I The Mighty - Speak To Me Lyrics

You can't play innocent
I figured out what soured every final kiss
Please, I have to know just at what point
in this dream of life we would share, I was replaced with him
He was the only one who ever made me second guess to trust my gut
Oh you're just being honest with your heart
Well why won't you be honest with mine while it's trapped on the line

Take me out of your mind
This fallacy of you singing my melody leaves me worthless
Wake me up with a sign
Tell me in your own true words

We always talked of hope
for when I'd be out on the road and you were home
Or you'd reassure that you're the one
That no distance could get in the way of the life we would make
My shadow kept whispering omens in my ear
That we had an expiration date
and from this premonition I had, I could never escape

Take me out of your mind
This fallacy of you singing my melody leaves me worthless
Wake me up with a sign
Tell me in your own true words

I cannot leave you in this bed
Your shallow breaths keep pulling me closer
With each inhale I'm sucked right in
and I can't stop watching while you sleep
Your beauty is only rivaled with the words you speak so

Speak to me
Just speak to me
Why won't you speak?
Just speak!
But when the words come you play dumb like I'll never know!

Take me out of your mind
This fallacy of you singing my melody leaves me worthless
Wake me up with a sign
Tell me in your own true words that I deserve this

Speak to me!
Speak to me!

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I The Mighty Speak To Me Comments
  1. sSPONGE

    Need this on Horizon XS

  2. Pocah Doll

    Fuck still good in 2019

  3. Mochii Gall

    You guys.. don’t know how long I’ve been looking for this song and band 😅😂 it’s literally been like 6 years. Herd their song “Cave In” on Spotify and I KNEW it was them and well I’m here now. 👍🏽😀

  4. doron Forecylinder


  5. Wastedd


  6. bbq seitan

    This song is still DUMBTHICC in 2019

  7. Virginia Michael

    Still gives me goosebumps! UGH! <3

  8. CchewWitup

    and old buddy of mine used to manage this band, he was the guitarist for Hope for A.M. - small world

  9. Benjamin Issler

    This song slaps wtf is this

  10. Tyler Mills

    It kills me that bands like I The Mighty and Hands like Houses only got what they did...quality ass music that shouldn't have been overlooked. They should be WAYYYY bigger than they are now

  11. Katz

    00:49 i love this part

  12. Kamryn VanWanzeele

    His voice is so gorgeous and the band is fantastic 🤙🏼

  13. setfireinhand

    Saw these guys in Jackson Mississippi with coheed. Loved these guys ever since. Everything they put out is amazing

  14. ZeroFox75

    Still one of my favorite songs of all time. It's just fucking awesome

  15. HellaRepublican繊細な 退治

    Dance Gavin dance + Saosin = I the Mighty

  16. HellaRepublican繊細な 退治

    S P E AK T O M E E E E E

  17. Kay Mag

    Pretty good song. I missed this genre growing up. So as an adult now 28 im understanding and feeling it lol. Kinda embarrassed when i play it out loud amongst my white friends and their like "hey i remember this kinda shit from grade school" lmao.. Guess im alittle late. Oh well. Thanks I THE MIGHTY

  18. Rory Gibson

    Somebody help me I can't stop listening to this song

  19. JC Jores Pelias

    I guess I must've been living under a rock. I've only heard of you guys after seeing Silver Tongues. You guys are amazing. Thank you for making good music. Looking forward to more!

  20. Bloodysunday52

    This one 1.25 speed is the best thing ever

  21. GreasyTorta

    I love this song so much, you could say that... it speaks to me.

  22. Ivette

    I first heard the acoustic version of the song and after I was calm and relaxed I putted this one and

  23. Lonely Nihilist

    I hate this fucking drummer. I think I'd really enjoy this song if it wasn't for him.

  24. mayitorocks

    The way they pack so many lyrics to their songs reminds me of four year strong

  25. Lyra Black

    Fucking perfection this and the acoustic.

  26. Nano Nymph

    FUcking perfection

  27. David San martin

    Buena banda ..

  28. C. N. O.

    Honestly love this song but I love the acoustic better

  29. Shawn Davis

    They remind me of Bayside

  30. Dandyman

    thanks pseudo

  31. Sarena Shippy

    come get it in stillwater

  32. Troy Dotson

    sounds just like the band Bayside.

  33. Bunku's Mixes

    can i have a I The Mighty song with tilian? please?

    Kyle Paul

    not sure if you found out but they released one!! silver tongues its called

    Stupid Remote

    Bunku's Place For Hidden Music damn man can you see the future

    Bunku's Mixes

    colton willis Maybe


    You have predicted the future


    I’m from the future and boy do I have news for you

  34. Kaya

    What genre would this be?


    Jeana Marzipan the awesome genre


    @danemcb True

    Dj Stokes

    Jeana Marzipan pop punk

  35. Wurf

    Heard about them from a guy we hired at my job and its weird how they havent shown up in my recommended... they are so

  36. Kevin VR

    the music video could be more focused on the lyrics.. Which are great, not only in this song tho

  37. Maryam Najwa

    This band is fucking AWESOME

  38. Michael Salce

    Friday October 14th at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, can't wait to see them again <3

  39. Hey that's pretty gay

    I haven't found a band this good in years. Everything these days sounds so generic. I'm glad to see someone is putting in effort! They're amazing!


