Hyman, Phyllis - First Time Together Lyrics

Here I am waiting
Waiting for you to come over
Waiting for the doorbell to ring
Here I am looking
Looking outside my window
Waiting for you to walk down the street

Here I am cooking
Cooking your favorite dinner
All the little things you said you like
Here I am making
Making that special effort
All I want to do is make it right

It's our first time together
And I want to make a good impression on you
It's our first time together
And I want to be on my p's and q's
It's our first time together

Here I am nervous
I'm on pins and needles
Hoping that you won't be late
Here I am worrying
And it's just seven thirty
When I'm not expecting you 'til late

It's our first time together
And I want everything to be just right
It's our first time together
And I want to make sure it's a perfect night
It's our first time together
It's our first time together

Hey, now
I wanna make sure that everything's alright
I wanna make sure I've got the candle light
I wanna make sure you've got everything you need

It's our first time together
It's our first time together

Hey, now
I wanna make sure that everything's alright
I wanna make sure I've got the candle light
I wanna make sure you've got everything you need
I wanna make sure that everything's alright
I wanna make sure I've got the candle light
I wanna make sure you've got everything you need
It's our first time together
And I want to make a good impression on you
It's our first time together
And I want to be on my p's and q's
It's our first time together

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Hyman, Phyllis First Time Together Comments
  1. Blessed Byrd

    Bomb song

  2. Exotic Type

    She Sung her Life story right before our Eyes! And Her Death Note was the song Living All alone 😔🌹 RIP Beautiful You dont have to worry about Losing love being hurt by love anymore

  3. Madryboi Madry

    Phyliss Hyman was slept on so hard this is one of my favorite songs by her. I will always be a fan of Phyliss.

  4. Lawrence Hall

    2019... Forever love

  5. Cas82958

    Love this song. Unique recording and voice

  6. Tori Hamilton

    I miss my girl ❤️💯

  7. BIG SEXXY77

    Icon, Legend.......Love You Phyllis Hyman!!! ❤️💯🙏🏽🙏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥R.I.P.

  8. Russell Regan

    Phyllis was 1 of a kind. She put passion & emotion in every song she sung. Her voice was AMAZING

  9. Dorothy Slaughter

    First time together and she is talking about making dinner, relaxing her nerves. ... When did this what should be a beautiful experience become about the nastiness we hear in today's music....RIP Queen no one has done it or will do it like you.....

  10. Billy Taylor

    The queen has spoken, trust me I know this shit, the best no disrespect 2 Aretha... Nbny, chill bee the king

  11. Arnetta Session


  12. HandiLuv

    Damn this jam was the bomb.

  13. Joe Jones

    Princess of soul...Love this woman in all her accomplishments....She left a legacy worth striving for...

  14. Levern Dixon

    This sista is one of my favorite female musician an she always will be

  15. D Matrix

    Love her voice.. Sweet song 2 listen 2 when getting ready for a date!

  16. Gregory Campbell

    Phyllis Hyman is so beautiful i hate she ain't with us no.more

  17. Alexandra Dillard

    This album should've won her a Grammy for sure! There wasn't one bad song.

    Angel Johnson

    Alexandra Dillard i agree such as her next album in the prime of my life (1992)

  18. Levern Dixon

    My all time favorite female singer r.i.p phyllis

  19. Tony Turner

    This song is perfectly sang and crafted. Phyllis is a legend !!!

  20. Nadine Lynch


  21. Me Only

    So glad I saw you in concert fairfields hall croydon ( went twice )would not have missed her my all time no 5 female singer just loved her and knew about her sadness and loneliness from reading blues and soul magazine wanted to marry her and give her the strong black man she wanted but I was already taken. Celebrating 25 years in sept 2018 8 weeks time and will be hearing at least one of her songs at our party. Next lifetime Phylliss it will be you and me ❤💓 rep rest in eternal peace.

