Hyman, Phyllis - Meet Me At The Moon Lyrics

Meet me on the moon
Soon as you can
In the middle of the sky
You and I
Riding on a cloud
Soft as you please
We can sail upon the breeze
To the everlasting moment of love

Oh I feel your symphony
So strong and so pure
It echoes on through me
I am so sure
That we were meant to be here
Sharing this love
We share

Meet me on the moon
Oh please don't be late
You know how I hate to wait
Cause you're so great
Fly into my love
That's what I need
So my spirit can be free
In the everlasting moment of love

Oh I feel your symphony
So strong and so pure
It echoes on through me
I am so sure
That we were meant to be here
Sharing this love
We share

You'll be my love
And I'll be yours too

As long as the sun wants a heaven
Tell me you'll be my love
Oh here's what we'll do
We'll skywrite our love
Through the heavens
The echoes of your love
Will sing through our lives
Ooh... forever

Oh I feel your symphony
So strong and so pure
It echoes on through me
I am so sure
That we were meant to be here
Sharing this love
We share

Meet me...
Meet... me on the moon
You'll be my love
And I'll be yours too
In the middle of the sky
In the middle of ooh... heaven
You and I... oh!
Feel your symphony, yes I do!
Deep inside of me
Come on and be with me
Meet me on... on the moon
Fly into my love
That's what I need
So my spirit
Spirit can be free
Meet me on the moon...

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Hyman, Phyllis Meet Me At The Moon Comments
  1. Kapree Davis

    This is a HURT/HEALING song for ME!!!


  2. Kurt Adams

    The LEGENDARY Ms. Phyllis Hyman

  3. Temima Tribe of Judah

    She knew how to make her words express lovers feelings...

    Kurt Adams

    Totally agree

  4. Tiffany Chauntice

    This woman was truly one of a kind... I remember loving this this when I was all of 10yrs old... I’m 35 now and wish we had artists like this.
    C L A S S I C !!

  5. Lizanne Whitlow


  6. JUICYRED 70

    I feel exactly like Phyllis Hyman sad as fuck ☁😞☁☁☁☁😞☁
    I feel so sad

  7. Ericka Foreman

    Such a classy love song 💕

  8. Denise Mack

    My ex introduced this song to me August 2016 while we were at the beach. He played a lot of songs then that will always bring back the good times in our relationship back then. It all ended September 7 2019. I will always love him for the music.

  9. Oil of Joy

    Aaahhh this is real music

  10. De La Reese

    My heart has been broken for a long time now this is the only song that can explain the depth of my pain of living in loneliness everyday

  11. Dorrette Young

    I see why Mr Kenny likes this song. It's beautiful.

    Angel Johnson

    Dorrette Young yes

  12. Julie Williams

    RiH Phyllis❤❤❤

  13. boss 2


  14. Anna Dumervil

    There will never be another Phyllis Hyman. My all time favorite. S.I.P 🙏🏽

  15. J Johns Jr

    absolutely Love this song.

  16. anita thomas

    This song still on my mind so many years since. She was truly a diva and in all her music is about someone she really loved deeply. RIP Phyliss..🙏
    I loved all her music...classic..classy...this song is truly a song you only play when truly in love...❤

  17. Derrick Brennan

    This is my favorite song Sis all Love to you always! Rick Brennan from Change North Philly Love Peace thank for your music PHYLLIS. 333.

  18. kia tennie

    I’m young but don’t care love this song I’m so thankful my put me on to this

  19. Ramona Carrothers

    She knew the meaning of true love. Never questions asked.take him as he is and just love with the will of GOD

  20. anita thomas

    I played this song for my nadi and I love him. I just want it to be us. I believe we are meant to be..I know people who love each other well can go through things but I love that man with everything in me. I want to live with him so he can see me. Wake up with me and go to bed with me. I've never loved anyone else as much as him.. I hope he remembers this song...its beautiful he loves the moon..taught me things I never knew....this song is for my nadi.

  21. Stanley Scott

    You please have to excuse me for being a little lite when I wrote about her. I met her when I was a kid and she was such a great influence to me. Beautiful and talented and I can't be she left us. I remember her music and try to discard the rest. I miss you Phillis!!! Stan.

  22. Dana Littles

    Rest Well, no more pain

    Angel Johnson

    Dana Littles how did she die?

  23. Stanley Scott

    Give her love and presence and her music and send her music to everyone!!! Stan.

  24. Stanley Scott

    I met Phillis and was a fan, She was a b3 person and I saycto myself what happened to her. God please sava her soul. I miss her so much.

