Iamsu! - Father God Lyrics

True story
Real life
Bout this life
Bout this life
Bout this life
Yea, yea

[Verse 1:]
I'm not a king, bitch I'm a villain
Real busy nigga from my appealin
I told my homies let me lead the way
I pray to God I see another day
I'm 23 and born like 23
In every other month I make like 10 at least
Spend this my receipts, tell it fell deep
Recent line at least with my dinner sweet
Fuck a thousand dollars I spend that on snitch
Fuck a thousand dollars I spend that on drinks
These niggas never felt no hunger peedy
I used to steal food to fill my dinner plate
Where I'm from people dyin every day
Doin what they can, they try to make a way
Where I'm from people dyin every day
Doin what they can, they try to make a way

Bout this life
Bout this life
Now let us pray
Now let us pray
Uh uh
Said bout here life
Let us pray
Father God, let us see another day
Now bout this life
Let us pray
Father God, let us see another day

[Verse 2:]
I could go a whole lifetime without yo co-sign uh
Cause I write dope lines
Dopper than coke lines
I've been here for the whole time
I ain't never had no time to sit
So homie, it's go time
And I can't make no promises
'Cause it's all about the almighty dollar
Came from the land of the lost and forgotten
Drink to niggas that be started from the bottom
But you dig a little deeper, in the spot the way you found us
Bottles in the club and see me steady grindin
Came up from the bottom of the bottom tryna come up
Young king, I don't want my head cut off
People like Frany when the brake let off
Placin my vote that I never turned as you know
Touch a black op pop some adivle ladible
Price of success to my homies I never thought Tricy was truly a matter of fact
Stuntin them racks, hopin off stages across the globe
Learning bout things only God should know
Steadily stackin my broccoli though, watch me though

Pimp shit on these niggas
Too dumb all these hoes
Stackin up my bills
Countin all this dough

And these things that came from rap
You better get that through your skull
I'm a eat until I'm full, I'm shinin on you, never dull it aye

Bout here really
Bout here really
Now let us pray
Now let us pray
Bout here really
Bout here really
Let us pray, let us pray
Father God, let me see another day
Bout here really
Bout here really
Let us pray, let us pray
Father God, let me see another day

Have mercy on my soul
But really I'll turn up
Have mercy on my soul

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Iamsu! Father God Comments
  1. Fustin Arazier

    Still slapping this shit

  2. TragicHappiness94

    75k Views only??? These kids today don't know what greatness is smh

    Keven Bouthillier

    Because lil pump is a best rapper ever 😂😂😂😂😂 nahhh is a fucking shit back in the days tha kids like a gangsta music a thug music today the kids like a fucking gay music 👌

  3. The Rougarou

    This the most fire beat

    RIP George Smith

    Wonder Bread Zzzlept on

  4. Joel Portillo

    hbk da gang

  5. Joel Portillo

    hbk da gang

  6. Dj Christian

    bruh 2017 and still slapping this bruh

    Nightmare Nightmare

    Dj Christian's Life yup music Is timeless

    Victor Aguero

    Dj Christian 2018

  7. Lala Bryant

    😎👌2015 Still listening 😍🔥🎶

  8. Ernie G

    Been bumpin his shit since 2011

  9. Nick Hutcherson

    This beat is fuckin sick

  10. consdilhindustani

    Wait, I don't see any triangles so it's all good. Illumimati? Where? LMFAO pimppappi go back to your job licking windows on the short bus! (Obviously that's the only place you can get a job, since you can't spell for shit!) :P

  11. Ricky Porter

    He got off but he really didnt rip this...

  12. dmarbray

    You niggas are dumb thinking ancient Egyptians believed in the devil them niggas where on earth way before your god and your Satan was ever thought of no ancient Egyptian symbol has to do anything with your religion you dumb brainwashed ass niggas

  13. Michael Parlapiano

    dont matter what he says or believes- he's a god himself

  14. Mic Cromez

    Pimppappi702, one day you will realize we ALL are equally in touch with God. Whether you look up and believe he is there, or someone looks left and thinks hes there. Its the same idea and is all perception. We will all be in hell, where you realize Satan and God were ideas with tainted intentions and you never put your book down and found "God" through yourself

    now dont call Su a Faggot

  15. blake noxon

    youre so stupid

  16. FK YU

    fuck weak mill i never slapped one song by that foo not one full song SU all day!

  17. sm37skater

    been slapping iamsu since 2010, whoever came cause of meek is just late -.-

  18. Nick Wade

    @georgeclinton, Damn i remember back in 09 when suzy was just a bay name, bumpin igloo and yamaha. But now nigga on mtv, the radio and doin shows around da country. #Niggamakinit

  19. Larson Lab Media

    Everyone here from meek. Fuck u. Su has been gassin for that last year. Check his older shit too and see why this nigga the hottest in the game

  20. Goul Really

    Me: is there anything you can't do suzy ?
    iamsu: I CAN'T FAIL THE BAY

  21. Steven 2.0

    HBK gang !!

  22. Allen Serrano

    Go hard

  23. zack small

    Really killin shit thoo

  24. Nate .Hendrix

    Hot as fuck

  25. thizzboii

    hbk fuck wit it

  26. JayHunnnit

    Drake told niggas that he started from the bottom, but if you dig a lil deeper then that's prolly where you find us.

  27. CaliWorldSwag

    HBK & you know how we play

  28. kevin vasquez

    fuck that nigga meek millz,can't spit for shit

  29. ion Kare

    BEEN fuckin wit Suzy, and no nigga, meek didn't sent me #HBKGANG

  30. E-MAN

    I feel proud for bruh.. he earned the attention he gettin.

  31. Noah Lobo

    Yung Mac Dre , Reppin The Bay ! , Young Suzy One Of The Hardest Mc's Out There #HBK All Day !

  32. PMac DH

    Wow second verse was fire bruh!! Drake said he started from the bottom but if u dig uh lil deeper that's probly were u find uz!!
    Niggas sayin that's a diss there dum as fuck lol

  33. El650Jefe

    why is every comment saying this? Is there a video or did he post it on twitter? And is it meek mill or someone else?

  34. NaturallyMel

    that beat tho!

  35. dream guru

    wtf bruh! You think thats the song that made him big?? wooow

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    Meek sent a nigga

  37. Jay Martinez

    I Ball Like 23

  38. Norman Stone

    Susie for president

  39. omardagoon

    Meek sent me

  40. Cino Sosa

    i thought he was just a one hit song type nigga w that whose booty is it but he got bars n flow.

  41. roseaboveall11

    I'm just a imasu! Fan

  42. Blaxk Barbie Who

    Meek posted this song so I had to listen

  43. Jake Shea

    Secrets out, Iamsu has everyone's attention

  44. iLuvMani

    Meek sent me FOLLOW ON IG : @iiLuvManii :)

  45. Yvon Mercier

    Like if meek sent u here

  46. Yvon Mercier

    Meek sent me here lol

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    Watching it because of Meek

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