  22. Melody Sanger

    REMEMBERING PHYLLIS HYMAN (JULY 6, 1949 - JUNE 30, 1995) [07/06/2018]

  23. Steven Jackson

    One of the reasons you had to get Phyllis's albums was you knew she was always going to give you one that fit where you was. This was one of those songs from my SIU-C days that I was proud I was able to promote for her. Miss ya Phyllis.

    Angel Johnson

    Steven Jackson she was in her own class!!!

  24. anthony ryan

    Still remember the 1st time I played this album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 so so sad she never received the acclaim she deserved ,surely the best female singer ever

    Angel Johnson

    anthony ryan she was on her own class!!!

  25. Lander Blockton

    This is my favorite by her. It makes me so think of my late partner Richard who absolutely LOVED HER. How well I remember him playing her in 1988 when we 1st got together. Ah! Memories.

  26. Ramona Cirino

    One of the best singer and great personality I'm so sorry God take one great lady so I thank you for singing you have song for us love her for her Phyllis hyman

  27. gregory gunn

    The Phyllis Hyman hit: its our first time together is a memorable one for me. That was the first song that I sung and played for my girl after meeting her! We were at a park in oak park Michigan in the summer of 2015. She just loved my singing! This was the same woman i would propose to asking her hand in marriage on Christmas, 2017! Those words "yes I will marry you" were music to my ears! I love all hits of Phyllis Hyman! She was extraordinary! I miss her!

    Angel Johnson

    gregory gunn awww so sweet

  28. Brandon Antonio

    Ain't No Way This Beautiful, Classy & Elegant Queen Killed Herself, AIN'T NO FUCKIN' WAY!!!!!!!!!

  29. Veda Scott

    Phyllis Hyman the fist and the only. I love you and miss you. Wow when you committed suicide in 1995 I was in the bed all weekend sick. You are still the most elegant graceful beautiful woman and singer in the world.

    Angel Johnson

    Veda Scott she was so beautiful

  30. Jamin Lewis

    Just give me all my Phyllis Hyman I love my feelings heiman let the good times roll oh yeah

  31. Madryboi Madry

    Phyliss killed this song I love it so much. I listened to this song at least three times already.

  32. Anime #1 24/7

    First time together... 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. Anime Network

    I will treasure this song forever more... :') RIP Phyllis Hyman.
    you will always be in our hearts forever.

    Anime #1 24/7

    Same here... 😢

    Anime #1 24/7

    May God rest her soul in Jesus name, Amen. 🙏

    Toni Williams

    this is talent, gone too soon

    Anime #1 The Wave


  34. Sebrina Branch

    I fell in love with this song the first time I beard it. Classy and romanti c in the first degree.

  35. Anthony Moore

    Every track on this album is slamming....

    Angel Johnson

    Anthony Moore agreed

  36. Veronica Brooks

    Awesome song and an awesome lady singing it!!!!!

  37. K Ford

    This is my jam!!!

  38. monica tranquilli

    Troppo brava Phyllis, che voce

  39. MrsStrawberryLuv1

    wake to same life full hate no love who want stay here when their golden light on other side

  40. MrsStrawberryLuv1

    just close your eyes pain gone no more tears .

  41. Justinadude Rogers

    I love her bobies real talk 😍😍😍😍

  42. Cheryl Williams

    This is my Uncle and I favorite song!!!!!

  43. Anime #1 Always!

    I will love this song Forever :')

  44. Tori Hamilton

    Yessss, Phyllis....

  45. A.P. Murdock

    Happy Birthday Thom Bell!

  46. nikki_peach 82

    Love me some Phyllis Hyman!

  47. Mindful Thinker

    We shouldnt stop being classy..

  48. Robert Lewis

    Phyllis was bipolar which is a mental illness.

    Franklin Askew

    so what....!!!

  49. Darrin Askins

    wish I was there

  50. Pamela Bass

    love her

  51. Darren Wallace

    listen to this album while circling 🌏🌎🌍🙌🙋

  52. Tehillah-Yaa'el Yisra'El

    I have grown to love this song, true life experiences is song by Soulful Songbird, Queen Phyllis Hyman.