    And ya ain't forgetting the band rise against

  40. Alonzo Rodriguez

    how... how are they not huge? This is fucking amazing man.


    they're getting there. Baby steps.

  41. Blxire

    saw them last night in denver... one good show

    Crystal Martinez

    same it was cool.✊✊

  42. Alyss-Six


  43. lewis walker

    I saw these last night in Newcastle and got a drum stick from Blake, they were really good!

  44. Kedar Gurjar

    T - 1:03 - 1:05....I've seen these guys 3 times now and must say they really blow me away every time. They deserve to get big. Very well written original lyrics, aweome vocals, insane riffs and all tatted up in Coheed.

  45. George Romero III


    George Romero III

    +Awesome Rainbow yeah

    George Romero III

    +Awesome Rainbow (man) yeah I love all 3 bands

  46. Shane McZane

    Sorry I the Mighty, but I can't take you out of my mind.

    Because this song is stuck on repeat; it's the best thing I've heard in years.

    hella Republican

    Shane McZane literally me too

  47. Brittany Tucker

    I'm getting their lyrics tattooed on me.

    hella Republican

    Brittany Tucker same

  48. none of your business

    With all the pop metalcore garbage out these days these guys are the exception,saw them open for GlassJAw,they put on a great show.

    David Robinson Jr.

    +anthony arguelles These guys actually rocked in Philly with Glassjaw and Coheed. Silver Snakes didn't command the crowd that well but these guys got the house pumped. Dope show and made me a fan of these guys.

  49. Septi Core

    These guys killed it yesterday in Miami

    none of your business

    +Septi Core hahaha I was at The Filmore too for GlassJAw! I got I the mightys setlist and gave to someone who was a huge fan for them.

  50. 3camelsinatinycar

    I saw these guys live last night and they blew me the fuck away! NICE JOB GUYS!

  51. Mr Chittychad

    great songs but last night's concert, you couldn't understand one word. lower everything and raise the vocals.


    +chittychad18 Someone needed to kick the sound guy at the Royal Oak. Coheed sounded pretty good but the openers got wrecked pretty bad. Silver Snakes and I The Mighty were all Bass and some high end noise, no meat to the mix at all. And I thought my ears would bleed from the wah guitar during Glassjaw. Still was an amazing show to experience though!

    Mr Chittychad

    @latercomesquickly exactly what I was thinking. I forgot who played before coheed in kalamazoo and it was the same story. they need to lessen everything and bring out the vocals. all I heard was HADUIFDHGIUWGRFIUWGHEIUGWLIUEGWULIRFGIULWQDGLIUWDGLI THANK YOU GOOD NIGHT!


    +latercomesquickly This happened at the Tabernacle in Atlanta as well. Coheed was good, but the vocals for the openers were bad.

  52. Giulio Da Re

    I should do a drum cover of this, such as a beautiful song like this

  53. Anthony Morel

    Guys your drummer is F***in INSANE! Is he beatin the kick with his D*ck in addition of the Double Kick???

  54. Chris Battle

    If this band was out in 2005-2008 with the tracks they have now. They would of been famous.

    Chris Battle

    +DavidAMIs Yea, unfortunate the environment and platform are'nt the same, in terms of what is played on the radio, those bands that broke though back then will have one or two songs played, if its generic and mainstream, like fall out boy and Paramore. I doubt I will ever tune into a mainstream station and hear this band or bands like Emarosa/hands like houses. Even tho i should.


    was about to make a comment just like this!

    Strabby Crabby

    *would have been

  55. Joseph Foy

    where dat shirt from???

  56. dreaminginnoother

    gotta hand it to these guys. They know how to write a song

  57. snakek_940

    I [email protected]#king love this song! Gets me super pumped! :)

  58. Ugly Flannel

    i tried getting all my friends to listen to this band

  59. The travel of time

    Typical boy band

    Jeremy Stuut

    Outta here with that shit.


    Dafaq go listen to one direction then compare it with this your life will be changed

  60. Brenda Arteaga

    why isn't I The Mighty super famous?

    Metal Marauder

    @***** music is my profession. therefore i am a professional musician.

    Brenda Arteaga

    This was meant to be a rhetorical question. :)


    because its not 2007

    bbq seitan

    Because the world is unfair

    Strabby Crabby

    @Brenda Arteaga because it's not 2005 anymore, and they don't put "heavy" music on radio and MTV

  61. Joe Lackey

    So, they're the new, hip A Day To Remember?

  62. Qold Qalm Qollected

    Omg this song never gets old

  63. lonely loner on a lonely road alone

    Saul Rubinek

  64. Ola


  65. cgbreauxx

    this is amazing! I'm in love with this song

  66. Xiri L

    This gives me life

  67. Anthony Matheson

    Wish YouTube would let me like this song again. Can't wait for their new record

  68. Alexander Midgard

    Luv "I the Mighty"!!!  you should have more visibility, i love the voice of the singer.. greetings from Italy!

