iAmJakeHill - Burn Lyrics

Fuck an apology
I'ma never be sorry
You people lookin' at me funny
What the fuck is your problem?
I take a sip of the poison
Put it back in your face
I'm sick of all of your voices
Tell me how does it taste
You're a waste of space
Always on my case, can I do my own shit?
Will I ever get a break?
I don't need you breathing down my neck
Like you picking up my check
I don't have to please you
I don't wanna be you
Apparently you wanna be me
By the way you treat me
When you see me on the TV don't be tryna get no freebies
You be salty like you seaweed
ATL to Ely
I promise you I'm coming up
And you never believed me

I am so restless I been up for days
I been keeping a checklist of all of the names
Of the people that fucked with me like I was nothing
You bitches ain't shit to me but just a number
The devil is near me pulled up right beside me
Said where you been at I said bitch do not try me
I'm moving up quickly do not answer questions from enemies hiding identities
2 shots for the serpents
Click clack, nervous?
Call 'em when I see 'em pullin' back clear curtains
Laying low but never undercover
Keep my friends close, the foes in the gutter
Switch up
Middle finger you can get fucked
Motherfucker fall back 'fore you misjudge
Under estimate, don't recesitate
Bitch made, pull the gun you hesitate
Switch blade for the ones that spread my name
Mistakes out standing debt to pay
Sick ways outlandish mess you made
Disgrace call a flood get swept away

Furnace is burning I'm quickly
Relearning my heart is all black
And my stomach is churning
The bitch in the back off a pill
She been yearning for dick and a bill
But I'm done with concerning
Fuck your life bitch I'ma spend the night rich
I'ma put it all behind me hope you end up in a ditch
No sympathy for witches, every day business
Yeah I'm soul-less, no forgiveness
I been choking, I been broken
Show you how my life is going
Peace is a far cry
Serendipity, sigh
Jump on the plane look back with a peace sign
Jump in a lane, can't walk in a straight line
Speak on my name 2 face at the same time
Maybe I'm insane but the pain help me rewind
Picking at my brain, not ashamed, I am just fine
To the ones that feel like I do I feel you
I know what it's like to be silenced I hear you
I know what it's like to be broken inside
You just pick up the pieces and fall back in line
I know what it's like to feel short on your time
You got hate in your heart and got death on your mind
You keep your head up but the world push it down
And you searching for someone to just hear you out

I'm a fuckin' mess
Grit my teeth and I grip my chest
Better not pray me for me
I am not safe from me
Wanna hide away but
I can never get away from it

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iAmJakeHill Burn Comments
  1. Shadowz

    I keep think it is the tyler1 diss so i get confused when he isnt saying those lyrics

  2. Cloudee Twitch

    Finally 100k views

  3. OMistG

    GOD I Miss This! Good Times...Jake

  4. Surf Kook

    Tyler 1

  5. Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest

    With your flow man, you have real potential to be one of the greats easily. I can tell your higher self has given you some insane flow and diction

  6. Charmy

    this is sick

  7. Sines lol


  8. Infinity

    Не одного Русского,я удивлён.


    Кто нибудь русский

  10. Братья - Мэлосы

    Кто после люсика? Ставь лайк! Nice

  11. ИллКа

    Там был мат

  12. Evan Rice

    I'm definitely checking yo music out

  13. Evan Rice

    Bro this is the 2nd song I've heard from. Its 🔥🔥

  14. Ryoot

    Tyler 1 can be a violent one...

  15. up up Wiggs

    Keep Killin It Bro..

  16. wee woo

    that like/dislike ratio

  17. Jisatsu


  18. garou

    Up next

  19. Danny Skull

    Bro Your The Best
    Tell Josh A He Is The Best Too

  20. Sleeping Rabbit

    Thank you for always posting lyrics! It means the world to me.

  21. CLARK

    I love you man I relate to what you rap about on a new level just wish these songs were on iTunes

  22. Miisu HD

    I guess god still exists 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  23. Brett Baxter

    Dude you're the proof that you can do anything with effort keep it up big fan

  24. Jmenes TM

    Jake Hill Bro I Need This Instrumental 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Brandon Garmany

    Found you by listing to pink guy radio on spotify, keep this shit up man! FIRE👌

  26. Tom Lindley


  27. drago

    use this picture as your album art, once you get round to dropping that

  28. XavierDoppler

    3 people need a taste in music....

  29. jp pursley

    I found out about you through pewdiepies animation compilation video and I've shown all my friends your music and your just above great!

  30. XavierDoppler

    Jake Hill, I absolutely fucking LOVE your music. It's so well made and really nice, I love it. Keep up the good work :))).

  31. Kvng JJ

    This junk dope

  32. Sherpmax205

    Keep it up your good

  33. Heaven B.

    this deserves way more likes

  34. Bboy Wa

    yo can sumdude make some boombap beats i swear those lyrics are wasted on that trap bullshit

    SumDude Made This

    I make what he asks for so yea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Sub-Zero Productions

    Bboy Wa trap boombap is a waste lyrics on trap beats = good rap

  35. 0_DIABLO666_0


  36. Ayanly25

    I swear to god u will be big one day 👌🏽

  37. danny _

    your fuckin amazing dude 💌

  38. James Burkhardt

    I love the reverb parts, kinda like $uicideboy$

  39. Jmenes TM

    Shit Is Fucking Fire🔥🔥🔥

  40. Jmenes TM

    2 people dont know what real rap is

  41. Qpert

    What do you think about Lil Dicky and did you see his last song the Pillow talk. It reminds me of some of your songs

  42. Pinecone

    This right here is fire 🔥

  43. Straunus

    never disappoint me Jake

  44. maømaøde

    Sumduuuuuude, I can remember how you've made a song about Felix together

  45. Shivero

    What a nice man.