  53. Bernadette Colon

    phyllis had a unique style of singing there is no one like her she was fantastic

  54. Risha D

    one of my favorites from Phyllis Hyman💕 I miss her

  55. Mar 21 7? Rocks

    I was(am)truly in love with this woman. Everything any man should want in his life long mate.. especially if she feels this way for you 😍😍
    RIH Ms Hyman 😢



  57. Stan Lee

    I took her passing to heart and will always love Phyllis Hyman RIP

    Randolph Johnson

    Stan Lee I never got to see her live one of her last concerts baltimore maryland was cancelled at the last minute our love was to late

  58. Val Lattimore

    I love all of Phyllis Hyman songs... ( Miss her)...

  59. Nicole Jay

    sexy yet very classy romantic song!

  60. Ike Fillmore

    Such strong, sexy and beautiful vocals with class after class and so classic. Phyllis, you are missed so much but your music lives on with us and loved by many. RIP!

    Mar 21 7? Rocks

    RIH Ms Hyman
    I truly love 💘 and miss you in the physical form 😢

  61. QuiTina Moore

    love her voice there will never be another phyllis hyman so classy an angelic voice

  62. Pastor Randy G, Newman

    A Songstress Miss Phyllis Hyman , songs of Love ,she was a gift.

  63. Wayne Mallory


    Angel Johnson

    Wayne Mallory yes

  64. Melody Sanger


  65. NikkiPerri31

    <3 this song!

  66. NellyBelle

    Love this song!! Back when class and being elegant was number one for first impressions! We had such pose about ourselves! Phyllis always was such sophistication!


    Girl yes, some things are just so beautiful regardless of the times, we are here to keep the romance and love alive, my baby is in Kuwait and it will be an awesome homecoming!


    @ANDRIAN SMALLS Absolutely!!!

    Mar 21 7? Rocks

    The personification of class elegance and beauty. Such a beautiful soul. You are so loved 💘 and truly missed 😢


    @Da FunkyFetus Rocks Yes yes yes!!

  67. Kenyon Rudds

    Mannn...I love music like this

  68. Emelio Salazar

    Fabulous and Classy that no other artists could perform the way Phyllis did!

    Lois Morton

    Rest in Peace - U r not suppose to make a person like they r worthless and force them to commit suicide

    J. Maurice Eddie

    What the Hell you talking about? force who to commit suicide! PLEASE just enjoy the music!

    Jeffrey Pannucci

    Yessss....unheard of before or since..braxton and anita baker up there w phyllis

  69. Aaron Rowles

    A very beautiful song - only she, can do this justice x

  70. ronna bar


    Jeffrey Pannucci

    Indeed! I cannot understand it..her music is unbelievable..vouve, instruments ,lyrics..she is showwoman...as good as whitney ..different artist type but nobody but braxton and anita Baker touch this woman

  71. MultiMach5

    I don't think she ever really knew how beautiful she was inside and out, and how much her fans really appreciated her. I miss her.

    Justinadude Rogers

    MultiMach5 I love her bobies real talk 😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙

    Justinadude Rogers

    MultiMach5 An I agree with you 🙌🙌🙌

    Robert Houston

    MultiMach5 Same Same here😭😤😢

  72. Giulia Ethel

    Today is a day when you passed away, but  today i know your music, your powerfull voice, your amazing heart and passion and i fell you more alive than ever ! thank you so much Phyllis your music won't be you alone!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Soul Brown

    This got a G funk vibe to it :) dopeeee

    Soul Brown

    I think i was born a little too late :"(


    @Soul Brown"Naw Bruh". Don't talk down to yourself like that. You are exactly where God wanted you to be. You are just a rare young-breed of listeners who appreciate good music. Stay encouraged. Peace. 


    @MultiMach5 ILL words man!


    @MultiMach5 I'm one if those young breed of listeners too haha. I'm 25.


