I The Mighty - Cutting Room Floor Lyrics

If hell broke out in the White House, how long would it take for word to carry here?
Would it stay hush hush till the weather changed, till the sun warmed the snow and fears?
Well I would wanna know. I would wanna know, and it's strange to me that you could barely care.
You say, like this stolen ground no one's golden now. We're all made of bronze and steel.

Well why don't you leave, just leave. You make a horrible point, with your eyes looking low.
So leave, just leave. You're on the cutting board, the cutting board of the cutting room floor.

You're gonna wake to a whole different scene.
All your pretty lights and neon signs replaced with green.
And as you curse the river bed that you throw your compass in,
there's comfort 'round the bend.
But this house is filled with crooks and liars.
We regret to inform you there's no love here for you.
(I know you're coming with the worst intentions. Bring the flood)
So take your hooks and pliers.
We regret to inform you, you're the lowest form.

So leave, just leave. You make a horrible point with your eyes looking low.
So leave, just leave. You're on the cutting board, the cutting board of the cutting room floor.

You've got this crazy notion.
You've ripped this out by the seems.
You can't even fathom how with every word you try to say,
You dig yourself a hole you can't escape.
And that's a little bit more than what you came here for.
Isn't it funny how little respect
You get when you burn the world for a paycheck?

Leave, just leave. You make a horrible point with your eyes looking low.
So leave, just leave. You're on the cutting board, the cutting board of the cutting room floor.

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I The Mighty Cutting Room Floor Comments
  1. Victoria Toxic

    I still have your CD in my car from years ago. This song reminds me of so much.

    Obviously corrupt government is one, but some lines remind me of my abusive ex (why don’t you leave, just leave) and being basically kicked out of home (there’s no love for you here)

  2. iluminatethesky

    So, is this song about President Trump? Cause it sure makes sense.

    "But this house is filled with Crooks and Liars, we regret to inform you there's no love here for you"

    "Why don't you leave, Just Leave"

    I wish he would leave :D

  3. staceybsbs

    love this soooo much STILL

  4. Jackson Bell

    Like the band but they ripped of Say Anything’s “You’re The Wanker, If Anyone is.”

    The “Please just leave” line is exactly the same as from Say Anythings Song

  5. Tim Scheive

    Brings back memories

  6. Madop67

    "If hell broke out in the White House" Boy, do I have a story for you

  7. Ger Coalesce

    Anavae brought me here

  8. Fruit Punch Water

    one of my favorite songs


    +Bloody Skeleton One of mine as well :)

    Fruit Punch Water

    heck yeah ..i almost forgot to download it and like omlll ...its a really good song

  9. SlYder Music

    You are actually one of the bands i like the most. Awesome :D

  10. Marco Esp

    Dat outro tho!

  11. Madison Wieczorkowski

    I love you guys and your music so much!!! Keep it up its simply amazing!

  12. Apple Crisp

    This song reminds me of Falling In Reverse, I love it-


    dont know how, but i feel like that is demeaning to some aspect.


    @InfinityOnHi Haha yeah xD, FIR is sometimes very serious and sometimes too playful with their lyrics, which overpowers their seriousness which makes people not take them seriously.

  13. peregrine

    wow their subject matter is all over the place it's awesome

  14. Aubree Dunn

    Thank you pandora!

  15. Mady Diaz

    I loooove I the Mighty :33

  16. Maya Deg

    im so in love with them, every single song gives me cheers and i never get tired of listening to them over and over again D:

  17. TheFredjoe

    Okay, a little bit homo.....

  18. larry stylinson


  19. Daniel Davis

    Satori is mostly about ex girlfriends and the lyrics are still freaking perfect. now THAT'S talent.

  20. LefthandGitR991

    Great Song but I don't know what dafuq he's singin' about... -.- Need some help guys

    Mason Jones

    +LefthandGitR991 I don't claim to be an expert on song lyrics, but since noone has answered you in three years I'll put my two cents in and you can judge it yourself. I think it's mainly about not being prepared for the world to change. Reasons why. #1 He says that he'd wanna know and that it's strange to him that you barley care. #2 He makes a lot of hints towards the government and corruption. When he says Neon signs replaced with green (Green represents money most of the time. He also mentions the white house and A house being filled with Crookss and Liars. #3 I think when he says you are the cutting board on the cutting room floor he is saying that everyone on that "Cutting room Floor" aka the world. Is going to use you "The Cutting board." Hoped that helped.

  21. OhHaiAutumn


  22. Be Right Back Covers

    Has no one noticed how interesting these lyrics are? Seriously some well thought out lyrics. You can tell that they put effort into it and didn't take the easy way out and sing about their ex girlfriends. Very cool.

