I Mother Earth - Like A Girl Lyrics

Can't think a straight line beyond the hill
It seems like a mountain next to an ocean behind
A thrill almost in my reach
If there's a way I could
Feel the face of intelligence
I'm a man, I would understand
What a good head says...you're no me
Can't see the forest for all
The green, it all gets in my way
Can't dig a desert without
The need for old religion, for holy grails
And a Jesus nail through the head
For all the pain and misguided faith
My mind erased before I had time
To waste my afternoon

Every thirty days a light goes on
And brightens my backyard a yellow
Dying sun
I bite my tongue and swallow pride and blood
On some other plane I have
Become affected drawn and strange
I'm inclined to blame
My Mother for dressing me like a girl
I don't know maybe that's kind of weird

A teenage breakdown without the will
Or without thinking
Taking low roads and coloured pills
Always searching
Maybe then I would find
A place in this mess
It swells a vein that the only things
That are keeping me awake
Are re-runs of the Mod Squad and cartoons

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I Mother Earth Like A Girl Comments
  1. Levi Vanderraad

    It sounds like a mix of jazz, funk, and rock. Very cool

  2. Sheetzn Gigglez

    I vaguely remembered back then one of my friend asked is this album any good. I told him its "Canadian Siamese Dream"

  3. Lee Pasquali

    They were surprisingly energetic and upbeat for a lot of their songs being about the singer being abused and confused about his sexuality growing up.

    maghreb forever

    Lee Pasquali I wasn’t aware of that in any of the lyrics at least from this album..

    ‘ like a girl’
    every 30 days a light goes off that brightens my backyard
    A yellow dying sun I bite my tongue and swallow pride and blood’

    An obvious metaphor to menstruation. But not the female kind; a male kind of alienation, angst, disorientation, bewilderment in infinity..u know

  4. Lilith Leigh Lakusta

    I’m a man !! Hahahahaha I love I Mother Earth

  5. maghreb forever

    Did a lyrics analysis to this in grade 7. Didn’t have a fucking clue except that it was genius

  6. MrNameless0shelter

    Typical Fender Strat sound awesome

  7. Speckled Perch


  8. a.m. remorse

    Still sounds damn good.

  9. patrick grondines

    i was dressed like a girl once and i played this song while wearing a girls dress

  10. John Last

    best rock album of the 90's right here, just saw these guys with edwin in port dalhousie st catharines in the summer at the biggs and bbq so fuckin awesome

    maghreb forever

    I've lived in ST atharines for fifteen years and am generally obsessed with IME how the fuck did I miss this why Lord

  11. richard casale


  12. richard casale

    Show Don't Tell/RTB flickering wrist action by MR STRANGIATO

  13. Scotrix

    This is my " I need a pick me up song" So effin groovy and well written. Way beyond and Before its time.

  14. RUFF LEE

    It was too lyrically smart for the 90's. There was too much dynamic range for radio to want to play in their over compressed playlists. An they wanted Canadian bands to be more like Bare Naked Ladies, not ones influenced by Santana because "that doesn't make sense."

    Stephen Bruckler

    Personally, I hear more Hendrix and Fripp and less Santana.

    Jonathan Murrin

    I think they were too damn good. It just went right over peoples heads.

    They were kinda milder Canadian TOOL. And thats a compliment.

  15. richard casale

    Is it just me or did the alternative/grunge sans 'no wave' movement, with SOUNDGARDEN & NIRVANA (my faves) just seem very late 1960s ; in essence?

    I don't care for the lyrics at all & I must admit it's Alex Lifeson's 'Victor' that brought me here.
    Alex 'Vampirello' Strangiato Life'Son' has got, as THE WHO would say - "such a supple wrist"

  16. caribbeanrocker11

    What a song!! That chorus rocks hard!! Very talented band indeed.

  17. CaptainKupo

    i havent heard much of them, but i hope the awesomeness of this song isnt just because of Alex

  18. Rex Holes

    I remember driving through eastern saskatchewan early morning listening to this cd , another sunday was the perfect soundtrack for that moment. I saw IME live without Edwin and it was a great show the place went crazy, too bad Edwin is gone they had a good chemistry, not to dis the other guy he was a good performer.

  19. Jim Baksa

    Great tune - Thanks for posting - Why weren't they big?

  20. Kyro Pierrot

    Awesome Track!!!! one of my Favs!

  21. IELTS Ryan

    Awesome track from an awesome album. Love the slow down and pause. Great stuff, thank you for posting this.

  22. Kill Your T.V.

    an old fave....been ages since i heard this album.... i missed it! thanks for posting. :)