I Mother Earth - Another Sunday Lyrics

Always hard to get to sleep when
Weird noises are implying threats
On cold sheets I sweat
On any other day
It's all rest and flowers
And a long night of nothing
In the morning some coffee
'Cause when the sun goes
Down you close your eyes and think
That you might wake in the same place

I'm out of my head
That was what they said
There was no way I would
Ever trust again
There's something that fills you up
And it feels you up and then
It takes control of your better sense
There ain't no control of things
You take for granted
But they came and they
Held me up and they felt me up
And left...I miss them

Take me to your world
I want to know if I belong
There instead of here
Is there religion?
It is unordinary
To want this affection
But I don't have a real friend
And I hate my whole family
But from my bed, my window's
Lit by a red light
I have seen before, while floating away

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I Mother Earth Another Sunday Comments
  1. Buist Matt


    Always hard to get to sleep when/ Weird noises are implying threats/ On
    cold sheets I sweat/ On any other day/ It's all rest
    and flowers/ And a long night of nothing/ In the morning some coffee/
    'Cause when the sun goes/ Down you close your eyes and think /
    That you might wake in the same place/
    I'm out of my head/ That was what they said/ There was no way I would/ Ever
    trust again/ There's something that fills you up/ And it feels
    you up and then/ It takes control of your better sense/ There ain't no
    control of things/ You take for granted/ But they came and
    they/ Held me up and they felt me up/ And left...I miss them
    Take me to your world/ I want to know if I belong/ There instead of here/ Is
    there religion?/ It is unordinary / To want this affection/ But I don't have a real friend/

    And I hate my whole family/ But from my bed,
    my window's / Lit by a red light/ I have seen before, while
    floating away

  2. Danielle S

    Still love these guys

  3. Jesse Fairbairn

    Dear Parties Involved,
    Please put this album on Spotify.
    Thank You.

  4. Lex Boismenu

    Been listening to this album since it came out and I always come back to it. Timeless and authentic.

  5. dale brian

    thunder bay loves this

  6. Corey friestad

    Curious about what people think this song is about?

  7. Mathieu Fortier

    I remember watching the clip on Much in the 90s

  8. Buist Matt

    One of my all time favourite songs... EVER. After a thousand listens since a kid I still never tire of the grove and lyrics :D

  9. Tom Rushfeldt

    The melody is clever and satisfying. I wish people still wrote pop songs like this.

    John vincent

    This is pop? I'd call it hard rock

    a.m. remorse

    @John vincent the whole song is one giant hook. in that sense it's a pop song.

  10. Shamaniac

    This song was 1995, guys. What's with all this 1997 talk?

    Bryan M

    Came out in '96. I remember because Moist's Creature came out later that year, and they toured together in support of their "'96 albums".

  11. Fuse Lucas

    This is the good stuff. So love I Mother Earth.

  12. Tao Jones

    I'm surprised how good they sound.

  13. down in a Hole

    cant wait to see ya'll friday night in fredericton !~

  14. Krysten55

    I didn't think this was the song I was looking for at first, until the main chorus hit.

  15. 67beaumont67

    Go see them live, They sound so good now Edwin is back.

    Cari Co

    Saw them Saturday, they were great!

    Cam Farr

    Sweet!! I get to see them in August!!



    Cam Farr

    Rockin' the Fields of Minnedosa.

    Grant Murphy

    Just saw them in Ottawa Monday night. Absolutely incredible and I'm not (wasn't) a huge I Mother Earth fan.

  16. patrick grondines

    i was born in the year this album came out in 1996 but i did not hear this album or this song until i was 14 years old

  17. wolf whiskey

    I'm out of my head there is no way I would ever trust a gay maaaan!

  18. Rockin RodZilla

    probably the greatest song by them. it was the only song i really felt a connection with. heard they were back. they should make more songs like this.

  19. B Vile

    I seen I Mother Earth in Hamilton 2015 and it was great show,i even got to meet them in the band shell after!! ;)

    Bryan M

    NippelousErectous haha.. I fuckin hate when people say "I seen".

  20. aymesm

    I loved IME since I was 12, I seen them live last year and didnt think it would be as amazing as it was with edwin, I was wrong. Bryan is fantastic!  does all the songs above justice!

  21. Matt Whyy

    I always thought this song was about hating your friends and family and wanting to be alone. Then I learned its about alien abduction. Which is way more awesomer.

  22. Trev Mac

    1997 was a good year for music and this was a great song

  23. hipster chick

    Love this tune

  24. Andrea

    is this song about secret societies / aliens / CIA / gov't committing people to mental hospitals during elections to suppress their political influence?

  25. Andrea

    it's true. 97' was the last great year for great live, talented cdn rock.... the watchmen, sloan, i mother earth so many reached there peak. thanks for nothing napster. p.s. my papa used to run the North Bay airport/ deviti club (when the mob hit : )

    Bryan M

    Uh, you're forgetting Moist.

  26. c buchanan

    1 of the best bands ever. shame they broke up

  27. Rebecca Ireland

    Good times

  28. Petrophski

    Good times man - Sudbury, Ontario

  29. william ragland

    really? the same members?

  30. william ragland

    yeah i agree they had the potential to be like RCHP but there were alot of egos...this band reeks of amazing talent

    Jason Derek

    couldn't have said it any better. Right on the money in BOTH points 110%

  31. MrRitch2

    No way should this band not exist still. I blame the promoters and managers.

  32. DangerDavez

    you got your wish buddy!

  33. The Philosopher

    This is the first major band I saw live. Very few bands would tour to North Bay, ON and they did. I was probably about 14 years old and it was awesome. Love this music movement and it is amazing given today's music that this was actually popular back then. A couple years later everything went downhill with popular rock and I entered the underground punk rock and metal scene and never turned back.
    I still listen to tunes from this era now and again though. Great era for rock.

  34. Krystal Shypit

    me too. awesome stuff

  35. brian rake

    I miss them...


    Every 30 days

  36. Zak_ Salter

    I remember the first time I smoked weed, this album was big time in B.C..... Yup the good ol' days....

  37. Amber Peddy

    Hell yea!

  38. ultimatemetalfreak

    Amazing music. Feeling nostalgic. Had some good times hanging with Daniel Mansilla. (percussionist) He was good enough to get us fans as roadies in Boston. Good times.

  39. Freddyeightythree

    Fuck, this song is just great.

  40. Brrmycoochiscold

    i hear that!!

  41. acidsould

    Not enough views wtf. Nostalgia

  42. dave arcand

    this song = a long night of nothing and in the morning some coffee

  43. neoclassical85

    This song = Nasthalgia.

  44. Lindsay Hohne

    Man I love this song. Brings back memories...

  45. jay.0621

    @WhiteGuy4Hire fuckin eh?

  46. deathxcircle

    @losermonster Not a joke. He posted several times on his facebook page on the subject of new IME material last year. Likely Brian Byrne on vocals again.

  47. deathxcircle

    @losermonster Jagori Tanna is working on new IME material.

  48. SmallFries01

    @RussianXgrave but alot of good songs came about after edwin. the band itself wa class. not just him. the music industry just went to shit

  49. RussianXgrave

    i mother earth was my favorite band growing up.... i love how after its been over 13 years since... i can still sing along to the songs.... i miss you i mother earth.... ever since edwin left the band slowly died....

  50. Laynecobain87

    awsome song!