iAmJakeHill - Office Work, Pt. 2 Lyrics

9 AM, gotta clock in
New job new place, everything is going great
And what about Jennifer? started her own business
Had a rough start but I gave her my forgiveness
Man, what the heck was my problem?
Uh, laughing to myself while I'm pouring up my coffee
Pulling out the driveway, cruising on the highway
Coffee on my sweater, aw man! But it's friday

-Jake, how are you? I'm late
-It's fine
-I'm gonna get those papers up to date
-It's fine
-You told me that when we were face to face
-It's fine
-I promise I'll be picking up my pace
-It's fine you rascal just don't make a habit of it
-I won't

Keep the work up
I'm proud of all you guys 'cause every time I come up in here
All your work is done on time
And if you wanna ask me questions 'bout the weekend, have my blessing
I would love to hear about your kids and their piano lessons
I just wanna be the greatest boss that I was meant to be
And if I'm in office and you wanna chat it's fine with me
And there's lot of topics we can talk about to take the edge off
I know that work can get you down at times so talk my head off
And Lisa, how about you order us some pizza?
Use the business card I'm sure that everybody'd eat some
And David that letters going great you need to save it
You been hard at work all day just need to take a break and
I'm thinkin' we should all relax and just turn on some music
We've had a very busy week, I'm sure we'd all could use it

But anyways I'm sure you're all excited for the meeting
New C.E.O I sure as heck can't wait to meet him
And Jackie, you're the one that always looks so happy
I love to see your smiling face whenever you walk past me
And Shane, your son played a really good game
I hope he makes the captain if he didn't it'd be a shame
I've never had the chance to have a crew like you before
I'll be in my office, gotta finish those reports

-How's it going guys, everything looking great?
-Yeah! want some M&M's?
-No thanks, already ate. Hey Mike
-Don't leave until you get those papers right
-I'm on it
-By the way that suit you're wearing looks mighty tight
-Rocky, why don't you go an stock up on some coffee?
The pot is running low, we don't need everybody groggy
And Glenda, you're the one that uses all the splenda
Slow it down would you? Before you turn into a pack of splenda

[Lil' Pinecone:]
Y'all bitches ain't shit
Pop a motherfuckin' clip
C.E.O. up in this bitch
All these hoes upon my dick
I just drunk two cups of lean
Actin' stupid, fuck you mean?
I'm a real O.G
I been smokin' all that green
Pinecone is my name (it is)
Pinecone is my gang (woo)
Run up on me in the street
You ain't gon' be the same
I'ma shoot yo' mama in the mouth
And rob yo' fuckin' aunt
All you bitches lookin' at me like
You think this shit is funny

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iAmJakeHill Office Work, Pt. 2 Comments
  1. iSimply Wolf

    Brooo this should be made into a video XD

  2. tsm_jack_a_boi

    This ain't even a song! Love it!

  3. Marc Esparza

    This is so fucking good on so many levels LOL

  4. Sir Complex

    2019 anyone?

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    I don't usually like rap, but this is dope


    We need some videoclips of all these

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    Dude I wanna make music but don't know we're to start

  8. swagninja

    Rip subwhoofer, had the bass booster on

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    Is this that building that burnt down? That cathedral or whatever?

  10. Fabian Borjon

    My name Leonard Pike... L I N (lmfao wtf) 😂

  11. Eunique Rauls

    Can you make a video of this

  12. SlammedHemi

    That girls laugh gets me everytime 😂

  13. metal mania21

    beat slapped so hard my neck bruised

  14. Cody the white guy

    Darude Sandstorm, great songs bro

  15. Xiang White

    I couldn't stop smiling when Lil pinecone started rapping fire

  16. MrSourPatchKidz

    you’re such a great and funny artist, i love how diverse you are with your music! thanks for doing what you do, you’re an inspiration to us all i hope to be as great of an artist as you some day

  17. A.D.I.

    I loved lil dicky but god damn your humourous tracks... he's got some competition!

  18. Beast_Clay


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    Need an Office Work 3 with Lil Pinecone running the company.

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    U should do a parody

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    1:31 fucking darude sandstorm
    nice touch jake

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    He needs to make a music video out of this

  23. elaine

    You can make a song outta anything huh? -.- xD

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    I would love to see the music video for this when you blow up

  25. Adil K

    For any of you wondering, the song name was darude sandstorm.

    dead memes are lovely
    Edit: lmaooooo when lil pinecone came in I diedd

  26. Zeo Dark

    This is so fucking good

  27. Izzy Petersen

    2017 anyone?

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    Love the "whats the name of this song" meme that was slid in there lol

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    Damn ,it's Perfect Music [email protected]

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    Top 10 anime betrayals

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    You sound like Obama

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    bruh that's Darude sandstorm. your workers are idiots

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    How is u not totally famous yet m8 I hate how the talented people get over shadowed

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  46. Isaac Vaughn


  47. Extoxico

    I didn't had a favorite rapper until I heard ur pewdiepie outro and came to ur channel good shit bro can't wait untill u get to the top

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    i love your fucking jokes in the videos

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    your stuff is dope dude keep going real tralk from MTL

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    Damn dude I'm loving you and Lil Pinecone you guys can setup to take down Lil Dicky! Keep it up!

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    Alein FromEarth

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    Nyairh Allen

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    maybe one day

    Jesus Cantu

    iAmJakeHill whoo!


    Swing by San Antonio TX as well.

    Juan Cruz

    yea come by Texas willing to drive to see u live

    You're right, but

    Jesus Cantu Texas

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    Dude You're gonna get big in no time. Good luck



    Christian Harris

    It's true

    Shadow Assasin

    2years later, still underrated

    Tyler Moses

    @Shadow Assasin 3 years later, he's got his tour, he's not huge- but he deserves it, and he's my favorite, him and Josh. They're amazing, and they deserve all the good things they got comin' for them

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    Joshua 47

    iAmJakeHill You're killing it.
    And I love the way you're heading.
    You aren't a sellout, I love that, you're just a real guy rapping.

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