I See Stars - iBelieve Lyrics

This feeling rushes through me
Don't say I'm not floating
'Cause I believe in I [x2]

I believe in I [x3]

[Same verse chopped up]

This feeling rushes through me
Don't say I'm not floating
'Cause I believe in I [x2]

I believe in I [x6]

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I See Stars iBelieve Comments
  1. Neff R.Morales

    Memories... I was happy and didn't know

    The Doom

    Yeah this song reminds me a lot of memories too

  2. Paolo Muñoz

    Love the song <3

  3. Juan Hc

    i love it :3

  4. F L Y E A Y E

    R E C U E R D O S
    6 años que la escuché 🍃

  5. Chelsea Roses

    I'm getting this tatted

  6. De Arya Jeseleful

    This good song i like it bro

  7. Jesse D

    listen to this on shrooms

  8. Joseph Simatupang

    i love it

  9. Heraclius

    is this Andrew on vocals?

    Addi Schoolcraft

    Heraclius I think so

  10. Robby Ghostt

    this is my hope song

  11. Rodri Burgos2

    estaba escuchando megadeth y termino en esta mierda

    Paco Torres

    Sr. Cryptico pues esta banda tiene temas con un estilo mas fuerte, pero igual, al saber que musica escuchas, talvez solo te gusten como 2 canciones de esta banda

  12. Jace cha sin

    ISS n AA need to do a tour, request it from Sumerian!!?;;)


    they are touring together as of now

  13. Tyler Henthorn

    Have no idea why this is so under rated:(

    Isaiah Bains

    Tyler Henthorn I know right all those 5sos and 1D fan girls would love this

    Invincible Young Empire

    the band itself is still underrated.

  14. Jace cha sin

    S!CK as Shit!!!!!!!

  15. Firefist

    sounds a bit like wheatus from teenage dirtbag ^^

  16. Brandon

    don't really listen to these typa bands anymore but this song is still dope as shit.

  17. bedford danes

    This is officially my favorite song from the album.

  18. EdwardSeesStars

    Probably their most underrated song, i love it <3

  19. キティニャー

    meow ^o^


    Kitty キティ :3


    what the fuck

  20. Tesarion

    Love This song so much <3^^

  21. Donald Garon

    Who's singing? Devin or somebody else?

    The Blacklights

    I read that it was Devin's brother Andrew. But maybe not.

    Moje Máma

    Donald Garon Andrew and Devin sing this song together. Andrew sings first and then Devin sings the same words.

  22. Ultra

    My friend just showed me this song. And I instantly am relaxed. I like it.

  23. Mary Fuentes

    why have none of my friends heard of this band....?

    Mary Fuentes

    Lol they don't like punk or pop. Believe me I have tried to get them to like my music. Sadly it won't happen. //.u

    Mary Fuentes

    Ikr lol thanks


    Have you tried slapping the stupidity out of them? And then shoving your foot of sense in their asses? If someone told me, "I don't like I See Stars" I'd reply, "I respect your opinion but we're no longer friends."


    +Mary “Bloody Mary” Fuentes television..

    Mary Fuentes

    @TheAntManChannel ?

  24. TheCaelina

    Awesome song, I love it ♥♥♥
    Thank you @Zeal for showing me this track, this is really super nice and very soothing :)

  25. Zombie girl

     I believe in I <3 :,3

  26. Jimmy Knapp

    i believe in i 

  27. J Millz

    @BadFriendship.... yes this song is emotionally challenging to vocalize along with him, at times. kinda reminds me of how the devil wears prada had that one song just sticking out there on their album, "louder than thunder"

  28. JazzHands556

    If you love this song, it means you have the spirit. You might think you don't, but you do. You can try to ignore it, but it will always be. You might as well embrace it.

  29. Shadowfire23

    Amazing song

  30. Matthew Rodgers

    where at

  31. Maricela Lozano

    Can't wait to see them November 7th ❤️

  32. Programmer Gojira

    Whenever I hear this song I just wanna cry

  33. Collin Emond

    Not the best song but the most meaningful right guys?

  34. k n

    My friend said this song reminded him of me.

    I don't see it-


    Brah. If you still haven't figured it out. You make him feel. _Enlightened._

  35. Bizzmo

    im that coment that is retarded :)

  36. Fuck you

    I see stars when i listen to this...

  37. sesimorPytpmE

    This song hits really close to home right now. I just moved out of my parent's place a month ago and I'm still getting over a girl I stopped talking to after I moved. I feel so alone compared to before. Fall outs with friends and living on my own it's nuts. I'm scared of life and what it has to bring. I'm scared I'm going stay single forever. I'm scared for my brother who is reenlisting into the air force. I'm scared of losing my promotion. I have no choice though. I have to believe. <3

  38. Grimm Foxx

    Im just going to give you the benefit of a doubt that your a 12 year old coward behind a computer screen still masturbating to his own mother, so im going to leave this meaning-less argument about you advocating a horrifying event.

