iAmJakeHill - I Miss The Old Ethan Lyrics

I miss the old Ethan, straight from Israel Ethan
Showin them rolls Ethan, set on his goals Ethan
I hate the new Ethan, the Vape dude Ethan
Be always rude Ethan, beefin' with Youtube Ethan
I miss the sweet Ethan, making them memes Ethan
I gotta to say at that time I'd like to meet Ethan
See I invented Ethan, wasn't even any Ethan's
And now I look and look around and it's so many Ethan's
I used to love Ethan, I used to love Ethan
I even had that blue beanie, I thought I was Ethan
What if Ethan made a song about Ethan
Called "I Miss The Old Ethan," man that would be so Ethan
That's all it was Ethan, we still love Ethan
And I know I love you like Ethan loves Hila

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