Hyman, Phyllis - I Refuse To Be Lonely Lyrics

I can't hold you like I want to
Can't hold you to the promises you make
You won't be here tonight or any other night

It would be a lie to say I'm not afraid
But to be afraid is something that I've always been
The difference is this time I'm not giving in

Yes, I am alone, yes, I'm on my own
But for the first time in my life
I'm gonna carry on, yes, I'm gonna ache

But I will not break, some things I can choose
And baby I refuse to be lonely, to be lonely
I can't change you, I can't blame you

And this time, I'm not even gonna try
You do what you have to do
I'll do the same thing too

You've got a right to say good-bye
But I've got a right to take care of myself
I realize that I come first before anyone else

Yes, I am alone, yes, I'm on my own
But for the time in my life
I'm gonna carry on, yes, I'm gonna ache

But I will not break, some things I can choose
And baby, I refuse to be lonely
Lonely is a place I used to be
But I'm closing that door, I won't live there anymore

Yes, I am alone, yes, I'm on my own
But for the first time in my life
I'm gonna carry on, yes, I'm gonna ache

But I will not break, some things I can choose
And baby, I refuse to be lonely
To be lonely, to be lonely

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Hyman, Phyllis I Refuse To Be Lonely Comments
  1. John Harris

    RIP 25 yrs later.

  2. J.E Stokes

    I love this song so much but it seriously puts me in my feelings big...

  3. soul rebel9

    I love u mom ! R.i.p

  4. nockanoo62

    Those that "know" and remember know how impossibly sad this song is.....

  5. Loretta De Herrera

    LOVE...I WILL NOT BREAK...❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Christine Veronica Miles Hedin

    Her heart & soul Pushed thru her voice!!

  7. timmy841212

    One of my all time faves from Phyllis. 🕊

  8. Rudolph Watson

    I refuse to stop listening to this Gorgeous! Talented! Classy! Womans voice in song! Some great R&B artist came out of philly. Phyllis Hyman, Frankie Beverly, Patti Labelle, Barbara Mason, DeeDee Sharp, Solomon Burke, Teddy Pendergrass, McFadden and Whitehead, Billy Paul, Blue Magic, Tammi Terrell, Three Degrees, Stylistics, Intruders, Delfonics, Boyz ll Men, Chubby Checker, Harold Melvin, Sister Sledge, Jill Scott, Eve, The Roots, Erykah Badu, The Trammps, Rachelle Ferrell, Hall and Oates, Evelyn " Champagne " King, Lisa " left eye " lopes, Brenda and the Tabulations. Grover Washington Jr. My Legendary philly Dj cuz Sonny Hopson use to spin those vinyls back in the day on radio station WHAT. Just representing! 😊👍👏

  9. ninosimone x


  10. China Frierson

    Classic at its best! Never shall music be the same with such depth

  11. serious

    This song always gets me...it was like her last letter to us...I know she is at eternal peace now and will never have to face loneliness again

  12. Mz. G

    A beautiful voice gone too soon; missed.

  13. Beauti Amunet

    My sentiment exactly😢😧

  14. mydirtymind1

    This is dedicated to Carl C Bruton My Love.

  15. jett woodward

    A very beautiful suicide note.

    Angel Johnson

    jett woodward i agree may she rip

  16. malawtic surreal

    its 2019 n im still connected with her words (capricorns sad life we lifes without love)

    Robert James

    malawtic surreal Facts fellow Cap💯

    jc daniel

    Damn this so true

    Monya Jenkins

    So true.

  17. Loretta De Herrera

    A beautiful favorite...💘 💘 💘....💘 💘..

  18. Ron Haywood

    Love, love, love Phyllis Hyman. So soulful and sophisticated and yet angelic. A rare jewel. Hate that life dealt her such a tough hand. R.I.Paradise sweet angel.

    Angel Johnson

    Ron Haywood i agree she was incomparable!!!!

  19. Auntie Maria

    Yes, this song is especially painful knowing how much she suffered from depression & never seemed to get over the passing of her Grandmother & Mother. But I pray that she's at peace now. Her music will live forever. Rest in peace Phyllis Hyman.

