Hyman, Phyllis - Living All Alone Lyrics

There used to be time in my life when we were lovers
And we shared this apartment together just us two
I think of how we planned to get married
Saying love how I used to know you well
Whoa oh I can't stand this living all alone
Whoa oh I can't stand this living all alone
Oh no no no whoa

Now I live a single life and I find it's another world
I'm not even the same I'm a different girl
Yesterday I was somebody's baby
Now today I'm a woman on my own
Whoa oh I can't stand this living all alone
Whoa oh I can't stand this living all alone

It feels good to have somebody hold you tight
It feels good to have somebody love you right
Who would end all my long and lonely nights?
Whoa oh I can't stand this living all alone
Whoa oh I can't stand this living all alone
Whoa oh I can't stand this living all, oouu all alone

Oh, I don't want to be alone
Oh weee aaa...
Oh I don't want to be alone
We used to be such lovers
We used to care for one another
I don't want to be, I don't want to be alone
No no, no no
No ooh no
I don't want to be alone
No no no
Need ya, love ya
Come back to me ooh
I love you
Oh please, please come back to me baby
Oouu yeah
I can't stand to be alone
I can't stand it
Don't want to be alone

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Hyman, Phyllis Living All Alone Comments
  1. Mikhail Harvey

    Sada brought me here !!!

  2. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    the definition of class : Phyllis Hyman !

  3. Melody Jackson

    Classy in every way !

  4. Melody Jackson

    Someone said that beyounce's butt is booty lishes, but he never said she was pretty ! Men are caught up in perversion- it doesn't matter to them about looks, as much as gradifying theirselves.

  5. Melody Jackson

    I am sad how much our country has been destroyed because of one woman in Hollywood 😢😭 who said plainly that she wanted to teach our daughters to be suductresses, which has lead our country into all types of perversion. Sex trafficing, and child molestation, and child sacrificing. And witchcraft. I decided to write this because- some many look at this woman married to Jay z. As an icon - but where character is concern and looks, I'd rather be Phyllis human.

  6. Tracy Skins

    My song,my album, & My Girl!!! Damn I miss her.

  7. Sunshine Monroe


  8. Blonbomas spiritual counselor Co

    Please pray for help depression is real pray to Heavenly father for help

  9. caroline boetger

    Gone way too soon! Depression kills.

  10. KiN CAMELL


  11. johnnie baylis

    this lady had all the love you could ever have but she did not understand herself. I remember her life vividly, great soul. Her music echos in heart. R.I.P young lady, see ya on the other side.

  12. A.T. McKinney

    Great slow dancing song!!! Lots of belly rubbing, just saying and know she had some big feet Park West forever!!! RIP-Ms. Hyman!!!

  13. India Miller


  14. michi ross


  15. Albert Cantu

    I remember watching the video for the first time on BET Video Soul, I was 16 and I sat there in awe from her vocals. I was instantly hooked. I went out at bought the vinyl record. Played the hell outta it. I’ve haven’t heard anyone come close to this kind of greatness.

  16. Francis Moses

    I miss her, felt so bad to hear of her passing

  17. Bean Jackson

    @ the 3:08 mark and beyond gets me every time!!!

  18. La Dreem formerly known as Sunshine

    Been awhile...

  19. Marilyn Daniels

    i love her music. however if you listen closely you can tell its a beautiful man's voice. it takes a little time to discern the male tone, but once you hear it, you will realize that most of the great female singers are/were men.

  20. Samantha Williams


  21. IanOHara

    Whitney who?

  22. SARA

    I'm coming to join you soon ms Hyman...in my 30s I can't take living in this filthy world either.

  23. Jadeen Bromell

    I wish cold have met her

  24. Larry Love

    My God, if she only knew how much she was loved. Rest in peace Phyllis.

  25. Sekou Clincy

    I’m in love with the arrangement and production of this song. Phyllis is singing from the soul. Beautiful...

  26. Bran Don

    My Uncle Was So In Love With This Woman. I Hope That Theyre Up In Heaven And He Has Met Her, He Was Truly Infatuated With This Woman and Now I See Why......That Whistle Tho🙌🏾💪🏾

  27. ms letizia

    2019 & still remembering 1 of the greats!!! Poor tortured soul, hope she finally has peace!!!

  28. Queen Michieboo74

    Chills chills chills!!!

  29. Christian NoRestriction

    This Is Music

  30. CandyMichelle Johnson

    Still love this.

  31. Mechanicville555

    I can’t stand this living all alone so lonely yet so many people around me I understand why she committed suicide


    Mechanicville555 me too

  32. Greg May

    Rest in peace! My love ❤️

  33. James Brooker III

    Talented & Beautiful a
    true singer.She is truly missed,in the R&B industry...(RIP)🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🎤🎤🎤🎤

  34. Tarah Ellis

    She was considered fat????? Society sucks!!!

  35. Yinka Fakunle

    Such a beauty. What voice!!!

  36. Chimere Brooks

    I love u phyllis ppl good music

  37. Chimere Brooks

    My mom brought she love this women's

  38. shawn brown

    This wasn't a song, this was her asking, screaming for help...and we failed her! RIP Aunt Phyllis!

  39. nasha white

    Where is her tribute??


    nasha white I know right

  40. adrian richards

    LOVE this woman so much ... Big VOICE and so much control a perfectionist !!!

  41. Tim Tobias

    Who is still listening to this in 2019?

  42. Efern Walker

    Sada baby brung me here

  43. boss 2


  44. Lily Gonzalez

    The greatest voice of all time so beautiful.

  45. great vengeance

    She was so beautiful!