  46. The Soup

    Was expecting "Tyler1 can be a violent one..." haha good stuff man


    lmfao the good shit

    Surf Kook

    Holy shit the most relatable comment 😂

  47. Lasse S


  48. Justin Kirk

    I could see a collab with u and Josh A fr fr. Keep up the good work man!


    Justin Kirk ;)..

  49. deamon203

    That one dislike is someone who can't even spit a sentence to save his life.

  50. kevin Kelb

    That one dislike tho

  51. SumDude Made This

    wait till you hear the new stuff boys

    J 1 G 4 R

    SumDude Made This .........and song starts

  52. K J

    Don't understand the half of this but i love it #French u r my favorite rapper

  53. Leonid Spasov

    Can I ask you some thing? Do you write your own lyrics? Cuz there really fucking good bro.


    yep and ty

    Leonid Spasov

    Yeah dood you're the best
    P.S. Thanks for the lyrics in the description it really helps👌

  54. Peter Griffin

    One of my favs from you

  55. Isaac Vaughn

    Your levels are f*cked up XD But great song. You should remaster some of your older songs


    Isaac Vaughn How do you remaster a song that's already mastered?

    Isaac Vaughn

    omg ur right dude

  56. Second Power

    aye I can sing this song I loved it make more like this

  57. Bush

    who the hell disliked


    heck yeah

    Adrian Galindo

    Your mom

    Remi Kremii

    Adrian Galindo just get out...👉

  58. Safiyyah A

    notice me senpai
    This entire song is fucking lit

  59. Totally Not Me

    me gusta

    Ricky G

    Me encanta

  60. jimakos trelos


  61. Cookieblast210

    Put it on Spotify plzzzzzzz


    its been on spotify for months

    Shshdhdbdbhs Dhdhdhdj

    Cookieblast210 idiot been on spotify for awhile and don't steal my line bitch


    fuck you man i you stole it

  62. Kenny

    Most underrated rapper on youtube.

    You're awesome dude, i hope you get noticed soon


    Kenny Truth

    Guido Annema

    Kenny for me he is already noticed

    H1dY • So2

    Ты попутал что-то?

  63. Merkwey

    could I use your music in a video?

  64. Rose Montgomery

    holy shit

  65. Nico Amaya

    Oh look, someone missed the Like button

  66. Christian Harris

    dbz track. ' coming at you with a kamehameha' ya know

  67. Kallie Games

    can I get a coment from Jake for no fucking reason???:3


    Kallie Games no

  68. Fanboy

    I've missed that sumdude intro

  69. Sembhi

    Hi Jake :-D

  70. Andrew Wilson

    *sees 1 dislike*

    who here ordered an ass kickin?

  71. drago

    I'll never forget the ending fall

  72. shama.d

    you should do more music video even if you say it's cring it could make for some more comedy or if you just wanted to do a serious song i think it would still be cool

  73. Meme De La Woofy

    is this the tyler 1 diss beat?


    Meme De La Woofy Yup

  74. Spyros RA


  75. Jonathan lagos

    I think the reason why you dont blow up infame is cause your song pattern and style is veery repetitive. Its great dont get me wrong, but as someone who has listened to all your songs I think there should be more diversity inside the song, its always the same from beginning to end

    Tasty T

    This is when you know you need a hobby, when your spending time telling people what they should be doing with their careers. The dude is 24 and joined youtube a little over a year ago, he's got time.

    Stream of consciousness

    Krowex Qla I agree with you, I love his style

    Harbinger 0159

    Says that yet subs to GMM who use the same style video for years yet are massive... so please stop


    ill be fine, day ones, ALL OF THE COLLAB ALBUM WITH JOSH A (crazy), Lion, dontitlooklikeimleftoffbadandboujee. thats all i can find


    he gets to the point thats why

  76. vMopheadv

    It's pretty good

  77. LunaKittyRose

    I love it like always Jake, wonderful job....notice me senpaiiii

  78. Pablo Escobar

    isn't this the same beat from the Tyler1 roast?

    Ben Binks

    Pablo Escobar this was first

  79. Kudo TV

    that beat jesus

    Kudo TV

    can´t listen to this as loud as i want cuz the beat is so crazy

  80. Sir Complex

    jake when u releasing the song that I heard in day in the life(first part)it sounded dark af n hella lit bruh...if u see this plz lemme know

  81. くりはらジョシュア

    Hi Jake. :)

  82. Jamie Astill

    such a skillful song dude. p.s I don't find the video cringe worthy.

  83. pa1n

    Yeah I'm like I think I heard this one before

  84. iAmJakeHill

    Re-upload cause the "music video" for this just made me cringe.

    Sub to SumDude and check out the instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Scv1NjP8ioo


    i liked watching it lol but oh well you do you


    iAmJakeHill you pretty much are one of the people that inspired me to rap fast so thank you btw I'm 13 and I can rap pretty fast👍

    Welcome to Hamton!

    iAmJakeHill it's okay. we all feel the same. good choice man.

    Ricky G

    iAmJakeHill tbh I liked the video but the songs still good af so I'm not gonna complain lol


    I wanna see the original😄