I Mother Earth - One More Astronaut Lyrics

One more astronaut in black skin
Of universe
One more travellin' man
With heavy tired eyes, feeling cold
Thinking around the clock of drinking
On the job, of the powdered food
And piss bags, never having sex and growing old

Headspace...alive and painless,
Weightless and almost sane
I close my eyes, I become the sky
Headspace...alone and shameless
Can't wait to find the faces
I left behind in a troubled time
Back home

It gets so lonely you know
Weeks and months alone chasing
Sleep and space junk and the dying
Stars I've known and loved
Through true decline
Of the five billion minds or so
Through mudslides
And earthquakes, the blue one holds
And rolls along

One more astronaut in
Endless old universe with
One more second chance at
Wondering why he's here at all
Bold are the ones who
Come over the line to fall over
The horizon...never ones to fade away
Then it hit me, this
Cosmic pull and energy
It kinda makes me wonder
If I'll ever make it Back home

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I Mother Earth One More Astronaut Comments
  1. Andrew Kordyban

    man does this bring me back... Arts County Fair.

  2. Scott Heffernan

    Sick tune!! 🤘🤘

  3. zmznzbzvzmznzb

    This is the shite short version. Great but short!

  4. Andrew Goldstein

    Re-release this song 2019

  5. Thereisnoname

    Hell yeah Boys and Gals

  6. Mike Geniole 2nd Channel

    Saw these guys with Finger Eleven in Chatham back in January! amazing show!

    Shawn Picard

    Mike Geniole 2nd Channel me too and ended up on shrooms with them and partied till 6am at the wheels inn hahaha


    the good ole days

  7. Thereisnoname

    hell yes!!!

  8. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    Back home the soul floats back home

    One more Astronaut lol

  9. John Tucci

    Bmw dead man

  10. brotherscoobs

    Saw these guy on this tour in boston mass....fucking awesome

  11. Chekmate 99

    Saw them live back in ‘94 or ‘95 at SAIT college in Calgary, Alberta. I recall there was a several minute conga solo when this song was played.

  12. Cody Bergeron

    Great song during sex....oh well.

  13. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    Headspace alone and wasteless can’t wait to find the faces left behind back home

  14. Toula Zissis

    Seeing them tomorrow at rockin for the cure here in toronto

    Stephen Bruckler


    Stephen Bruckler

    Any chance of any US dates. My all time fav band!

    Toula Zissis

    @Stephen Bruckler I know nothing about any us dates only one in Sudbury in july so it states

  15. XLR Ops

    ya buddy

  16. Canterhood

    Edwin is a god!

  17. Corey friestad

    Still Awesome in 2019

  18. Ryan

    Hearing this song when I was 14 changed the course of my life forever.

  19. domtron88

    Just now discovered this band because I decided to see who the singer was for Alex Lifesons solo project 'Victor'. Glad to have found IME

  20. Nick The SPlC Fuentes

    wow edwin is back with IME and they're releasing another album this year. fuck that's amazing!!!!

  21. Mathieu Fortier

    I remember watching the clip on Much in the 90s

  22. Larry Smith

    Always liked this.Video was cool too.

  23. Matthew Geniole

    Going to see these guys in Chatham, Ontario with F11 next month!

  24. Mike Geniole 2nd Channel

    These guys are like Canada's version of Nirvana


    Nope, that's Moist. IME actually has more of an STP vibe to it.

    Mike Geniole 2nd Channel

    @GregMHouse Oh ok because to me, Edwin's vocals sounds a little like Kurt's.

    Bryan M

    GregMHouse neither Moist, nor IME sound like Nirvana.

  25. msk msk

    IME, still rocking in 2018!

  26. Kainen 789

    Saw these guys in 2000. Minnedosa with jar n nickleback when in there infancy

  27. warmecanic

    I... Robot

  28. artvandelay1967

    2018......holding up well!

  29. animalgrabber

    I bought this cassette at the record store while I was still too young to know what music was a good buy. It ended up being the best purchase I ever made.

  30. Ryan Wells

    Big Shiny Tunessss

  31. Dan Alls

    My highschool days put to music!!