  20. Daphne Jones

    Its amazing how this commanding song completes a good & bad relationship... IT'S 1 OF MY ANTHEMS, I can't love w/o understanding love, "I realize that I come 1st, before anyone else...so baby, I refuse to be lonely". 💔#Words2LiveBy💞
    Thank U..."The Voice" 💞PHYLLIS HYMAN💖


    Recently divorced I needed this song for the soul

  22. Daniel Singh

    My heart is missing my diva Mrs Phillis Hyman 💔💔😘😍

    Angel Johnson

    Quinshaye Allday i agree

  23. MissLadyJen Gardner

    My new life anthem ❤ Thank you, Miss Hyman for the beautiful music you shared with this world in your time. You are long gone but not forgotten. Hope you are resting now in genuine peace and love 💗

  24. Isis Koonce

    I love her

  25. jl dotson

    Alone for now... but not for long... knowing where I belong “I refuse to be lonely”
    R.I.P. Ms. Phyllis Hyman 🌹💐🌹💐

  26. The_Delirious_Peach

    I don’t understand why this wasn’t a bigger hit...an anthem for women all over the world. R.I.H. to one of the most underrated singers of all time.

  27. Sharon Bowe

    I am going to carry on.

    John Harris

    We are all gonna carry on and continue to do so 24 years since Phyllis passing RIP

  28. Shavon Moore

    Whoever dislikes this song hates life

  29. Samora J.


  30. yvonne Finch

    Wow I love her albums her lyrics was deep an always 100 one of a kind singer just cannot be another to take her place in music Rip going out indeed truly missed::

  31. Robert Lowe

    Listening to this beautiful song! Right now 2018
    From Australia too!
    R.I.P. Phylis !

  32. Golden Voice

    Another tor tortured genius gone sadly it's very common in the arts..Love you Phyllis.

  33. Todd Love

    Fantastic artist. RIP

  34. Yvette Fountain

    Rip angel voice resting in the arms of Jesus

  35. Brenda J. LaMour

    RIP LEGENDARY Sophisticated Lady 😁😇💜!!

    Angel Johnson

    Brenda LaMour yes

  36. David L. Pike

    I had no idea she had committed suicide. Just saw the young black guy's posting on Youtube. I thought she had a successful career, and just retired, and was surviving on the royalties
    she made off of her recordings. How sad I am that such a gifted lady was in fact not able to deal with her deamons.


    She suffered from bi polar-ism condition that went undiagnosed for a long time .. and not enough was known about the condition back then...

    Angel Johnson

    PROrganist so sad

  37. William Oliver

    I going through a ruff path in my life she getting me through it

  38. Roger Winters

    One Saturday morning I turn on my t.v. and there she was Phyllis in a movie playing the girlfriend to some bad guy and I just love it, you could see her great beauty on screen I was so happy in my bed sun shining my husband was surprise she also was an actor, I said yes baby she could act on Broadway moves model write and much more. I hope to see a movie made about her life before I leave this world, people need to know that this is something you are born with mental illness and not weakness, one thing she was not was weak, I will always love her music and I thank God I got a chance to see her in concert with my cousin who I think loves her more than I do, we where on top of the world it was like a dream seeing. Happy birthday angel we all miss you.

    Larry Berk

    i was in love with her i mean really in love wth a women i never knew.

  39. Regina Hayes

    Phyllis Hymns is one of my top female artists. She was a very powerful singer.


    Regina Hayes Agreed!

  40. Lewis Anderson

    Phyllis Hyman killed this song. I refuse to be lonely as well I hope that special someone would come along.

  41. Queen_Of_Domination

    I cry every time I hear this. I was a die hard fan of Phyllis Hyman since way back when. I remember being six years old and watching her sing “You Know How to Love Me.” I loved the albums “Living All Alone” and “Prime of my Life.” I also fell in love with this one too. She is truly missed. Why couldn’t it be Trump instead of her?

    Angel Johnson

    Queen_Of_Domination agreed

  42. 4ever Healthy Wellness Channel

    Phyllis music was deeply honest and real. The quality of love is only elusive to those that refuse to give it unconditionally.

  43. Melanin Supremacy

    She battled depression

    Angel Johnson

    Melanin Supremacy so sad

  44. Melanin Supremacy

    Somethings I can choose

    Shdaria Filmore

    Unfortunately she chose death. The deepest darkest pain is temporary. Not to say it won't come back but joy comes as well.

  45. Carla Anderson

    I so miss her dearly today's music is okay but this here INDESCRIBABLE

  46. AE E

    Phyllis was underrated, she had a beautiful voice.

    Nicolene McBean

    Did you know that asshat Clive Davis replaced her with Whitney because he couldnt control Phyllis

    Shdaria Filmore

    @Nicolene McBean I think Whitney had a more marketable voice. Pop just wasn't what Phyllis wanted to do and when she tried it she didn't get as much attention as when she stayed true to her passion.

