Hyman, Phyllis - When I Give My Love (This Time) Lyrics

When I give my love
This time
I'm gonna make it last forever more
And when I give my love this time
I'm gonna give it all I got for sure

No more mistakes that's my resolution
Lord knows I've been through so many changes
Stick to the path that's the solution
It's for sure I won't go wrong

At last I've found someone
Someone that I can trust
Feel good about myself
Feel like nobody else

When I give my love
This time
I'm gonna make it last forever more
And when I give my love
This time
I'm gonna think it through and be for sure

Follow the book that's my intention
The book of life
The book of love
To be hurt by love is too painful to mention
But you learn from experience

At last I got someone
Someone I can trust
Feel good about myself
Feel like nobody else
Ooh baby

When I give myself this time
I'm gonna give it all I've got for sure

(Last forever) I'm gonna make it last
I'm gonna make it last
(Last forever) yeah-yeah-yeah
Giving my love to you baby
(Giving my love to you)
Oh gonna make it last
(Giving up, giving up)
Forever more
(Giving up, giving up)
I'm gonna make it last
I'm gonna make it last
Ooh when I give my love this time
Ooh forever and ever
When I give my love (next time I give my love) I'm gonna think it through
And be for sure
I will have my eyes open baby
Yes I will
Never take advantage of my love
For you baby
Got my eyes on you
Ooh when I give my love to you baby yeah
I'm gonna make it last
Forever and ever
Oh forever more
And I'm gonna give it all I have for sure
Hey I won't go wrong
No at last I found someone
Someone that I can trust
Forever and ever
Last forever and ever
I found myself
Ooh baby
Last forever (don't have to look for love) and ever
Last forever and ever
(Don't have to look no more)
Oh no, no
Last forever and ever
No, no no more
No ain't got to look for love no more
Gonna make it work
This time
No, no, no

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Hyman, Phyllis When I Give My Love (This Time) Comments
  1. Tasha Parker


  2. Karen Lester

    THE BEST , THE BEST !!!!

  3. Ronald Vaughan

    Sherri Johnson I am so sorry for hurting you.I love you with all my heart and soul.

  4. Teresa Spevey-Carter

    The greatest female voice
    I cried when she took her life

    Miss her so much

  5. protected BLESSINGSTOALL

    DITTO BABY😉💘💘💯✔

  6. Nikki77

    Miss Phyllis... you just dont know how your voice, lyrics, musicianship has a huge impact all over the world. Your legions of fans still celebrate you and truly truly loved you. I wish you could have seen it and really understood that you were and still are very much loved and celebrated. Yes, we had Whitney, Chaka and Angela Bofill but you were in a league of your own. Your own lane that could never be disputed or duplicated! You are a legend and you left many of fan shattered and wishing you would of felt the impact of our loss. You will always be the queen miss Phyllis! Trust and believe that baby!

  7. John Kyles

    im about too propose on this song today !!!!!

  8. Andrea Anderson


  9. Rosalind Williams

    It was so heartbreaking when i heard of her passing just like Marvin Gaye two of the best.

  10. william harbour

    yeah , but they seem to go some how

  11. Sheron Byrd

    I can hear and feel her pain in her music.... We love you Phyllis forever more...

  12. Tasha Parker

    I love this jam forever

  13. R McCoy

    Many warm and hurtful memories from my past. I apologize from my heart to those that I hurt and lost in the process. A very beautiful song from a beautiful women. RIP

  14. moomoo hakim

    You could tell where. Toni Braxton got her style and isms from.

  15. Joe Westerman

    Let's just say it - Fabulous!

  16. Carol Ann Miles-Hughes

    Adviceline....open.....answering machines Real Women only...

  17. Gerard Best

    Yes fell it all in my soul.. Fire.. She is for ever my loved..

  18. Gerard Best

    Yes she is wonderful.. Beautiful..

  19. Jerry Ball

    love you phyliss jerry ball

  20. MsSinnamongirl

    love listening to her songs

  21. Jacqueline Watson

    Gone too soon

  22. Lydia Graham

    The Queen.....

  23. Catherine Young

    No voice can measure up to Phyllis'. Rest In eternal peace Queen 👑 ❤️

  24. Benji B-Side

    Modern day pop Diva's take note! Stop the voice gymnastics and loud warbling, This is how you do it with a big voice!!

  25. Chriz Carter

    Ms. Phyllis Hyman. I’m Only 24 Years Yet Your Music & Voice Trembles In My Soul So Deeply. Just A Pure And Raw Talent RAW GIFT YOU WERE/ARE. Keep Resting My Queen

  26. Renita Battle

    Wow! What a beautiful voice.

  27. Denna Taylor

    You cant ever go wrong with Phyllis

  28. Denna Taylor

    I would like to hear Toni Braxton remake her songs...

  29. TRE45ON

    God rest your soul Queen.