  69. Dan Buñales

    aaron rodgers!

  70. Rodrigo S

    I liked the song, but I think their clothing choices kinda suck

    Amber Taylor

    Lol never go to Portland, or for that fact anywhere in Oregon.

  71. Tyler Fields

    god, this band has come so fucking far! 

  72. Carissa C

    great band, acoustic version is better though in my opinion :)

  73. D'angelo JacobHymenShits

    When I first discovered this band, it was just from an email I heard about C&C's IKSOSE:3 concert last October. They were the opening band however, I couldn't go see them so I looked up I the Mighty on here. At first, I was going to dislike the video because I'm not a huge fan of the whole "screams" vocals (so yeah, I've never listened to bands like SWS or PTV but I'm more into bands like Rise Against or SOAD). However, I tend to like his cleans more and it fit really well (first song I listened to was Speak to Me).
    I immediately downloaded the album Satori and I loved it ever since.


    @D'angelo Harlston I was at C&C Michigan show where I The Mighty was playing, epic show! I've been in love with them ever since!

    Terminal Cancer

    I heard of them through my younger sister, she went to a Say Anything show and talked about ITM opening for them. Never saw them live myself but I really dug their acoustic tracks, and that led to me checking everything out. Good stuff.

  74. Nick Slaughter

    Sounds like skinny jeans. Fuckin weak.


    Wtf does this even mean

  75. José Garcia

    I The Mighty like I the Breather? (jk)

    Tarandeep Saini

    I the Breather broke up. :(

  76. Kasey Porter

    Dat Keywork tattoo doe

  77. awkwardusername

    New favorite band get.

  78. Duhviine

    They kinda remind me of Silverstein. Which is awesome!

    Clara O'Kay

    I kinda hear it too.

  79. sam watson

    Say I'm crazy, but they sort of give me a peirce the veil and hands like houses vibe.

    Terminal Cancer

    Never thought of the comparison before, but it definitely reminds me of Hands Like Houses and older shit from The Used, if only a bit heavier. They both have that penchant for writing ridiculously catchy shit.


    @sam watson funny you say that, i saw these guys at hands like houses first show in america (yeah i had to throw that last part in, the hipster in me said too) so i wouldn't be surprised if they left an impression :)

    The Brandon Show

    Absolutely. I see where you're coming from, because I recognized it instantly. The vocal tone and style is similar to that of HLH, but the note and chord progressions they use are similar to PTV. Same with the drum lines. Amazing band overall

    The Brandon Show

    Absolutely. I see where you're coming from, because I recognized it instantly. The vocal tone and style is similar to that of HLH, but the note and chord progressions they use are similar to PTV. Same with the drum lines. Amazing band overall

    Gisel Lora

    Exactly what I was thinking!!!

  80. Adam McCann

    I'm not a fan of his particular screams, but their songs are consistently really, really good.

  81. Luayprince

    *i love it so much :"(*

  82. Tash

    The Drummer x___x

  83. Anthony Steele

    They remind me of Silverstein

  84. loka bones

    The drummer is playin no games awesome 😊😊

  85. nightterror007

    1:14 drummer goes HAM!!!

  86. Hunter Leslie

    It's unbelievable how well he pulls off screams and cleans back to back.

    Terminal Cancer

    I never really noticed, but that's a good point. Assuming it wasn't just studio polish and dude can pull it off live, if so then well fucking done.


    +Agustin Torres Yep, I went to a show on the same tour. These guys were by far the best opener.

    Wartortle Tor

    Seen them live twice and yes, it is amazing!!!

    Morse Code Stutters

    I can attest to that too. Watched them headline with Hail the Sun opening for them, both singers can do the switch effortlessly!!!

    Jon Doe

    Jason Hamm I know this comment is 4 years old. Don’t talk unless you know what you’re talking about.

  87. What's Good

    Amazing band.  Check them out.  In acoustic.  Epic.

  88. User of YouTube

    nice mickey, nice band

  89. P F

    i just saw them live for the first time yesterday at warped, talked to brent and chris, and got selfies with them...needless to say, i'm the happiest person on earth and they are the best band ever

  90. Amy Chu

    Take me out of your mind, this fallacy of you singing my melody leaves me worthless~

  91. George

    This song is super original, and very good!

  92. Jess P

    I really like their clothes
    and energy. Its like a new style of hardcore with alternative elements.

  93. Josi Campos

    Tried to keep my cool when meeting Brent at Warped Tour! They were fucking amazing! I was so excited to finally be able to see them perform.

  94. Eduardo Lemos

    Made my day again.

  95. Tim Olsen

    Just saw this band at warped tour, Fucking amazing!

  96. T Becks

    I started the first pit at ur
    first warped tour show, and was screaming along with all the other teenage girls.

  97. Nicky Potter

    I cant believe Iv never heard of this guys before. MIND BLOWN.

  98. ZeroFox75

    So excited so excited because I get to see them on Warped!! Gonna be awesome, just another example of underrated bands. Meanwhile BVB is just coasting on fangirl shit