I The Mighty - Escalators Lyrics

Floating down escalators
Your eyes are green, your heart is black
You've done some ugly things, now it's too late to take them back
Just money mongers here who never filled their karma cups
Now death has brought them here, and this room in hell is filling up

From town to town he came
To build his wealth he bought them out
Just build the biggest one, then all the smaller ones come down
We live the golden age 1909, 1909
Much money to be made monopolize, monopolize

Woah oh, oh you're so
Deserving of the place you're in
Escalating down in rows
Woah oh, oh you're soul
Was conscious of the path you chose
Here's proof that somebody knows

On a wooden stage he speaks
Eloquently about his feast, he swayed a simple folk
But in the middle of his speech
A none position screams "A man of one! A man of one!"
His threat was well received and so he hung and so he hung

And now it's all verse one it's all verse one
(Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!)

Woah oh, oh you're so
Deserving of the place you're in
Escalating down in rows
Woah oh, oh you're soul
Was conscious of the path you chose
Here's proof that somebody knows

And you can call, oh brother call
Yes, you can call, oh brother call
No one can hear you, not at all
But you can call, oh brother call

And you can call, oh brother call
(Floating down escalators, you're eyes are green you're heart is black)
Yes, you can call, oh brother call
(You've done some ugly things, now it's too late to take them back)
No one can hear you, not at all
(Just money mongers here, who never filled their karma cups)
But you can call, oh brother call
(Now death has brought them here, and this room in hell is filling up)

We give you death by forty-five
It's what we call your last time out, your last time out
By forty-five, it's what we call your last time out

Woah oh, oh you're so
Deserving of the place you're in
Escalating down in rows
Woah oh, oh you're soul
Was conscious of the path you chose
Here's proof that somebody knows

We give you death by forty-five
It's what we call your last time out, your last time out
By forty-five, it's what we call your last time out, your last time out

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I The Mighty Escalators Comments
  1. emotaco9

    Listening to Karma Never Sleeps just makes listening to their new album so much more depressing.

    I miss when they wrote songs with this level of complexity.

  2. clanteroris2

    In my mind this song is strongly connected to the "the frame" songs, as a sort of prequel as to how the world in which the frame took place came to be, but at the same time as the conclusion of the protagonist of the frame succeeding and the antagonist now descending into hell.

  3. Juriel

    the beginning sound exactly how the Trance - 009 Sound System begining was

  4. Orion Starsystem

    lol my bro hangs out with the drummer all the time. they are local here

  5. jvalenciamusic


  6. Kurtzzie

    how did i go from within the ruins style music to this.

    Wayland Lucas

    King Hydro Bard right.???? sams with me i love within the ruins

  7. wini woke

    I love it some part remind me the song "meet me at the gates" by blessthefall

  8. Doomed at Birth

    Ultra gay

  9. alex bester

    this is so good

  10. Gracie Hurst

    dummer is mint


    +Gracie Hurst I haven't heard 'mint' in years. You are right tho

  11. Billy lockwood

    the meaning behind this song is great!! and love the outro!


    Is the escalators mean going up and down to heaven and hell?

    Zach Tea

    ^^^^I believe so

    Billy lockwood

    "Escalators" is the most obvious display of Karma on the record. The song begins with our character floating down escalators into Hell and relays back on the story of his life, leading to his death. The story takes place in 1909 and is about a man who roams from town to town buying out the little "mom and pop" stores and extending his big chain store with lower prices; hence creating a monopoly and destroying the lives of many town folk.

    One day while he's giving a speech to a town about his plans for his store, a man amongst the audience screams in opposition. To flex his political power and to send a message to anyone else thinking of combating his plans, he has the man hung. However, this backfires when the people of the town rise up against him, singing in chorus: "We give you death by '45! It's what we call your last time out!"

    The idea behind this song was actually inspired by Walmart and its founder Sam Walton (which was the original name of the song). I decided after a while that, without knowing the guy personally, it was unfair for me to name a song with such a dark message after him. Although I disagree with what his company does (speaking mainly on their policies towards their employees) I don't know nearly enough about him to compare him to the D-bag antagonist in "Escalators." That being said, I have to admit to my hypocrisy, I do occasionally shop there or sleep in their parking lot on tour...it's hard to find another place open 24 hours. alt

    Artie Durand

    @Billy lockwood I almost thought this song was about a false prophet or a "doomsayer" for money.