  30. Mike Chris Scorpio.


  31. Q. G

    Elegance at it's best wish she could've whistled a little bit on this

  32. tracy Joyce

    her voice is so beautiful u can feel the luv n all of her songs the emotions are deep helps u alot

  33. Andrea Frison

    AWESOME voice

  34. Zoe Law

    So called singers today need to take some lessons from Phyllis!

  35. Eric Harris

    Phyllis is the ONLY singer of this caliber, that would never open her mouth unless she "means" what she's saying...pure glory!

  36. Raymond Smith

    Great voice beautiful lady, miss her.

  37. davenia dean

    Will forever love her music

  38. gwendolyn smith

    Phyllis put all her ♥️ Heart in her 🎶 You feel every emotion!!!

  39. Brenda Carter

    I love this song

  40. calvin pickett

    Girl is will always be be here nothing can compare very unique hey it is what it is love philis beautiful thank you

  41. nikirk101

    such quality and what a loss

  42. Lawrence Stona

    RIP hey death we where still Going to hear a Lot torching us so much

  43. Lawanda Scroggins

    For REAL For REAL she was very very talented

  44. Lawanda Scroggins

    RIH Ms. phyllis Linda Hyman your music live forever....

  45. Paula Getter

    Great talent, sorely missed

    Angel Johnson

    Paula Getter yes amen she was incomparable its a book about her life the phyllis hyman story its a flawless read!!!

  46. Miiko Edmondson

    She's my all time favorite! Love her style of music it will put you in a great feeling.

  47. Shardae Lowery

    I miss you phyllis and I love you dearly

  48. Eberneezer Scrooge

    When I lay my eggs on Mars I'm gonna rule the planet with my giant ants..🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🦇🦇🦇🤡🤡🛶🛶🚣‍♀️👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾🤖💀💀

    Angel Johnson

    Eberneezer Scrooge huh what does that have to do with this song

    Eberneezer Scrooge

    @Angel Johnson ALL in good time my dear, all in good time.. 🍭🍭🍭🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐸🐸👵👵🌙🌙🌙👵🕢🕥🕠🌕🌕🕤

  49. Katrina

    I miss her!!!
    What a voice!

  50. Jourdan Phillips

    Who is listening to this awesome woman in 2019 ???? Gosh my heart is hyperventilating every time I hear her voice and remember the first time I heard just few seconds to her voice about 6 years ago on a radio station play one of her songs and i felt something that stuck with me till today and i cant get enough of her music. I have managed to download as much song 6 years ago and wen i hear people talk mention her name or a song comes on i get all up in my emotions. I never got to meet her or see her in concert but thanks to YouTube and the uploaders for aiding in us younger folks to appreciate what musically gifts she was has blessed us with.

  51. Ann_N_NC North Carolina

    One day mine will come.
    Cupid I'm waiting.

  52. Chrystal King


  53. Rudolph Watson

    All woman! All talent! All class! Some great R&B artist came out of philly. Phyllis Hyman, Frankie Beverly, Patti Labelle, Barbara Mason, DeeDee Sharp, Solomon Burke, Teddy Pendergrass, McFadden and Whitehead, Billy Paul, Blue Magic, Tammi Terrell, Harold Melvin, Boyz ll Men, Chubby Checker, Stylistics, Intruders, Delfonics, Three Degrees, Jill Scott, Eve , The Roots, Erykah Badu, Hall and Oates, Evelyn " Champagne " King, Lisa " left eye " lopes, The Trammps, Rachelle Ferrell, Brenda and the Tabulations. My Legendary philly Dj cuz Sonny Hopson use to spin those vinyls back in the day on radio station WHAT. Just representing! 😊👍👏

  54. Nkululeko Ndebe

    I can't even tell how I feel when I'm listening to this tune...... if I can have my own world where I'll only be listening to this kind of music. you've outdone it Phyllis. well done

  55. Rhonda Humphrey

    One of my favorite artist, I truly miss her. 2019 still and will always be 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Mecca Muhammad

    all that passion one of a kind that mold is broke their never be. another sista like her they come around evert 100 years.just like a Black Diamond

  57. Donnell Cole-Price

    There is no one out here now that can compare to her. She is one of the greatest Divas Ever!!!

  58. Paul Estopier

    This one right here and OLD FRIEND are my future wedding dance songs♥ and my first ok, time to get down song will be YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME. Best day ever♥ I'm gonna celebrate the love I know she yearned for and now has. You taught me how to appreciate love Auntie Phyllis, I thank you.

  59. Shane CURTIS

    Why in the world did she not get more recognition she so very well deserves. This voice is unbelievable i could listen to this voice all day. My god you gave this lady the ultimate voice and she left way to soon. Sing beautiful one..

    Angel Johnson

    Shane CURTIS yes

  60. Paulette Waters


  61. Lisa K

    My 6 years old (yes I said 6 years old)daughter favorite song. When you play music like this, you pass down something more than you think. One of my all time favorites.