  25. Bridgett Winston

    I love this woman there will never be another phillis Hyman rest in heaven💕

  26. Tonie D

    Lord, my queen tore the end of this song ALL THE WAY TF UP!!!! DAMNNN!!!! I'm still speechless after all these years.

  27. Barin Nelyse PhD

    No one can touch the talent of this woman.

  28. Catherine Leven

    This song is sooooo good, if you have ever been in love you understand this song. 2019

  29. Mike Chris Scorpio.

    So Softly Song And I Hope To Meet "HIM" ON THE MOON 🌎

  30. SkeetDawg

    How could you ever give this a thumbs down

  31. SkeetDawg

    My mom played this over and over in the 90s. I couldn’t forget it if I wanted too

  32. Delicia Brady

    A man who was a true dear to my heart introduced me to this song. It is such a beautiful and powerful song. It was so special to him and I felt honored when he shared it with me. Watching how he felt the words in his spirit and how much he enjoyed the words she spoke to her love is the day I knew I loved him❤
    May that love rest in navy blue😌

  33. Cookie

    You were so beautiful, brilliant, good enough and talented. Rip

  34. Larry Ballou

    Meet me on the moon. The best thing Phyliss ever did. A Classic.🎼🎵🎶
    Dosen't get any better than this.

  35. Christopher Bradley

    Absolutely beautiful song by an absolutely beautiful and amazing woman......

  36. James Threatt

    I never met or had the pleasure or seeing her perform but I loved this lady for her beauty and talent. Hated that she had such a tortured life. R.I.P. 10/14/2019.

  37. Eric Harris

    I truly agree with Daryll...Phyllis can't be touched at all. Those "In-the-know" would not dispute. Major, major talent....fabulous.

  38. Avalon Park

    My favorite ballard song ever. Nothing can compete with Phyllis.

  39. Carl Fisher

    One of the best female singers ever!! Turn lights out and listen and you will fall in love with her voice WOW!!🎇🎇♥️♥️



  41. Leah Swann

    Still missing Miss Hyman.

  42. jacksor2

    Phyllis put it DOWN on this ONE y'all...Grown Folks Music.

  43. Robin Phillips

    Philly wouldn't let her come to an NA mtg without bombarding her for autographs..all she wanted was to feel like we could love her for her..#ripladyday

  44. Robin Phillips


  45. deputy dogg

    She try to make a date with YAh.
    On the moon. She may have been
    After Yahs. Ownheart. This song like a prayer.

  46. Philadelphia Fly Eagles Fly

    I love her so much she is the goat

  47. boss 2


  48. Dawn Adams

    Her Voice is a Echo of joy to my Ears!: So beautiful!!! Who Agree

    Omar Bain

    Happy and sad talented and very depressing

  49. Tresa Hedgepeth

    Classic, Lady always very talented leave universe to damn soon!!!!!

  50. kia tennie

    So smooth 💗

  51. Charlene Hardy

    Yes Elegant. Gone To Soon. . Will Meet My Man On The Moon 🌝 Ot What Ever

  52. Chrystal King


    Angel Johnson

    Chrystal King huh?

  53. Robbin Grafton

    Still here sad as hell 2019 miss Nipsey 💙💙💙💙🏁🙏🏽🙏🏽😢HBD

  54. Da Truth

    This is from a time when we knew how to maturely talk/Express to each other our feelings, no texting, or emojis!
    This is becoming a lost art. My ppl I implore you to fight for r&b new and old. Fantasia Barrino is a true young form of Phyliss very passionate and similar style. Support what we love so much so we're not beaten to death with rap. The lyrics af smashing ass is not how a lady wants to be loved. Singing of shooting and violence is overwhelming and has become the norm in this country smh🥺.
    We loss the art of expression and ppl picked up weapons. That's a poor substitute. This world is moving through phases so fast there's no time to remember and hold on to what was good. Dont loose this, support real music r&b !

  55. kia tennie

    Meet me on the moon

  56. Shana S.


  57. Lenora Ball

    .. Love this .. miss U Phyllis .. #RIGreatness, GOD Bless U, ..

  58. Queen of the South


  59. Thpmas Perry

    Voice from Heaven thank you Phyllis Hyman !!!!!!!! God bless you !!!!!!

  60. Melissa v

    Mr.C Tipp...love you.

  61. Jennifer Morrow

    Sad that a woman this beautiful was so lonely and man didn't want her, that she would commit suicide

  62. S. E.

    That voice, though.
    So Effortless.
    "In the Middle of the Sky..."
    Fly, Phyllis, Fly. 07.20.19 Sat. 19:24

  63. Martin Nunya

    RIP Angel.... you are and will always be an amazing talent. Thank You for the hours and hours of listening enjoyment. I love You

  64. Chris Williams

    My mom passed on 2008 while i was in prison!! This is one of her favorite songs.. Brings me to tears when i hear it still!!