    @Deon Jackson Alright my young brother, you stay strong and positive, and keep on listening and appreciating good music to. Peace.

  74. Donnizy The_Driz_God

    What happen to good ol music man bring the ol Skool back frfr

  75. Jessey Drew

    A truly good singer, blessed with true talent. Its sad her music became more popular after her death.


    You are so right. It seems like an artist is worth more dead than they are alive, which is a shitty way the music industry or who ever is in charge treats really good talented artists.

    Tosha1112 Brevan7uu

    there is no music Whitney prince Luther Michael and many more there is no music

  76. Sam Bivens

    Love this Sistas Everything, my favorite Female Songstress/Vocalist and this is one of my Favorite Jams. Much Love! RIP

    Angel Johnson

    Sam Bivens me too

  77. MrTeatreeoil

    there off key singers

    Angel Johnson

    MrTeatreeoil huh

  78. Vertella James Tyson

    I love her music and she will always be missed.

    Angel Johnson

    Vertella James Tyson yes miss phyllis is missed!!!

  79. Rick Hinds

    As an ex-personal Mg'r out of NYC, with several vocal and variety artists. I missed Phyllis' "slept"(lol) considerable vocal talents, and her business personae totally, as at a certain time I got caught-up- introduced to the motion picture business through an long time successful director "Gordon Parks Jr" (RIP)

  80. solsojourner

    Ah yes, these were the days when an attractive female artist only had to sing to capture your heart!!!!! This is such a great song. We miss you Phyllis!!

  81. G. William James

    I really miss Phyllis Hyman. A great story with a tragic ending.

  82. wandermusic27

    One of my favorites from this album!

  83. Marcia Burton

    One of my all time favorites by Phyllis Hyman!! Thanks so much for the memories.

  84. dolphinated

    Love songs have turned into lust songs.I only heard this one time on the radio ever.This is probably the first time I've heard it since the 80's and that's a shame cause this trumps all the songs on mainstream right now.Thank you for this post and I'm adding this one to my classics.

  85. Ocean River

    I miss you Phyllis ... I remember my moms boyfriend telling me he saw your last performance you where on stage at a concert giving that 1 of the best performance of your life. Kicked off your shoes and you really gave your best and had a smile so bright " ! Boy oh boy how I wish I was there rest in peace. Miss Phyllis Hyman

  86. price black

    Even thou there's a woman singing this song the concept of the song is the same for men and women.

  87. price black

    Awww listening to the words to a song............and them making sense.........so rare these days.....

  88. jo22338601

    Welcome to the real world of lyrics and meaning, here you'll learn and heard real meaning in songs so here's too real music. Here you're feel and understand what the words are expressing love,pain,joy it's real here.

  89. Flowerchile67

    I love this hidden treasure. Got it on repeat!

  90. ronald davis

    boy I miss her so much it really hurts,and very hard for me to adjust because of her being so sweet and so good. God bless her. T.T.

  91. NAKIALEA75

    I heard this on Pandora over the weekend i was cooking an jamming love it!!

  92. NAKIALEA75

    I am 37 yr old an i love Phyliss Hyman great voice!! R.I.P. you are truly missed!!!!!

  93. kappas84

    Used to rock this in '87 when my college sweetheart was coming over to spend the night! I got all of Phylliss's

  94. Kitt Vordeaux

    This is a timeless piece! Love Phyllis! RIP

  95. DeAndre

    The music industry is changing to the point if this world is coming to a end I could imagine why.

  96. 8178TheLeoLady

    see....this is how you make a song about fuckin without talkin about fuckin'........all class, and you still gettin' ass........#realtalk. show 'em phyllis!

    Me Only


    It's not about f***in dimwit it's about love. Phyllis was about love wanting love and being in love your mouth is dirty and you should clean it up.
    Phyllis oozed class show some respect when talking about her.

    Angel Johnson

    Me Only amen miss phyllis was incomparable and sophistacated!!!

  97. Q88D