  47. Neacy Lowery - Ashford

    That's a painful song especially Phyllis Hyman final album before her death . As I shed my tears listening this incredible woman like Phyllis Hyman implacable .

    Angel Johnson

    Quamese Lowery - Armstead beautiful words

    jett woodward

    She left us a beautiful suicide note.

    John Harris

    Rest in peace Phyllis June '95

    jett woodward

    John Harris Rest in peace Phyllis.You should have been up there with Whitney.

    John Harris

    She's not lonely in the Hands of God.

  48. valerie mcdaniel

    Oh my heart breaks every time I think of how her life ended. She revealed her soul in her music not afraid to be transparent. I pray that your soul is at rest. I salute because you are one of the greatest voices of all time.

    Angela Marshall

    valerie mcdaniel , Yes!

  49. BERNARD Joseph


  50. Isaiah Carter

    I love you so much Phyllis Hyman you and me are both the same we refuse to be lonely sometimes in life we wish we can change things but what can we do I love you I miss you you wish you were still here you was a great inspiration in my life listening to your music and when I listen to this music I do hurt thank you for all the great memories Phyllis Hyman I love you always carry you on your legacy. www.halloffame500club.com 😢💪

  51. Messylin

    White boy here from England. I love you, Phyllis. Godspeed.

  52. Gilvânia Moura

    Sempre fui fã dela, e amo quando ela dá vida ao trecho: But I'm closing that door, I won't live there anymore...

  53. Chip Denton

    when I'm feeling down and all alone I put on this song and let Phyllis give me the strength yo overcome my loneliness.

    Shelia Pea

    Chip Denton blessings to you

  54. Chip Denton

    a beautiful lady with a great voice tragically taken from us too soon. when this album was released posthumously I couldn't stop listening to it. surprised I didn't wear it out.

  55. Oh My

    My partner of a little over a year broke up with me last night and I miss him so very much. I am looking at my phone hoping he'll text or call me and say that he's changed his mind and that he wants to come back. Of course, that may never happen and it's probably a good thing that he doesn't. Someone please message me me with words of encouragement because I need it 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Looking around


    Oh My

    Looking around Lol, thank you 😀

    Looking around

    Oh My you guys still kickin it in the sack though right

    Angle Johnson

    +Oh My just pray god will send you a much better man baby!!!

    goku gohan

    Love yourself first

  56. Mike Watkinson

    I'd fight the 6 idiots that downvoted this.

  57. Debra Washington

    So sad she decided to break but I know I exactly why

    Chip Denton

    she suffered from depression which make no mistake is nothing like being depressed.

    Shdaria Filmore

    I don't know if she broke but she definitely made a permanent decision for a temporary issue. I guess she just didn't want to go through that deep dark down again hoping for shred of light.

  58. Brandi Grogan

    Tear Jerker. 22 Years in the aftermath.

  59. scheckdj

    When this song came out it had so much meaning to me 1995/96 and today (2017) 20 years later it has a completely different meaning......so painful and true!!

  60. Virginia Gunn

    An angelic voice...this song always gives me the shivers. So beautiful.

    jett woodward

    Virginia Gunn Probably because It's her suicide note.

    J.E Stokes

    @jett woodward 😢

    jett woodward

    J.E Stokes She didn't have to be lonely with her talent and good looks.It's too bad she apparently didn't realize that.

  61. Yesenia G. K.

    Phyliss had an angelic voice

    Dorothelia Barnett

    I hope your happier in a much better place now

  62. 4EVER TRUE!

    Rest beautiful lady!!

  63. David Trumper

    Wow....This song is a true and wonderful inspiration. From a magnificent talent who gave all so very much. A wonderful song. Many thanks.

  64. Latasha Carter

    I can feel her words in tears beautiful powerful voice RIP I pray you are finally at peace!!

    Don Diem

    Latasha Carter ok

    Derrick Davis

    Latasha Carter beautifully put

  65. Karla Eyzaguirre

    Maravillosa Phylis Hyman!!!! RIP

  66. snowstorm1956

    _I can't change you, I won't blame you and this time I'm not even gonna try.._
    _You do what you have to do.._

    Jerome Holloman

    where is phyllis? she passed right i think she was sick?

    LaKya Hanna

    Jerome Holloman She committed suicide due to depression.


    +Jerome Holloman She committed suicide ,she was singing her life😐
    Go to find a grave for details

    Angel Johnson

    4EVER TRUE! so sad

    Nicolene McBean

    Jerome she killed herself in June of 95'right before she was to appear at the Apollo Theater....I think