  32. Megadeaf75

    Fuck i miss drinking whiskey out at the ship and anchor in Calgary. Trippin and droppin quarters in the best fuckin juke box ever. I miss this music.

  33. silverbrooklynn promotional arts

    it was my brithday at music hall

  34. silverbrooklynn promotional arts

    one of the best shows i seen

  35. Mr. C

    I listened to this whole album, tripping on 2 hits of acid one night.

  36. Darrell D

    Sick bassline


    It sounds so good yeah

  37. Hot80s

    so hard to find this song, it was playing in my head today

  38. Denis M. Lacroix

    Yes  this Canadian band..has deep messages in a lot of lyrics such as this song & "Rasberry"  xl music also

  39. Dogday

    Great tune

  40. mitchell zurbrigg

    the canadian smashing pumpkins

    a.m. remorse

    mitchell zurbrigg how? Jags guitar playing is all blues, funk and prog. I honestly don’t hear it. Ime tracks have way more complex breakdowns and structure. For me the pumpkins will always be more melancholic. Ime has way more manly bravado like stp. Canadian STP with some serious funk thrown in there.
    I’d love to hear the pumpkins do funk. Lol

  41. fuckingslayer skateboarding

    Saw these guys as my second concert


    Saw them too with Moist and Our Lady Peace in Quebec City back then. Amazing show.

  42. breakdanceattiffanys

    Anybody else have the American Eagle CD this was on back in the day (waaaaay back in the day lol)?

  43. M Mac

    I saw these guys and Tea Party for $5.00


    M Mac I saw them for free.


    Can we be friends

    Will Pack

    I saw them on MTV Headbanger's Ball in the early 90's. Back when MTV was good.

    Shawn Picard

    Rmpaq5 I seen them at the Loop, partied with them on shrooms in Chatham too lol loved the 90’s

  44. Christine Piette

    ** I close my eyes, I become this guy...**  What I hear.

  45. Doug Terry

    Why is this not available anymore?

  46. Billy Milbrand

    Can't believe how long I slept on these guys.. been a huge grunge fan for years. AIC, STP, Smashing pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc. Never heard of these guys until I was listening to a Canadian radio station recently


    Econoline Crush had amazing prod it aged like fine wine.


    Just imagine a whole country of places like Seattle and Portland, with some French.

    FryGuy 420

    I don't know if you guys ever hear "dallas green" Down there, or(forget the name of his band), but , or...you should check out Monster Truck. good cndn. band..but i'm goin' to see the trews, loverboy & the spoons in hamilton next month!summer in Canada rocks!!!

    FryGuy 420

    just remebered the name of the band.."City in colour" pretty talented guys.

    Rick G

    FryGuy 420 since City and Colour started as a side project for Dallas Green I think you mean Alexisonfire. Sorry if my assumption is wrong, but I figured since the topic was alternative bands I thought perhaps you needed a helping hand.

  47. RedmanTSS

    it sounds almost the same live... 10/10 song


    I have seen them live in ... 1995 I think!? They were really good.

  48. Vernon Hills

    well hot damn this is the real deal. thnx

  49. MrCanadaOntario

    4:12 best part

  50. nockanoo62

    Still killer in 2017....

    Curtis Gillingham

    nockanoo62 2018*

    Matthew Geniole

    Christmas 2018 lol


    Also in 2019

    mike lake

    saw them friday night w finger eleven

    Matthew Geniole

    @mike lake I saw them in Chatham on the 10th thursday

  51. Darren Paquette

    They sounded similar to a mashup of Janes Addiction and Smashing Pumpkins who also were big at that time, all great bands in that era I was growing up.

    Marty Sharphead

    Agreed Darren

    Chris Robinson

    smashing pumpkins and stone temple pilots more like

  52. Tim Quirk

    What is the background vocal track from 4:20 to 4:30?

  53. ChachaChapati

    Thank you, CHOM 97.7.

    Weedle dee

    yeah but astral media sucks dick making Chom play shitty songs 5 times every hour again their will. per se by contract


    It can get a tad repetitive, but all the same, they have a nice mix of classic rock and present-day stuff.

    J'ai ldoua

    Ningty at nine cant miss it at my job

  54. fuckingslayer skateboarding

    i thought this was nirvana for a second

    Jerome Cordeau

    Lol Nirvana was never that funky ....

