Iamsu! - Back 2 Basics Lyrics

I got dealer plates, real estate
Yeah it's a process for me
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

All the feng shui right in the function
Walk in the building get in jumpin'
My girl got swag and plus she dumb thick
I'm 'bout that cash, fuck all that dumb shit
It's lit, I'm really feelin' great
My whip got dealer plates
I'm buyin' real estate
My mama say I'm blessed
My granny lookin' down on me
She know that I'm the best
Don't button shit when I get dressed
I let that shit show
Weird ass energy, let that shit go
Niggas might freestyle but ain't shit free ho
This that plug talk, what up Migo?
Yeah, and I think this was the flow that they was mad at, yeah
I start all the trends but don't get credit, yeah
Money on my brain I got a headache, yeah
Money on my brain I need a medic, yeah

Yeah, yeah
Right back to the basics
Right back to the basics
Ten stacks for my bracelet
Ten stacks for my bracelet

I never let a groupie play me like I'm Goofy
Gucci Gladiators on me call 'em [?]
I just pressed a button, now I'm goin' roofless
Knew this was a hit before I hit exclusive
Milli' rock on stage, watch them bitches go
Forty on my neck, thirty for a show
So come and shack with me this house gon' be Monopoly
HBK the team I split the cream with my regime
Half a million be Heartbreak hollering
Stupid, silly, mainy, yadadamean
My bitch is on [?] slicker than some oil
I don't trust you niggas far as I can throw you
Yeah, and I think this was the flow that they got mad at, yeah
My Porsche don't come in automatic, yeah
We gon' hit the club like "Where the bag at? ", Yeah
It's money on the table we gon' grab it
Let's get it

Yeah, yeah
Right back to the basics
Right back to the basics
Ten stacks for my bracelet
Ten stacks for my bracelet

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Iamsu! Back 2 Basics Comments
  1. carlos miranda

    Anyone know his name 50 likes=reveals name

  2. Fermin Lopez

    Shit slaps still on this banger till this day 🔥🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. i_overstand510

    Ayy cordo

  4. MetaTie1

    they sleep on iamsu i been fuccin wit his music for a while now his flow is better then alotta rappers shits crazy. Keep doin yo shits SU!

  5. Bam508 Bam

    Suzy the legal plug

  6. Bam508 Bam

    Idc who anybody favorite rapper is....iamsu is the best rolemodel...he made a whole record label app n clothing company. Generations of suzys will be rich to come
    Mark my words some day i will SMOKE A BLUNT WITH THIS MAN

  7. nana Sexy

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎶🎵🎵been one of the best from Cali omg I 💞💞💝💝💝iamsu my bby he be gassing n speaking real shit which now & days rappers are not doin

  8. Royal Hits


  9. Gonzalo Robles

    Keep sleeping

  10. Gonzalo Robles

    Favorite rapper

  11. Gonzalo Robles

    Weird ass energy let that shit go

  12. DJBob | DeeJayBob

    dope track... must be played! www.facebook.com/djbob.de

  13. William Zeier

    Oooooooo weeeeee! 👀
    This the 🎟!

  14. MURMIN

    You're fuckin deaf if you think this sounds like old iamsu. Go listen to mda or at least one of his previous tracks before ya'll wanna jump on the bandwagon. This is a joke

  15. CaliMac 831

    This song makes me want to study for my drug test...

  16. ben


  17. vegangirl0415

    Su got hella East coast love. 508 MA

  18. vegangirl0415

    Fuck every dislike and hater. Su evolving and his flows and bars have more depth than before. He is showing us all he is more than just the hyphy/gas wave

  19. Trill Bill

    Brings back memories from (Suzy 6 speed)

  20. RiskyPlays

    YO, i used to listen to all the old iamsu, you fell off hard bruh... wtf is this shit, it's alright but damn son, go back to the old iamsu " go crazy, mobbin, goin up, only that real, I love my squad, Father god, Rep that gang, 100 Grand, Bag a beach " all those songs plus way more i didn't even name, 3 years ago iamsu was the best, your shit was straight bangers bro, and i know that you know exactly what i am talking about bro.... bring back the old iamsu for god sake you were my most favorite rapper and you fell off bruh and if you don't think you were better back then, go on all your HBK videos from 3-4 years ago, check them views bro, MILLIONS, look at your songs now, barely over a 100k..... i'm telling you bro we need that original fucking iamsu back my dude. everyone would go crazy on that shit, #BRINGBACKTHEOLDSUZY6SPEED

    Yo Ma

    GodChrist u a lame bro.


    you a fucking lame, bounce bitch

    Yo Ma

    GodChrist that's what I told ya mama after I busted in her ass


    Nah he didn't fall off bro. This video/song is meant to be a joke. He made this to point at the fact that the majority of new hip-hop/rap is bullshit made by (mostly) talentless artists and takes little effort.

  21. King Looney24

    The song in the beginning went in 📝

  22. Tyler J.

    Iamsu deserves more recognition, share with friends/family y'all

  23. Pastor 2LiterJay ForTheReal World-Wide Hoodstar

    what song is that at beginning

  24. Amelia Bop

    How is that all the views it has?!?

  25. GBody Rob

    Ayyyyyyyyye I feel like going hella dumb!!!! Bay areaaaaaaaaaa bitch!