    Angel Johnson

    Lisa Krigger wow thats cool

  62. Anthony Glover

    The world slept on that woman. But you know I didn't. My uncle Bill gave me all of her Albums when he switched over to CD"s. I got back to back Phyllis. Her voice was amazing. You could here the ringing in her heart in her voice. You can also her the love in her voice.

  63. david mokoena

    Very best song sister

  64. Jeffrey Wilson

    Shes a all time,one of the greatest artist ever.Shame she didn't get the recognition while she was alive.She lives through the real ones still here.Love to the spirit and talents of Phyllis Hyman,not to mention lovely beauty.R.I.Power#25

  65. Michael Handy

    Man, man, man straight pipes! 2019 Still Listening!

  66. eric anderson

    doesn't get any better than this

  67. John Moore

    The people with thumbs down on this song. Please go listen to beyonce. THIS IS A TRUE SINGER. PHYLLIS IS UNTOUCHABLE

  68. John Moore

    The most underrated song ever by PHYLLIS hyman

  69. Ranona Cirino

    Hello good morning to you I hope Mrs. Hyman can get you today happinesd

  70. Lawrence Davis

    Beautiful song by beautiful woman miss her music so much, she really made you think about being & staying in LOVE !!! 💓🙏

  71. Jim

    2019' what! making it last

  72. william harbour

    we have no control of how long that we even live here

  73. Irvin Harris

    Now this one, like so many of her songs really is a tear jerker, and it also makes you think real long and hard about going into another relationship, or better yet, think so damn hard before you leap again. Love you Phyllis, and always will. Your fan forever! RIH beautiful lady.

  74. Thamie Biyela

    Ohh life, good musician well gifted, beautiful lady. She left us with such most beautiful music. Depression robbed us.

  75. Chris Madden

    In the early 90's I was in love with this person and we had broken up I took a cab and traveled 30 miles to her now we been together 29 yrs later Old Friend was my favorite!

  76. Vespa V

    song molto oookkk!!!

  77. Stephanie Carter

    Sang It

  78. kevin lane


  79. Balebatje Reuben Thabetha

    Quiet storm

  80. Matthew Ada

    love this song

  81. Ranona Cirino

    Phylis Hyman is the best because this can keep your fire in your relationship okay

  82. Valerie Brown Cheers

    Such powerful singing from a beautiful lady!

  83. Deneatha Shipp

    She was FABULOUS !!!

    Angel Johnson

    Deneatha Shipp queen phyllis in her own class

  84. clobbyhops

    Aretha was a queen and you beautiful dear Phyllis was a queen also, oh how your fans miss you girl, I myself wished I knew you so I could’ve done my best to help you with all the problems you had to deal with and face, R.I.P angel Phyllis Hyman.

    Angel Johnson

    clobbyhops i agree the queen!!! miss phyllis is

  85. Charl'ee Ramirez

    DO you hear me !!!! yes MISS Hyman, I got to play this for my Ken. been knowing him 9 years been dateing 6month. I'm 50 and he is 63 today .

  86. Ennis Young III

    Without a doubt she was the best I ever heard, her voice is so smooth, so melodic, and so very powerful. This woman could sing the abc’s an turn it into a number one hit RIP Miss Hyman you are truly missed.

    Angel Johnson

    Ennis Young III amen

  87. Patricia Burgess

    Word, Phyllis word.

    Angel Johnson

    Patricia Burgess miss phyllis is incomparable!!!

  88. Kevin C

    Still Hot In 2019......1

  89. LeNora DeNNis59

    Such a beautiful and heart warming voice, missing her dearly! If she could hear me, I 😍 you!

  90. Prettybrown Eyes

    Who’s still listening in 2019💕

  91. Judy Cruz

    To me one of the greatest woman vocalists. So sad her life was cut short. She had it all but felt the loneliness of that special one missing in her life. Rest in peace Queen. May your music live on.

  92. Mark W.

    I live in Austin, i first heard this song skipping into Austin from over 350+ miles away from collage Station on a clear "BEAUTIFUL" Sunday morning with a (STRONG) Signal back in 1993. Once i heard the words to this song i just had to stop and think how well put and how beautiful the words to this song is. Its clear what she is saying, She will give her love and her heart this time!

  93. annmarieanderson30

    This woman sang her life; the confusion, failed love, abandonment, and self esteem issues. I wish she had the strength to stand on her own and understand her self worth. She wasn't able to see what we saw in her. We saw a rich, raw, unique, beautiful and super talented human being. God, we have to remind people how special they are and that they matter.

  94. Lynette Townsend

    Sing it Phyllis Hyman

  95. Olatunbosun Bode-Alaaka

    Phyllis has since been singing in my head.

  96. e46 enthusiastic

    This GODDESS this title this song these words this is what real music is this is the INCOMPATIBLE this is Ms PHYLLIS HYMAN in my Phyllis kind of mood

  97. Frances Rush

    Classic Phyllis Hyman! RIH! My Jam here! Played the grooves off of her Albums! Loved me some Phyllis and miss her! Much Love!