iAmJakeHill - Coke Lyrics

Pulling out the drive way
Got her lookin at me sideways
I just really want some coke
Not the drug but the drink
And you know
What I'm meaning
When I'm saying I been feigning
Got the coke sign tatted on her back side
My baby coked out and she damn fine
Got me sweatin in the shower thinking about her
I just wanna give it to her
Lemme get a minute just to think about it
I can't live without it
Gotta get it and you know this
Pouring up the coke while I wrote this
I feel it in my blood I know I'm hopeless
Feel a rush for a minute now, I'm Cokeless
Got it heavy, on my brain
I just need a get away from the pain
Take a sip, got the fizz on my nose
I just really need a break from the name

And you got it, you got it, know that I'm bout it
I got that money if you showin that product
And you got it, you got it, know that I'm bout it
I got that money if you showing that product

Give it to me now, gotta get it know, I'm on the prowl
Never gave a fuck about a motherfucking problem
If you need the bands come and get it
Cause I got em
Never need a Zan
Cause the Coke got me smiling
Driving down the road with the coke in my soul
With the glass gripped tight and it never get old
Living low, for the night
Know its wrong but it feel right
Got me pouring up my cup 'til the sunlight
I know I've been distant
I been keepin to myself just me and my liquid
Girlfriends don't exist
Friendships gone stale
Put the bottle to my lips, I miss it
Lookin at my old texts
How stupid could I be to trade a bottle for a Rolex
Was it worth it, maybe I deserve it
Head held low and the bottle got me swerving
No Pepsi, you don't wanna test me
Allergic to the red, white, blue, God bless me
Keep it real, I'm just showing how I feel
All I need is that drink, and I never need a pill no
Last night drank like 12 cups
I know I can't stop cause the sugar got me stuck
I keep high hopes but I hope its enough
And the coke got me up but I'm down on my luck
I fell in love there was nothing I could do about it
Thought I had it in me but I cannot live without it
I see it in my dreams and it seems that it means
That I need it, I just wanna leave it
So this is where we are now
Got me staring at the sky with my guard down
I need a fucking sign cause I'm sick of this
Staring at the can fuck it I'ma take a sip it

I fell in love there was nothing I could do about it
But its all on me, its all on me, its all on me
I fell in love there was nothing I could do about it

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iAmJakeHill Coke Comments
  1. Sam SoSavage

    true ass song man. enjoyed every 10 plays bahaha. this to now....bruh you still got the juice :D proud of you man. you deserve all the success coming your way. #stay-raw

  2. Rad Noodle

    This is the first time i find out about jake

  3. SneakZ

    Song speaks man...Highkey one of my favorites right now

  4. Reece

    I like dick in my ass

  5. PattyCF

    Can you please do another one of these. Its so good.

  6. Tox-iceity

    this song is lit

  7. FrostBreath

    i accidentally tapped unsubscribe and my heart skipped a beat.

  8. Andrew Guerrero

    Tbh could be really applicable to alcoholism

  9. Kodah Smith

    Have you ever done any freestyles? I'd be legitimately interested in hearing them


    nah I'm garbage at freestyling

  10. Manny Ratcliffe

    your sick graet beat when you blow up dont change

  11. Toke Asaurus420

    why this dude in h3h3 sub box?

  12. Mason Reynolds

    how do you make the beats for your songs?


    He doesn't. He finds free beats. The producer is in the title.

  13. Abyss Watchers

    yo I just wanted to say that i just found your channel. watched all your videos and I think your amazing, keep up the good work.


    thanks so much man

  14. Septimus - Aidan

    This is sick ❤️

  15. The Light

    Man, you needa find more ways to get recognition!


    yeah it's definitely not easy

    The Light

    +DJBOOTYBUTT What's your plans for the meanwhile


    more muuuusic

    Matt C

    I personally think hes talented enough to just chill and wait for them to come lol

  16. googletranslate

    You're really talented. I get a samurai champloo vibes from this song

  17. Cory Harmon

    h3h3 led me here.....I love it when a channel I don't really watch but once a month brings me to new amazing artists

  18. TheFancyPlatypus

    Every day when I wake up I pray that your songs are on Spotify or iTunes, they are seriously dope as fuck


    lol my ep will be everywhere since the beats are getting made for me


    +DJBOOTYBUTT better hurry fam

  19. Victoria Zulca

    I love your style and how much it adds to the song! Never change your style to fit in, this different is so good :D

  20. Connor Bell

    you took it in another direction but I think that is what makes your music so great and different, it'll be why you blow up


    ty bruv

  21. Akudem

    holy shit ya good

  22. Mitchell Woodry

    This is gold dude. You are so talented!


    thanks man

  23. NileRed

    Hey man, I also sent you a message, so I hope I'm not harassing you. Would you be able to make a song for me?


    possibly. lemme check

    Truman Yingling

    You lucky😂 love this man Jakes music broo❤

  24. Nebula

    Yo you going to be big this shit is fire


    ty bruv we'll see

  25. Abdul Haseeb

    Where is Itunes link? 😞

  26. Elizabeth Wallace

    Your fans demand another song! DJ Bootybutt is better than Kanye!

  27. aarborN

    Can you please reply to this? In a few months I want to know that a popular rapper talked to me xD for future reference to myself current subs: ~5000


    hey cutie

  28. Bee tee

    Fire as usual Jake.


    black Tyler ily

  29. Romeo De Reu

    nha man pepsi max is better

  30. Kevin Flynn

    Your Songs are Dope AF first listened to the harambe song

  31. Crungy Spungus

    Jesus you're fast putting these out!