  55. smashingpumpkin1986

    I Smashing Pumpkins


    @Tree Greene you sound quite defensive.

    Roger Burtnick

    as a fan of both, IME have a WAY harder edge than smashing pumpkins. And the lead singer isn't nearly as big a douchebag... no wait. yes he is.

    Mushy Pasta

    Our Lady Peace sounds more like the Pumpkins with those whiny vocals.


    OrionTheHunter yeah minus the fuzz pedal, the other 5 million effects pedals

  56. nakedgunmusic

    This is on my playlist. Incredible production, great energy, and a nice hook!

  57. Jack Farnsworth


  58. Holly A

    I used to have all these cd's and have mixed and mashed left. you cannot buy them anywhere..so glad to see them in here!!


    Super curious.... it's "mixed and matched". Did you think it was "mixed and mashed"? No judgement. I just think that kind of thing is funny. I do it myself from time to time.

  59. Douglas Lang

    First heard this song on a VA compilation promo CD that I received from Alternative Press Magazine during the 90s, and soon was "hooked" on "Scenery and Fish"

  60. The Ow's Bros

    I was listening to this in Florida in the 90s though Americans didnt understand it. It rocked a few campus parties.

    Real Talk

    Chris Halliday don't forget limblifter

    Jesse Swarbrick

    John Smith listen to big wreck...very underrated Canadian 90s band


    I would like to add Moist & The Tea Party!

    Ted Forsure

    John Smith  Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, The Odds, Treble Charger, I Mother Earth, just to name a few.

    Tyler Payment

    Doc Halliday Sloan is one of the most criminally underrated bands of all time, they should’ve been huge

  61. Ricky Suy

    Great Job!!

  62. Mikee Wassell

    thanks elderniro

  63. big bad papa bear

    This is actual music.

    Hamilton 2wheeler

    i'd hate to see you idea of music if you dont think this is music.

    Dan Alls

    big bad papa bear ... Damn Straight!!!


    Yah bud! 100%


    There were some killer bands around Canada in the 1990s. These guys, tea party, sloan, the smalls, the hip, our lady peace...

    Sonny C

    listening to your mom play my skin flute is music

  64. DancesWithMetroids

    Thanks Mark!

  65. SuperADUSE

    good band for the time 

  66. kiikasi

    Great dynamics in this recording.


    @***** What? Dynamics means the decibel difference between the maximum volume and the lowest volume in the track. The worse the dynamics, the more boring, flat, and overwhelmingly loud the track is and metal often ruins their music like that.

    New Chapter

    yeah this is really impressve

    Zando Zan

    There are literally zero dynamics in this song. Look up what dynamics are. Great song, but no.... no dynamics. LOL

  67. Robert Baratheon

    No nostalgia for me; this awesome song still rocks the radio all the time :)


    +smthone I know. I think it's a bit overplayed in Canada.

    greg brandreth

    hard to overplay I mother Earth

    Gerald Weir

    Well, they have other great songs which don't seem to get any airplay. So, most people only know this one.

    Thomas Cabral

    I know Levitate, Not Quite Sonic, Rain Will Fall, So Gently We Go, Summertime In The Void, Used to be Alright, Another Sunday and Raspberry...


    Robert Baratheon i miss the fuckin Canadian Highway man. Puffin and goin from the coast to the rockies just living the music. I live in the USA now and its cool but not the same. No vast distances of wilderness or shit. I love this band.

  68. J. Mascis

    Whenever I'm on the east coast of Canada. I think alot about this song. It's just an east coast kinda thing.


    This band is from Toronto, Ontario you know. 

    J. Mascis

    Yeah. And whenever I'm on the east coast of Canada. I think alot about this song/album... Good observation ;) 


    Большое спасибо

  70. Evan Hickey

    Lead singer is from my home town :) Went to school with his brother!


    Edwin's the janitor at my school.


    Nope, this is Edwin!


    Cool story, bro.

    Sonny C

    and slept with his father?

    Bryan M

    You tried...

  71. Willow Pompano

    I was lead here by a post on Tumblr asking whether this band or Our Lady Peace was better...I am on this fence. These amazing sounds, and I am definitely in love.


