Hyman, Phyllis - Walk Away Lyrics

Well I can't cross that bridge in my mind
Did we dance
One too many rimes
Can I still feel the love
As I'm looking at you
Do we hold on or say that we're through
What should we do
When pride seems to get in our way
And we wish love was like yesterday
Through love and through tears
Sacrificing those years
And one day two people turn and walk away
Tell me
How did we come to this place
Where did love go
'Cause we once had a taste
All those magical nights
Lovers and friends
Until we're hurting each other again
It's no way to end
And walk away
When pride seems to get in our way
And we wish love was like yesterday
Through love and through tears
Watching all of those years
End in a day when two people walk away
Oh baby
How can I say goodbye when there's still some love deep inside
And together we could make it right
I prayed he'd be the first to say
Hoping that the other might stay
And to turn and walk away
There's somebody here who loves you
Don't you turn around and walk away
Oh baby
Through love and through tears
Watching all of those years
You thought you'd never walk away
Oh baby
Through love and through tears
Watching all of those years
I thought you'd never walk away
Ooh hoo...
To turn and walk away
(Who's gonna love me baby like yesterday)
Who's gonna love me
When you go
Who's gonna hold me all night long whoa
Don't walk away
Please won't you stay

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Hyman, Phyllis Walk Away Comments
  1. Loretta De Herrera


  2. Rita Walker

    The letter J is the worst letter my name is Jalen i don't understand why people like the letter J so much i don't understand why people like the name Jalen so much Jalen is the worst name and J is the worst letter i wish my name was Trevor.

  3. Trevor Hicks

    This is the original version although at first I thought it was the faster version that I am used to listening to buy hope as soon as I stumbled across it and listened I knew after a few secs that it wasn't welp I'm just glad that I did when I had the chance and opportunity to do so RIP Phyllis

  4. Sean Jenkins

    This album really is a collection of beautiful songs. And Phyllis' voice took them over the top

  5. Elliot Daniels

    I really needed some Phyllis in my life tonight and her rich and sultry voice soothed me. She sang with such conviction it's never a dull moment going on the journey with her. For sure you'll know how she felt. She's in my top 5. Rest Phyllis we miss you

  6. Aaron Williams

    Such a wonderful and beautiful lady! No, I never met her or knew her personally, but I feel like we would have become dear friends. She sang with such passion and power and fire that it appeared almost effortless. Wish she knew deep down how worth it she was. Hope her spirit has found the peace and comfort that she didn't seem to attain here on Earth. Love you, Ms. Phyllis. 🌹 RWG

    Proud Unprofessional

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

  7. Henry Thompson

    My favorite female singer of all time!

  8. frostysnow w

    The whole album is the best 💗

  9. Cas82958

    What a tremendous song. She was such a true talent. Forever a legend.

  10. Irvin Harris

    Very nicely done by Ms. Phyllis Hyman.  Love and miss you.

  11. Sanction my love, a testimony

    the vocals here are insane!!!!!

  12. Marvin G. Harden

    My favorite off the CD and still listening iN 2019 #WalkAway.💚💚🔨

    That Libra Lady!!!!!! King

    I really love Phyllis Hyman, my older brother turned on to all the ladies of this era, Jeanne Carne, Anita Baker, Minnie Ripperton, etc!!

  13. Jalen Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  14. Jalen Walker

    This is my favorite song

  15. JT Skyles

    This song has a powerful meaning. The late great Phyllis Hyman. The bass guitar, the saxophone and drums are working together mightily on this one.

    Angel Johnson

    JT Skyles queen phyllis died right?

    JT Skyles

    @Angel Johnson Yes unfortunately she did, she passed away through committing suicide in 1995.

    Angel Johnson

    JT Skyles wow such a shame i wonder why did she take her own life?

    Angel Johnson

    JT Skyles yeah im from hampton va but her roots are pittsburg pa

    JT Skyles

    Yes I think it was never solved?

  16. Rita Walker

    I thought Marlin would never stop being my mentor.

    Angel Johnson

    Rita Walker aww im sorry

  17. Rita Walker

    This song makes me think of my friend Marlin I thought he never walk away.

  18. smooth persuader

    What fool would dislike this song?? They have no sense in music.


    Maybe because someone walked away from them

  19. Trevor Hicks

    I wish there was an actual Music Video for the song itself that would have been great to be able to see besides the Live Concert Performance but it doesn't matter because it's still a master piece so either or way that is fine with me I love it regardless Rip Phyllis

  20. Trevor Hicks

    I Love. this song dearly Rip Phyllis

    smooth persuader

    Trevor Hicks this song is a masterpiece!!! I think I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I still listen to it and especially when I feel like I have had a fight with a friend that I care about.

  21. Rita Walker

    it is not my fault i got suspended off the bus this past September.

    Angel Johnson

    Rita Walker huh?

    Stormy D.

    @Angel Johnson She had to Walk Away from home to school everday because she got suspended from the bus. Living up to her last name of Walker.

  22. Rita Walker

    I wish I was Perfect. Being Wrong is so Annoying.

  23. Rita Walker

    I am angry that I was not being treated fair at Graham High School.

    Ron Haywood

    Hello Rita, don't dwell on it. We all get mistreated from time to time but we gotta keep moving forward. Stay positive and strong.

  24. Rita Walker

    I wish I was Perfect.

  25. Lewis Anderson

    This is a good song Phyllis Hyman sang it like she was in church can I get a Amen. Good vocals, and good jazz tune she's amazing.

    Stormy D.

    Phyllis made it very clear that her voice "was not honed in any church". I gained even more respect for her after saying that.

  26. kim Mc Donald

    This song make me feel so much like all the guys I loved didn't love me but it' s ok because they are the one's who lose

    Stormy D.

    That's not what this song is about.


    @Stormy D. lololol

  27. Fila Kri

    What a voice.

  28. James Holmes

    The fact that i got hit by a van is Annoying.


    James Holmes Did you "walk away "?

    Sanaa B

    @Jordi7174 AHAHAHAHA


    Sanaa B😅😊

  29. JUICYRED 70


    smooth persuader

    JUICYRED 70 good for you!!!! You are a better person for doing so

  30. Jalen Walker

    This song makes me think about my father John leaving me.

  31. Jalen Walker

    This song makes me think about that lady Toni Shaw there's no way to win that argument against her.

  32. adelgado75

    I think this should have been the follow up single to Don't Wanna Change the World. It's uptempo

    smooth persuader

    adelgado75 I agree!! I love this song so much

  33. Milton Whitlock

    she was simply one of the best singers I've ever heard she made you fall in love just with her voice.it was a sad day when we lost her.she will always remain one of my favorite singers

    Angle Johnson

    yea how she die?

    monique miller

    Angle Johnson suicide

    William Cooper

    monique miller broke my heart...