iAmJakeHill - Buried Lyrics

It's a beautiful world
That's been corrupted by the greed and hatred
Inhaling and choking on the ashes of a burning nation
Fire in your heart, you're striving for something other
Than treading to the surface of the darkness of the murky water
Manic depressant, you look at death as a blessing
You say fuck the world, fuck morality and life lessons
But hang tight, reach for the sky
Stars only shine in the blackest nights
Stay true, you'll pull through
Gotta walk in the dark to find the light

Slowly dying, the inside no longer in tact
I spit right in the devil's face but then he fires back

You ain't shit, you'll never make it
Numb to the pain, I'm faceless
God help me find the peace of mind
I've been searching for ages
Finally stranded in the sea
Surrounded by my enemies
I just can't break free from the anchors
And the fear that's stopping me
I've been knocked down
I've been knocked out
I came to, then blacked out
Searching for the sunlight
Through an endless sky of grey clouds

I've got to get away
I've got to get away
I've got to get away
I've got to get away

If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Why am I so weak
A tortured child asking mercy
With no voice to speak
I'm a lost soul with no bones
I'm nothing but a mindless drone
Crawling down an endless road
Will I ever find my way home
Will I ever find a higher place that I envisioned
I'm suffering from memories
That I forgot existed
Begging for this rope around my chest
To break so I can breathe
Shouting at the earth from space
Nobody that can hear me scream
I gave up, I gave in
These padded walls have caved in
I'm crying out for the arms of a saint
To wrap me in salvation
I pour my soul into a cup of liquid regret
I choke it down and chase it
With what little hope I have left
A hopeless pessimist, restless
I ride waves of insanity
Desperately in search of a thief
That stole my clarity
It's clear to me, that digging deep
Only gets you farther from destiny
Buried by my haunting past
I let it get the best of me
Out of the ground
We were taken for the dust we are
The wind will carry us to wounded cells
And heal the scars
A dying patient
A death bed has never brought him
This much comfort
His fading mind is still as sharp
As the knife he goes under
Vital signs still show no signs of stopping
His heart beats on
The final resting place
Of where his final breath was drawn
Closure, a smile from across the face of a broken man
The blinding light of the other side
Is shining through, new life begins
New hopes, new dreams
He's been through hell and back it seems
He finally finds the peace of mind
He's been chasing relentlessly

I've got to get away
I've got to get away
I've got to get away
I've got to get away

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