  12. Murdermore

    this outro >

  13. MrCatnip11

    Just found this band

  14. HeavyMetalLyricss

    haha the intro is awsome!

  15. WastedL1ght

    Hahaha, now that I read that the beginning sounds like that 009 Sound System song I can't ignore it anymore. Never noticed that. :D

  16. Alysha Horror

    That comment^_^

  17. zerologic

    This band's drummer is on point! Trippy, pro-style fills.


    My teacher went to school with him haha They have gaming party's whenever they come through on a tour. 

  18. MemeMaster32

    I nearly wanted to kill myself at the intro


    The intro sounds that the crummy song people use in tutorial videos... I think that's what he's getting at- I know that's what it reminded me of.

    Beanie Sandals

    @quflos uhm it's not dubstep dude. What kinda niche youtuber uses this type of music instead of royalty free electronic garbage for an intro? I would really like to know


    Jesus you degenerate... listen to this intro, it's the EXACT same thing.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKfS5zVfGBc

  19. David Vodicka

    this is by far my favorite song. i literally limit myself to listening to it once every few days to make sure i don't spam it and ruin it. the whole song is just so atmospheric and every time i get to the bridge i get chills up my spine.

    Caleb Rogers

    Have not put those restrictions in place, still not ruined after a couple of months


    I get the chills when he starts talking about the smaller ones come down and the golden age. They do so well at getting you invested in the story.. More than most modern film makers

  20. Jimmy Edwards

    Thanks for the intro, it scared me to death! >:(


  21. WonderBREE

    Jacob u just made my day lol 

  22. EmptyKingdoms

    Come on! As I writer I must tell you that stories are important. You just inspired me to do a new task: write a love (short) story while listening to I The Mighty. =3

  23. Laura Fox

    Aha, that dates important to me too...
    It's the day we and my boyfriend started dating, aha
    Not relevant, I'm sorry:3

  24. Alex _

    true tht true tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Seranity

    this band is truly amazing!

  26. tgi ira

    the references in this song are definitely not about going to hell

  27. Mywarforpeace

    If you want the meaning of the songs of Karma never sleeps, you have
    to go and look for it on google, Brent Walsh(Singer/Writer) explained the meaning of every song somewhere on the internet.
    Escalators is a song that tells the story of the one who made the wallmarts
    what they are today in America :) He ruined a lot of families(killed them with famine), and that's why he goes to hell. :)

  28. Awehmazing

    such a good song!

  29. IonSquared

    So why did this EP - which is brilliant, no doubt - get so much attention and their debut album has gone relatively unnoticed? It's their best work yet and my album of the year so far. Fans of this EP, go check out their album Satori immediately.

  30. Audrey Gray


  31. Jayblast

    The intro to this song reminded me of "The Sound of Animals Fighting" and "The Fall of Troy" - Great track!

  32. WizardSenpai

    We are to never bring that song up again.NEVER.

  33. Cody Winston

    if I'm not mistaken, this song is about going to Hell.


    Hmmmm...does anyone know the meaning behind this song by chance? O;

  35. Alyssa Russo

    Well you go onto a mp3 converter then open youtube and copy the url. Then paste the url in the mp3 converter space then hit convert. After that open itunes or whatever you use and drag the new download into the songs list and it should appear.

  36. ZeMovinPixxle

    because *insert random apple-hate-comment here*

  37. Luis Young

    ...why not?

  38. Alyssa Russo

    ZeMovinPixxle yes there is

  39. ZeMovinPixxle

    is there a way not to buy this from apple?

  40. Ivan Esquivel


  41. Alice

    Dreamscape :)

  42. saors

    Any specific song?

  43. Alice

    Because 009 Sound System.. :L

  44. saors

    Why does the intro sound so fucking familiar??

  45. Angelo Cipollaro


  46. Alan Pérez

    can somebody tell me what chords use for this song??????

  47. Papa Ruikal


  48. Papa Ruikal

    what are they like?? :OO i am tempted too look xD

  49. Ni Galips

    dat bass riff

  50. TheSorrowingMan

    I have literally listened to this song 112 times, and I am finding it difficult to stop. Halp.