    I'm on a fence, too. I like the alley cats playing the blues.


    Um, When IME was at it's best, Edwin on the mic, his ego NOT in overdrive, everyone focusing on the music, they could make better music than OLP, definitely. The problem is the planets had to align pretty much precisely for that to happen. IME only really had two or three songs that went out of the park, this one, "So Gently", and that other one from QMD (sort of).  Our Lady Peace consistently makes great music, so they are my favorite of the two for that reason. I would choose naveed album over IME box set any day of the week. 

    ryan c

    @GregMHouse  if it was a choice of one band disapearing as if their music never existed I would vote for IME to stay.. simply because their early stuff with edwin is badass. olp only had 1 album(their first), after that they went in a direction I couldnt follow.

    C T H

    Yeah, of the two I definitely think IME was the better band - at least they wrote better songs that were more technical.  OLP was good too, but the first two IME albums were SICK.


    IME takes the cake. Their use of funk really does push them above, not to mention both of their singers have more listenable voices than OLP's. "Dig" and "Scenery and Fish" some of the best recordings I've heard honestly.

  72. ManicGunner383

    Canada rules! We can rock out and kick the shit out of the states in hockey. Sounds like 2 great things. Not mention we're 10 times smarter lol

    Floppy Rodrigo

    obscurissimus I like Burger Baron the most because their mascot is spooky as fuck and it's a local fast food chain that's been on the brink of bankruptcy for 20 years

    Andrew Hibbert


    Well, there are a lot of them.

    Regis Palmer




    Sonny C

    @obscurissimus your....lololol i think he made his point

  73. Jake McFarlane

    Thy do sound similar tho

  74. Nate Chomyc

    All of u comparing olp to I mother earth! They are two different sounds! Wake up

  75. Scott Ledger

    Back in my Rock radio days I had a chance to play 'bongo's' on stage with these guys for WXTB's Gasparilla event in Tampa, to this song...what a rush

  76. Dead Star

    ↓ Ditto! ♥

  77. Dave Gagnon

    fuck yea

  78. Dave Gagnon

    awesome song!!!!

  79. Thadd Corbett

    High school was awesome.

  80. Alexander Malley

    Best song i've heard for a while

  81. Trevor Bott

    Songs like this make me feel i was born a decade too late...

    tranell borden

    nigga u wus

  82. Helen Von Devious

    90s were so incredibly much better. Such Nostalgia for that time..

  83. c buchanan

    this was when i was alive !

  84. WhimsicalPyro

    This song reminds the world of it's youth.

  85. Este Trips

    Damn this reminds me of my youth... I can smell the pine trees, and feel the cold California air down my spine...

  86. James Carter

    Oh 4:10, how i love thee...

  87. Domo

    One of the best years in Canadian music, ever.

  88. Huey232

    Not taking anything away from OLP, they're a fantastic band, but I would have to whole-heartedly disagree with you on that one.

  89. cws480

    ServantOfHumanity, OLP is twice the band I Mother Earth will ever be! Happiness is a tremendous album. Even Spiritual Machines has more solid tracks than the best of I Mother Earth.

  90. Tavis Laffan

    @pivot1022 I guess

  91. Smokey McBongwater

    that's.... cool?

  92. Tavis Laffan

    I was 3 that year

  93. TheSpacesinthehall

    "I Mother Earth" sounds strangely like an early "Our Lady Peace"... I guess the names are just a coincidence!

  94. Rex Holes

    somehow when I listen to this album I am taken back to early early morning driving across Saskatchewan near Alberta, the sun coming up and listening to this was just so zen o>o

  95. Jeff Dubnick

    oh miss the 90s

  96. That One Guy Who Doesnt Like You

    Tis song rocks

  97. Gabrielle Lessard

    like being 13 again!

  98. Whateverintheworld

    I bought this album a long time ago...I guess when it first came out. I forgot I have this CD. I forgot about this band and for some reason their name just came in my head and I thought...ahh...I wonder if they have videos on Youtube...sure enough...this was my favorite song by them. I didn't know they were still making new albums. That's cool.

  99. Dylan Lozinski

    @dctarget51 Have you checked out their new album. It's totally kick ass.