I Mother Earth - Lost My America Lyrics

A chair in the corner
One leg broken
And a whisper in the hall
There's frustration
Another walk around the room
A loss of direction
Before the start

Some say a lot
With few words spoken
Some with peace
Say nothing at all
It's just a matter
Of motivation to live
Just a question
Of where to get love

Thrills and sand
Fall through my open hand
Where's my time gone
Words look for the song

Lost my America
But made my own way
I believe
To this garden
But on my face
The idea is showing
Shelter me for no reason
At all

Sunlight slanting
Feeling cold
A little fucked up... alone
Seems I'm spending
These supposed best of years
Quite unlike
It says right here
A little fucked up... alone

Take the face
In hands spread open
And one to one
Let the power run
Feed the mouth
That's hungry... open
Feed the mind
That wonders why

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I Mother Earth Lost My America Comments
  1. Todd Stout

    One of the most interesting bands ever- I actually enjoy the comments about this band because, positive or negative, they elicit strong opinions. The rhythym section destroys, the lyrics are genuine, and this band is relentless. They will never get the respect they deserve- I cannot get tired of this music. And I've tried...

  2. patrick grondines

    love this song

  3. [ D3DNS1D3 ]

    nothing i have goes loud enough

  4. Steve Kremsner

    how do I download this entire cd? New computer and not used to it. And don't think im trying to steal the music, I bought this cd about 20 years ago, played the heck out of it, bought another one and lost it among one of my many moves. So I think I already paid for it?

    link biff

    Download each individual song in a youtube-to-mp3 site.

  5. Steve Kremsner

    Dig, simply an eargasmic creation!

    Paul Johnson

    a kickass album definitely-played it a lot on my 3 CD boombox in college! too bad they broke up in 1998!

  6. JimB667

    I was going to type a response about how I disagree with you,but whats the point. This band kicks ass.

  7. Peter Warren

    Very likely LedZeppelin BlackSabbath JimiHendrix Rush TheDoors Beatles BobMarley VanHalen too.There is alot of range to them and I bet there is more I missed.

  8. Richard LaGrey

    I feel like it would be a crime to exclude Moist from this list, heh, especially when IME is involved.

  9. fcbtim

    just fell in love with this song... completely addicted to this sound!

    ive now gone through phases with the mothers, so gently we go, not quite sonic, summertime, good for sule, autumn on drugs, shortcut to moncton, used to be alright, one more astronaut... and now lost my america... i wonder where IME will take me next?!?

    [ D3DNS1D3 ]

    all of dig + scenery and fish

  10. Lyset

    @sharicasmi Really? I think both Scenary & Fish and Dig are equally amazing. :)

  11. Tim W.

    The quintessential '90s rock band!
    The recipe follows:

    Take equal parts Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers and stir.
    Add essence of Jane's Addiction, a liberal pinch of Santana
    and a dash funky jazz. Blend well. Listen to well baked.


  12. gun4hire

    Bang on.
    The Tragically Hip, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, STP, Soundgarden, OLP, etc. etc. etc.
    They all did the same thing

  13. sharicasmi

    well their stuff got progressively mellower as time went by (in a less than interesting way). Their best stuff is from this album, scenery and fish had a few really good songs but alot of it wasn't as good as Dig

    Paul Johnson

    I liked both albums but I agree this album was more raw and intense and there was no sub-par song from 1 to 12!

    Randus Applecorn

    is like heavy blind melon