  51. maddy muncey


  52. Gary Piteo

    They played this last night and I screamed Walmart at the band LOL

  53. Don Melville

    Good movie about corporate control of the media is called "Network", shows how almost everything on TV is pretty much fake and serves corporate execs, also shows how people are affected by media; but try to avoid listening to any conspiracy nuts who talk about this movie; keep an open mind and just interpret it for yourself; if you decide to watch it. What I mean by conspiracy nuts is some people watch this movie then get obsessed with "fighting the powers that be" which is stupid and pointless.

  54. Don Melville

    I think the beginning of this song is about how corporations took over everything buying up the little people. Then the song goes on about people who sell themselves out to corporate interests for promise of fame and wealth, and when they find out the cost, they try to bail, look for help; and don't find it. It says, "was conscious of the path you chose" "deserving of the place your in." Maybe this artist knows people who have been through it? Just my theory of course, I don't really know???

  55. 1998sims

    Wait, are you trying to say that you got taught by people :O I can see why you would want to brag. My choir teacher was a cat.

  56. Jeremy Tremblay

    He means that is the day that he discovered them.

  57. pl0XbK

    his post was 4 weeks ago..

  58. josh maiden


  59. uriahedwardsmusic

    Feb. 24 2013

  60. NayTheHorsee

    nearly shit myself at start, fucking dreamscape.

  61. Iván Torres

    For some reason his voice reminds to Craig Mabbit's.

  62. Raddy Sanders

    haha yea it reminded me of that too everytime I listened to this;D!

  63. Kazukrawfish

    I second that!

  64. EmptyKingdoms

    Youtube is such a better place to know bands than facebook. Had the pleasure of discovering I The Mighty today, January's 29th, 2013. Very glad, one of the best bands I've heard in months, maybe years.

  65. Rafael Cerquetani

    Here sir, take my like!

  66. Stephany M. Perez

    love 0:58 golden age 1909

  67. Caitlin Sherman

    lol im terrified of escalators no clue why and I love this song so much fun fact and compliment :D

  68. bestieswithari011

    @AriaforTMRW 'm

  69. chris armstrong

    I have listened to this song so many times ITM

  70. Mike D'Emilio

    this song is so awesome

  71. alecdawg11

    Best youtube comment in the history of youtube comments goes to... Jacob Cochran! I sure hope that wasn't copied and pasted.

  72. Polytonik

    Now my one of my favorite bands.
    Second only to Anberlin.

  73. Stephanie Cisneros

    i love the how this voice adds a strong accent to the amazing sound

  74. Jesse McCordic

    Most brilliant comment I've ever seen. haha

  75. Max Rooney

    Drummer is so good for this band! Creative and tight.

  76. Pearson Lewallen

    There should be a song to go with this one called Eels

  77. Jordan Todd

    Saw them play last night. They are absolutely incredible live :)

  78. codysteez

    Bahaha said the sheep (^•-•^ )~

  79. Carlin Drms

    Sweet Jesus That Made Me Laugh So Hard ! lol

  80. Jeremy Stefanelli

    they just finised the vox on the full length yesterday should be out sooon =]

  81. Luca Moretti

    LOVE that song <3

  82. Beastradamus

    When are they going to put out a full-length?

  83. Monsterr x

    I thought it was going to do that. Haha.

  84. Jacob Cochran


  85. Markus Brückner

    Good! :)

  86. J Q

    The entire song lyrics seem to be like a history lesson! Amazing lyrics- 'By forty-five, it's what we call your last time out, your last time out', referring to the end of WW2?

  87. J Q

    I thought that too, almost put me off the entire song, glad I continued listening though!

  88. Zelobloofy

    The first few seconds kinda reminded me of the nation anthem of youtube

  89. YepImCanadian

    i love you

  90. Raymond Coronado.

    i jizzed to that comment.

  91. Ryan Bundoc

    I just found this band in the "recommended" list thing, and my penis has escalated! :D

  92. monsterdevilvictor

    awesome song, in my opinion the best of the album

  93. xCloudxKellyx

    hahahahahahahahaha best comment ever

  94. Seth Eagan

    I like it. But the first few seconds sound like that 009 sound system song. lol. I was like.. "noooooo... oh, aw yeah." Ahahahaha

  95. TheAniGamer

    This just may be the most epic comment on a video I've ever seen. Hahaha.

  96. Ayrton Paz

    Just found these guys on accident...WIN!

  97. Ben Breslin

    this should be their next music video...thumbs up if you agree

  98. VelaStorm7

    haha was gona say the same thing!