  46. Marlon Mitchell

    Hauntingly beautiful song.

  47. Mae Rose

    Chief keer negroe brought me here..how ironic

  48. Ernesto Bardwell

    Baby You Are. So Miss⛪🐦🐦Your Music Live Forever 💿💿😍😍😍I Will Always Love You💝💝💿💿Mr Satin Soul🌉Nyc

  49. shakiya2

    Rest in Peace, Ms. Hyman! Thank you for sharing your voice with all of us. :)

  50. Ms. Ki

    I cant stand this living all alone. So tired.

  51. Janice Robinson

    I felt the pain in this song 💔

  52. Algie Woods


  53. Ibrahim Mangunoma

    oh heavens... she is missed big time. Rip !

  54. AL Clarke

    Beautiful and she can whistle the woman can whistle 😗💜💜💜💜

  55. purplegurl79

    No matter how Beautiful you are are, you don't see how life is hurting.

  56. Darrell Schultz

    The song in this album as I sit here and listen reflect very haunting to here human being cry it out and no one answered her cries? Not her producing not the one that arranged the music the one who wrote it no one has she been reaching out for years I mean eyes I truly windows to the soul and what I saw way back then just too young to appreciate it too young to understand it completely then I do now my God do I know now

  57. Darrell Schultz

    I must say thank you YouTube I appreciate this music music I haven't heard in 20 years 30 years

  58. R Unique Beauty Supply

    I love her sound and her heart gone to soon blessings in the realm of the spirit peace unto your spirit!

  59. Sara Israel

    It is still hard to believe someone this beautiful and talented killed herself

  60. Pierre Lovelace

    Been everywhere before believe that.

  61. A. G.

    Ms. Phyllis Hyman...that voice!!! Gone too soon. Mental health is serious and need to be addressed. Damn

  62. Jay Lin

    Yep. I was watching BET when they had announced her death. This is the song that came to might right away.

  63. inga robinson

    Her voice truly awakes so many different emotions , it is just so sad she suffered from deep depression that cost her precious life !

  64. Kevin Wingate

    U can hear the cries in her voice!

  65. Ranona Cirino

    You want it so much but you would her on the back burner and your want didn't let her live Aubrey to rest in peace

  66. Ranona Cirino

    The late great that man was her a cake but he wasn't hers he was somebody else's any dogs her so in the recipe spells we love you and adore you

  67. loose screws

    Found dead in a hotel room: Whitney Houston, Phyllis Hyman, Vesta Williams. All were alone within themselves at the time but each had many fans who loved them. All beautiful ladies with beautiful voices.
    The music industry is hell.

  68. darienjjackson250

    Not one of ,but the best underated singer of all time. EVER.

  69. Harvey Lewis

    This beautiful Queen was crying out in her music. Looking and searching to be loved. Her beauty and hypnotic voice will be missed!



  71. L Wash

    One of my favorites. I remember the sad news in 1995 - she was scheduled to appear at the first ever Essence Music Festival.💜

  72. Mark A. Roman

    KeKe Wyatt’s look & voice reminds me of this legendary Queen so much. I miss her!

  73. LaChele

    She used to sang her face off. My goodness. And seeing her live is a true experience.

  74. Ivy McFadden

    After all these years, this song still gives me chills.....you can hear the pain in her voice. Rest peacefully.......

  75. sss

    ugh this is produced so damn WELL on top of her gorgeous voice 😭

  76. Angela Price

    I love Phyllis Hyman I want to see her in the 80s at the Wilshire ebell Theater in LA she showed out do you hear me

  77. Melonie Stewart

    I am ten years old and I am listening to Phillips hyman


    hi Melonie, i am glad that you appreciate good music.

  78. Garfield Burns

    Phyllis was a very beautiful and misunderstood lady who was demonized by her own personal challenges.One wonders if a good understanding man could have been there to comfort her,and how better her life would have been. Supremely enthralling voice was her.rip queenie.

  79. Kurt Adams

    RIP my beautiful sister

  80. Kurt Adams

    The LEGENDARY Ms. Phyllis Hyman

  81. Kurt Adams

    Sweet Philly Soul

  82. Mark Smith

    Great song......powerful...preaching.....
    Late night FM radio gold.....

  83. Bluerosefire

    I feel you queen.

  84. Just me Mary

    Oftentimes mental illness is manifested as evil, when it can also be displayed as "beautiful!" In the case of Lady Phyllis Hyman, it came off as beautiful through her vocals. We her fans benefited from her sadness, while all the long she probably struggled daily. I often wonder did those close to her recognized her depression, the depression that ultimately "took" her life.

  85. shaka

    I've always been a song fan more so than an artist fan. Never cared one way or another about their personal lives. When I heard of her death it affected me as though she was a close relative. I read every article I could get my hands on about her untimely death. Today I still shake my head and wonder why????

  86. Al Person

    We dont have singers like this anymore

  87. Denise S

    Here in 2019 cause they do not make music like this. this woman omg she is a legend her voice is sublime.

  88. Coryyonna pree

    I can't stand this living all alone 😭😔 if only you knew what I mean

  89. Coryyonna pree

    I love Phyllis Hyman and still do who's still listening to this song ❤️ by her n August of 2019

  90. Barry Hayes

    I would've ease the pain kiss it away. Y

  91. Selena Chism

    She was a beautiful woman and very talented her legacy and memories will forever live on I love you Rest in Heaven

  92. Dorrette Young

    This is the trac that I best know Phyllis Hyman for.

  93. Bob Fox


  94. Sweet Deva

    Living alone doesn’t hurt unless you want it to.