  65. jaye501

    listening to this still hurts... when she left us i was so so mad at her... we didn't care about her weight... didn't care if she had a record contract... or even a hit... we just wanted her... this is my all time favorite song... by far... but it just hurts too bad to listen to it...

  66. Rudolph Watson

    All woman! all talent! all class! Some great R&B artist came out of philly. Phyllis Hyman, Frankie Beverly, the Stylistics, Intruders, Delfonics, Patti Labelle, Barbara Mason, DeeDee Sharp, Solomon Burke, Teddy Pendergrass, McFadden and Whitehead, Billy Paul, Blue Magic, Sister Sledge, Harold Melvin, Boyz ll Men, Hall and Oates, Chubby Checker, Jill Scott, Eve, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Lisa " left eye " lopes, Evelyn " Champagne " King, The Trammps, Brenda and the Tabulations, Three Degrees. Rachelle Ferrell, Hall and Oates, Grover Washington Jr, Stanley Clarke, Pieces of a Dream, Musiq soul Child. Philly had that smoooth! Souulful! Sound! My legendary Philly DJ cuz Sonny Hopson use to spin those vinyls back in the day on radio station WHAT. Just representing! 😊👍👏

  67. Joel Kidd

    I walked to a bar one night the the whole bar was singing this song it was amazing

  68. khadijah shakur

    Happy Birthday in Heaven dear Queen, miss you dearly....................July 6, 1949 - June 30, 1995

  69. Lois goodmovies

    The only artist that could touch her is Rachelle Ferrell. Rachelle said in an interview that she sung back up for Phyllis n she was her mentor. Love them both.

  70. Stacey Rodgers

    Happy 70th Birthday Phyllis!

  71. Dominic Hetherington

    pure philly big time!!!

  72. Tyrone Powell

    In A Class all by herself 🙌🏾🖤🙌🏾 someday I will find this kind of LOVE in a Lady..... CONTINUE TO REST IN HEAVEN QUEEN

  73. ladivinapr

    One of the greatest female singers to me!!!!! RIP Queen! We miss U!!

  74. JUICYRED 70

    My queen left us today June 30,1995 June 30,2019 she been gone 24 years today I miss her.🌹🌹🌹my phyllis human will never vanish.

  75. J Johns Jr

    Absolutely, love this song! And Phyllis Hyman.

  76. Noah Wilson

    This song is definitely a classic. Just beautiful !

  77. Stanley Scott

    Phyllis was a great friend of the family, met her when I was just a kid but I loved her even then. That voice made you want so much more. She had a presence that you could not deny and that voice made you just surrender to her. I never knew that behind all of it was a sadness that just took her under. I miss you in your stocking feet and cooking fish and side for us. I hope that you are happy and free. Stan.

  78. Traci Moore.


  79. Nichole Bundy


  80. Tanya Saunders

    i wish she could of had the proper help...her songs give me life.....love her! Rip beautiful

  81. jose garibay

    Miss my angel

  82. jose garibay

    Please let me know what works for you so I can get help hate kill's love!

  83. Gregory Russ ell

    Im here waiting patiently..

  84. Minnie Belton

    What a sadly Lady Mystery...... PHYLLIS H./ TonyB.

  85. Theresa McIntyre

    My personal friend!! LOVE HER! RIH!
    Her life was her music! I spoke with her at at a time in my life where her music was relevant to my experience and she consoled me and was the most sympathetic person ever!!!! Love her 💕
    Going through now again !!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  86. Jesus you are my only friend.

    dee🎂 HBD today's she loves 🕯️🌙🕯️

  87. Agnes Perkins

    2019 ☻♥❤

  88. Shawn Wellons

    I was driving down the interstate highway and heard the news over the radio that she had passed away and immediately pulled off the road and just plain wept for at least 10 minutes,I fell in love with her early in my life and will love her forever, rest well Phyllis Hyman😞😞😞😞😞

  89. Linda's Place

    Caring the pain of the world. A soulful sage in a cold unloving world.

    Angel Johnson

    Adjoa Linda Dabo amen

  90. Coast2Coast360




  92. James Williams

    What a great song.

  93. kia tennie

    Meeting on the moon 🌚

  94. Patricia Thomas

    I’ve been married for nearly 43 years and probably won’t have another marriage, but if I did, this would be my song!! Have always loved it!🌹

  95. Elle Class

    I miss her music..

  96. Elle Class

    She really has some amazing hits, jeez.

  97. Jeffrey Lee

    I think that Phyllis was a better singer than Whitney!!!

    Angel Johnson

    Jeffrey Lee me too