  39. Grimm Foxx

    Wow, Kid.. You need a fucking reality check, because the real world isnt like this. If you walked up to me and said this, I would break you in half. Shut the fuck up with your blatant stupidity, Im sure the world doesnt need more useless walking meat-sacks like you.

  40. Grimm Foxx

    What did i do to make myself "hypocritical" asshole? >:|

  41. Grimm Foxx

    So much outright ignorance...

  42. David Sampler

    Ok yeah man thats but cant you keep this shit to yourself?

  43. musicmadjodiexD

    ''I believe in i'' just another way of saying i believe in my self. But they sing ''i believe in i'' to make the song more catchy etc

  44. Biohazardableful

    what means "I believe in I" ??? i know the translation, but i can't catch the meaning... maybe because I'm not englishman or american ?

  45. Nat Cienfuegos


  46. Christopher lovell

    Fight with love not hate.

  47. Mortis Thorne

    This seriously just made my night. thank you for being funny

  48. ~Sarah~

    I saw them with Asking Alexandria, As i lay dying, and memphis may fire. It was an amazing night, the pits were soo sikk and i managed to find myself crowd surfing in one of the videos of the concert to You Only Live Once, Asking Alexandria's tribute to Suicide Silence and Mitch.

  49. Victor Montanaro

    I saw them with Motionless In White, Dir En Grey, Trivium, and Asking Alexandria. Amazing concert.

  50. ~Sarah~

    ugh i know. its amazing! He was amazing when i saw them live in november. they all were.

  51. Victor Montanaro

    People put labels and shit on this stuff. Hardcore, metalcore, electricore, whatever the fuck they can come up with to separate metal from the "hardcore" bands that all the "emo" kids listen to. In all honesty though, it's all just a different form of metal, and I don't put shitty labels on this kind of music; I just listen to whatever bands sound good to me.

  52. Victor Montanaro

    Andrew Oliver is a great drummer. He's got almost no kit and he makes so much out of it.

  53. Victor Montanaro

    I love how a metal/hardcore/electricore (or whatever you wanna label it as) makes a better pop song than an actual pop artist. Too funny!

  54. Adriana Martinez

    Simply exquisite. C;

  55. Marcus Perez

    This is perfect!

  56. Gabriel Mendez Torres

    PERFECT <3

  57. PoopTruffles

    While using a sandpaper condom.

  58. ~Sarah~

    Andrew Oliver (the drummer) that does all of the electronic parts. the person that has a side project in Chris Moore, the ex screamer for ISS

  59. BadFriendship

    This is so hard to sing along too :'(

  60. Coco Zimme

    yep. skywalker. its awesome.

  61. Steve Spastic

    there is real healing in my heart right now! I went through an extremely difficult time in 09 - 10. My ands were tied beind my back and my voice was squelced!! But now there is just so much love coming my way from all sides. .....after being so alone for so long you cant imaine what this means to me! (healing waters wash over my heart as tears fall) ...shut up and just be the person that you already are!!

  62. dominicdunn510

    Is that the one who has the side project?

  63. Coco Zimme

    probably all their drummer.

  64. Matthaus Maciel

    Fiz isso!!

  65. dominicdunn510

    I wanna open up a discussion does anyone know if ISS wrote all the electronic parts or was it Sturgis? and if it was ISS who in the band helped program the parts?

  66. Josue Mora

    Someone knows how this style of music is called?

  67. PoopTruffles

    only $400 with free built in facebook.

  68. Zeeventuresph

    <33333333333 feels like modern wave~

  69. Rose Colon

    oh my freaking god dude. this song fucking changed my life lol. its just so freaking goooood

  70. josh terpak

    whats wrong with a song that repeats?

  71. PillowsInHD

    i love you

  72. Michelle Mills

    I See Stars* YUP. TRUE FAN.

  73. chriblan911

    lmfao... this dude is serious.

  74. Group6Pr0ductions

    Andy wrote and performs all the parts in this song.

  75. resetreflectt

    Who sings on this one? I know for a fact that's not Devin.

  76. Victor T

    Devin Oliver is so cute.
    I want to touch his face.

  77. John Doe

    Is this song about gays or something

  78. Ramen Noodles

    HAHAHAHAHAHA best freaking comment ive ever seen hahahaha!!

  79. VindicationOfHDawg

    I believe I want Devin Oliver's voice..

  80. Jacob

    iBelieve its time for me, to be famous! xD

  81. Eliseo Calvo


  82. Eric J GT

    OMG i love black and death metal bur this band is amazing ! hope for metal

  83. Josh Simmons

    this song is more of a collab with Andys project Skywalker lol

  84. Statics

    hi im the comment that is gonna get more likes just because this is full of trolls

  85. Tyler Strong

    This is fucking gay

  86. nuparu8

    One of the best songs i've heard 4 sho.

  87. The_OG_Smith

    I wish this song was longer.

  88. Elmo Blatch

    Either you meant "top comment" or you didn't realize that 2 people had already commented on this video. Either way...fail.

  89. sanntiimusic

    fail. so hard

  90. ThatAwkwardTime

    no first comment here my chance. boobies!

  91. Alexander Romanov

    1st comment!