Iamsu! - 5th Wheel Lyrics

These niggas won't hold me back
These niggas won't hold me back
Check your sources check your facts
You lames get no respect
In wrap I pull up in that extra black
Baddest bitch right next to that
Driver seat she ride with me
I probably won't text her back
Writing on my iPad, stunting on your jive ads
Niggas broke down on the road, I just drive past
Extra slow, extra smoke, these niggas is extra broke
All about my green so I always eat my vegetables
It's that extra special flow, young extraterrestrial
Young but I'm professional, don't believe me, stress with no
Hbk this gang I'm so dangerous with all these chains I blow
Don't chip off no wrist, because these hoes is interchangeable
They know me every place I go, I be on vacation
So much like I'm retired man
I'm higher than a plane could go
Cliché I know, may I go, more in debt, stucy sweats
Gold teeth, Olympic 6's, I don't taking winning steps
I been a threat, since the 6th grade,
Niggas get paid in the rich, moved out, but I still remember it
Too legit, hammer time, puff hat, camouflage
Run the game, damn I'm tired, turn me up, amplifier
Hotter than a camping fire,
Cannabis to mary bilge, plenty
Giving fashion tips, slim fits, over skinnies
I don't wear no griffied, yeah I got a afro
Like the black folk in the 60's
Tell me if you with me, maybe we go further
Eating niggas beefing, I ain't never had no burger
Waiting on that merger, fin to get that cake
All these hoes screaming for me like a nigga drake
Niggas hating on me, they act like a nigga fake
See a nigga eating, try to steal off of my plate

My feet clear coming
Drop down, riding round, everyday I hold it down
We don't do no fronting, now no baking on my drive now
Drop down, riding round, everyday I hold it down
We don't do no fronting, now no baking on my stop now.

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