  26. MeshaKelis

    " I can't lose " is the first song 🔥

  27. alex fuentes

    This foo used to be famous asf in the west



  29. Marinez Ocampo

    b n c n B grenn blk

  30. Juan Moreno


  31. norris parker

    Can we vote him in for the FRESHman cypher??

  32. Mr Dough hunter

    I been waiting for one ☝️ HBK gang

  33. nana56190

    1000 dollar belt just to keep my pants up 💯

  34. Just Bizarre

    Go head Su!

  35. Ce Vdw

    Im just here so marshawn lynch doesnt get fined

  36. Douglas Cordova


  37. Batman The Dark Knight

    If it weren't for iamsu I wouldn't have ever known the bay area made rap nor I would've known of mac Dre

  38. D R

    Running up ah check shit

  39. D R

    But what's the first song doe

    Joshua Barrow

    I cant lose ft 24 hrs

    Joshua Barrow

    It goes hard too

  40. Brian Ramos

    Stupid silly mainey yadada I mean

  41. for ever

    he did some sucka shit on tha bart @dreamguru

  42. Kenny Kong

    Where the instrumental at so we can have a bak2the basic challenge

    Marion Callahan

    Kenny Kong you can never find one of the instrumentals to his songs no one put them out I've been looking for years

    Marion Callahan

    Kenny Kong but that would be a dope challenge

  43. Joe Bueno

    Low budget- I expect more as always, concept was right but Beat was super duper hella garbosh. Next please, HBK Gang please, old Afro flo please, tell my dude Kool John that hair is not it tho - just get back to the "basics" fuck sakes

  44. Adrian

    Damn how many views iamsu lost 🤦🏽‍♂️ crazy thing is he's been making straight slaps.

  45. angelo portacio

    Don't stop get it get it Suzy

  46. tONY hoe

    beginning song please!? <3<3

  47. Carlos Petty

    that shit go on crip

  48. Carlos Petty

    aye oook

  49. Geoff Brown

    This year for iamsu reminds me of when lil wayne just couldnt stop dropping heat like 2006 2007 . Keep cutting these niggas heads off su!!!!!!

  50. Trapped

    Been rocki. With su for a year or two maybe more but bro never dissapoint! So under rated 💯

  51. bosh G

    That boy working

  52. Michael Ruiz

    Stupid slap🔥

  53. Lizzzy Meitzler

    Hell yea
    YEE ! Go Young SU

  54. Jesse Lacewell

    Kendrick and suzy are so opposite spectrums its funny hearing em put together...

  55. Jesse Lacewell

    Suzy six chesties

  56. Rasta Ray 707

    So when I seen Suzy at the Rose Gardens he was shooting a video and I was there with my fam blowin some cookies. Nice. Baydestrians Rise To Royalty

    Shane August

    why he so god damn fat now?

  57. abuhnay ah3

    He's crazy 🔥

  58. Yung Steelo

    Iamsu gained hella weight lmao

  59. Martin Ramos


    K L

    Martin Ramos sob rbe got some heat too


    fireeeee like always¡¡¡¡¡
    hot beatsss on my channel¡

  61. Simon Kaniu

    Only one way Keep Goin Up Su 🔥🔥

  62. Little City Livin

    ooooweeee , another slapper!!!

  63. Hector Mares


  64. elton appie


  65. Andrew Ashford

    Half a milli really?

  66. Kota Kidd

    $uzy & Chachi run the rap game

  67. will.

    dare i say it, this feel like the one. i see you suzy

  68. christian stroude

    This is 🔥. Gah damn

  69. Axe Corona

    🔥🔥🔥🔥This that old su flow

  70. for ever

    ps......fuck jay ant kool john gucci tho......

    dream guru

    for ever why tho lol

  71. for ever


  72. Michael Hernandez

    Man fn suzie ha straight slaying it

  73. Dan.K Trimminallday

    He said ah Milly every Halloween 💪💪

  74. Konnor Tull

    "Knew this was a hit before I hit exclusive"

  75. *Littallday Morgan Hill*

    keep going Su!u always putting out slappers more power to u✌out n

  76. Tre Miller

    This fire Suzy!

  77. RedWrath Karu

    I liked this video within the first few seconds because I already knew it was going to be dope and it was. Also that look you have the camera was 😍😍

  78. Zay James

    I'm sorry this shit slap

  79. SAW9

    Flow is on point!!!

  80. Much Love Matt

    Only one way!

  81. Hamid Ahmed

    Who bumpin to this 🔥

  82. Gerardo 650

    Keep it up iamsu🔥🔥🔥

  83. Langston DMV


  84. Xavier Sanders

    HBK represent🙏🏾✊🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Smokey Brr


  86. Puro Michoacan

    fuckin slapper straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    yes bee

    Solano County 707 you already know solanooooooo

  87. KingJoJo

    My favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar.......

    But can y'all please stop sleeping on Iamsu!?

    T. Shelton

    KingJo Jo Kendrick and Iamsu been my top. Tory, Mozzy, Tee Grizzley in my top 5 as well in terms of natural talent


    he has been slept on for years lol

    Michael Torres

    Yall sleeping on Montana of 300 tho he's definitely in my top

    Michael Drinker

    KingJo Jo
    Who's that


    Michael Drinker are u stupid?

  88. Amboy Philippines

    This some heat

  89. 5200

    intro song?


    Iamsu - I can't lose ft. 24 hrs


    Daniel Pena thanks, i heard it before just couldn't remember

  90. RC Saucy

    It's a process ya feel me 🔥🔥