52. Karina Sanchez

    please help me float

  53. ladyley96

    Dope shit..

  54. Yung Jaz

    my favorite song right now my nigga this tape on heavy rotation

  55. Yan Kiyda

    Lovin' this song <3

  56. Guns4ndroses

    I love this shit