  23. ashtengoddess

    Amazing :)

  24. DoctorCaptainMoonman

    I have new found hope in our generations music, thanks to these guys. Keep killing it!

  25. Matthew Nightshade

    guys you are awesome ! i just checked your songs , i didn't know before. awesome !

  26. jfromjersey147

    Hey guys check out my cover of I The Mighty's "Cutting Room Floor" on my Page!

  27. Djenk

    oh mylanta (o_o) this. .this is beyond great. I'm just hearing this for the first time

  28. iridiumfairy

    I love how in the second verse it temporarily sounds like it's building up to the chorus, but then it cuts off and the verse goes on. Definitely was not expecting that!

  29. Jeffrey Sproule

    you guys should fix the annotation is says "mucis not music" any way i love your band great work.

  30. Lucas Valdivieso


  31. Philip Strickland

    yes. just yes.

  32. Adam Willy

    You guys are honestly amazing

  33. Andrew

    these guys are great! i don't usually listen to this type of music, but it is really good!

  34. Ariel Riley

    Thank you AP for this mention. <3

  35. malachai carvell

    1:34 oh my god im in love with this guys voice O.o no homo

  36. Ashleigh Boxall

    So. Fucking. Awesome. <3

  37. Jj Schrock

    You guys sounded great accoustic at Rawlins High School!!!! cant wait to hear you again

  38. WithOceansAsSkies

    Mashing the repeat button. The way you go into that falsetto when you sing Crooks and Liars and Hooks and Pliers.. just.. it sounds amazing. Keep it up you guys are awesome.

  39. fruitbat-

    the high notes at 1:30 give me a boner every time.

  40. Casaundra Hiser

    my chior teatchers brother is the drummer lol ;) love this band!!!!

  41. Chelsie Miller

    I'm loving this :DD definitely showing my friends ^w^

  42. Ned Shneebly

    Seriously cannot express how happy I am to find you guys! Great music I will definitely spread the word

  43. Sulj3v

    You are really talented guys, hope you'll be famous soon : )

  44. chris armstrong

    this is a really good song, you need to drop DreameR

  45. Stefan Aronsen

    I'm having a blast touring with you guys! Plus I'm getting a lot of great "I The Mighty" footage!

  46. Danny Valle

    Can't wait to see you guys LIVE. You guys are sick

  47. Ujjwal Chande

    i disliked

  48. Ian Pedigo


  49. ThrasherContinue

    The guy in the back left has the biggest derpy face

  50. PooderRodney

    Actually they sound like Tides of Man. Possibly a not quite polished version of Circa Survive. I like it for what it's worth though.

  51. Jake Pritchett

    im am honered to call brent walsh my cousin...brent youre a badass and you all can make some fucking awesome music. I THE MIGHTY, live forever mates.

  52. damnitstaken25

    1:32 wow i just came

  53. damnitstaken25

    i just came

  54. megan

    amazing omgg

  55. Reggie Frederique

    This band. Is so fucking good! It's nice to see some change in music.......everything was starting to sound the same :')

  56. Ashlyn Howell

    :O <--- only expression i could make because the song was so amazing. -3-

  57. Ben Hodge

    keep pumping out songs like this, and you'll be in top of the charts in no time.

  58. SamanthaM

    Oh my god i am so glad i found you guys! A friend posted a line from this and i looked it up and got this! and I am glad i did that!

  59. scott43471

    Where are you dudes?? I need this album, but some updates would be nice. Look alive guys!

  60. MerrilyMareese

    WOW, this is pretty sick... XP

  61. Betsy Madrid

    good job at washington guys, it made my day :)

  62. Joselyn Martinez

    they went to my school today i loved the way they played

  63. Juan Garcia

    omg these guys played at Washington high school in Fremont and it was awesome!!!!!

  64. Wolfshier

    I will follow you guys to the ends of the earth, The music is what this world needs to listen to.

  65. Logan Conrad

    Wow. This is so good

  66. Libby Cuffie

    My friends are playing with them in two weeks. SO GOOD.

  67. Matthew Mulnix

    I love this, wanna see you guys live soooooo badly!!!

  68. I the Mighty

    we love you guys and are so glad you dig the new track :)

  69. Eric

    AWESOME! So hard to find this style of music...and when you do find it the singer is usually awful. Not the case here...at ALL.

  70. Alexandre Klein

    so good

  71. whennightmetday

    reppin the bay area! effyea. sick band.

  72. trexosaurus

    rockin'! love it!

  73. WatchRaccoonGaming

    Definitely gonna buy this :) I'll be looking for shows in my area again haha

  74. Matthew Mulnix

    Love it!