  32. Nathan Dillard

    this shits hella good

  33. SumDude Made This


  34. PoPoSmokedYou

    I was here before he blew up :D

  35. InTheAislesOfAvalon

    This song was actually beautiful.

  36. toxic cowZ

    you this is really random but i accidently synced this song with
    Straight From The Underground the Undertale song by dodger and it was pretty sick at least until dodger started singing later in the song


    Lol fkn dodger

  37. Spencer Swift

    You took this in a direction that I did not expect- but I'm kinda glad that it wasn't an angry rap complaining about the Pepsi


    Yeah weird shit happens when I write haha

  38. SumDude Made This

    shitty producer name and artist. makes sense

  39. Frank Homolka

    with my gaurd down "guard"


    I only made it to 11th grade don't judge me

  40. pvp venoms

    Sick song

  41. Xavier Martinez

    damn this is dope

  42. Indie Indie

    This gives me a blackbear vibe, actually in love with this.


    dude Blackbear is one of my favorites.

  43. Conner Crumbacker

    so good dude

  44. Naerc

    shits poppin fam keep it up

  45. बोतल पानी

    *Who is on vocals?*


    me me me me me

  46. Haagis

    shit's lit yo!

  47. Bob Bobsson

    You manage to have funny lyrics while still sounding like a god while u rap. Dang man u have talent.


    lol thanks man

  48. Lem G

    Do a song about getting really high and going to Walmart.


    Lol what r u fukin gay

    Find A Reason

    That wouldn't be a bad idea


    Lem G I think you’re really high lol

  49. Shawn Sanders

    Cant wait til youre on Spotify

  50. Adrian Quinones

    Amazing work as usual 👏. Keep it up



  51. lilbadwolff

    dang dude bars!

  52. luizitow

    Hell yeah bro, this song is sweet... Good job man 👍🏻

  53. brainman67

    this is so good

  54. ChubssIz

    and I nutted

  55. Small Town Dreamer


  56. Snail

    is Pepsi ok?

  57. Zacktothemax

    Amazing dude

  58. iCrushDreams

    If we hear anything on the radio by Jake, I want it to be "Welcome to My Life", or "Broke Flex"

  59. Ben Gorong

    Your flow is smooth af 👌🔥

  60. Robert Arif

    dank af

  61. Crom Tuise

    Home run after home run. Proud of ya, boi.


    thanks man

  62. Ryan Jack Davies

    how the fuck do you spit fire about a drink?
    you've got real talent man, you're going places. can't wait to be in the video with the snapchats!


    lol thanks man

  63. Skippy Dinglechalk

    Nice song!


    boi I was here from the start

  65. charlie partin

    How are you so good like tf love you bb


    lol thanks dude

  66. Lukas

    it doesnt even matter what u rap it just sounds dope as fuck


    thanks man

  67. X X

    Demmit boi! I am giving you the most descriptive song plot. Just got too drunk at a shady bar and accidentally had sex with a shemale you are not sure if you took it in the butt, but her peginas is bigger than yours so you are pretty damn sure.


    I'm not sure if this will ever be done lmao

    X X

    +DJBOOTYBUTT it's cool but I hope you know as long as I see you have uploaded I will comment this.


    K, I'll think about it

  68. ASpaceGhostFC2C

    You slay this shit every time homie


    thanks man

  69. Minyman Productions

    Do you even sleep?


    ....it"s been a rough two weeks lmao

  70. steve f

    You're SODAmn good!!

  71. Blaine Price

    It's lit

  72. hpb

    keep at it boi this is fire

  73. Abuski

    Dude your shit is awesome, one day you're gonna blow up


    tyty we'll see

  74. Danny Mumbles

    Jake Hill back at it again! probably your biggest fan from Philly right here....just sayin


    lol thanks man come chill with me if I ever make it up there

  75. Sakamoto - San

    Thanks man :) You make it look easy but I know even the silly stuff has your heart in it <3


    aha thanks man

  76. JakeTheHammer

    I'd give you YouTube Gold for this

  77. Unloaded Cheese

    Never a let down <3

  78. Darth Todd

    damn solid singing.


    thanks man

  79. James Rain

    Why are we all awake O.o
    sweet track tho

  80. Sparrowhawk

    Dat classic bootybutt flow :)

  81. Noah Buongiovanni

    literally every song you make is fire af

  82. Logjam

    Hell yea this is awesome

  83. Ethan Jones

    This was sex

  84. SharkByte

    Notif Squad!

  85. PotatoFan51

    hella dope you keep making fire after fire, I am so impressed!


    thanks man

  86. Christian B.

    Should upload stuff to Spinrilla.

  87. Kyle

    Another one , Damn DJBOOTYBUTT you're on fire


    thanks bruv

  88. SoosMD

    OH DAMN! You got them vocals Bruh!

  89. TeamBrownman

    You just keep busting out bangers. Keep it up bro


    thanks man

  90. firetruck boy14

    Also when are you putting your fucking music on iTunes. I would buy it


    SumDude is my official producer for now. He's making beats for me so I'll actually be able to put these on spotify/itunes/etc

  91. firetruck boy14


  92. Manuel R

    Keep up the great work

  93. firetruck boy14


  94. Evan Smith

    just beautiful dude Ur music is always stunning me


    thanks man

  95. Cheeze Me

    Good job man u r pretty damn good

  96. Razar 744

    It's really good but grilled chesse is better jk 😑😑

  97. CurseArtz Music

    Dr pepper ;)