Hyman, Phyllis - Ain't You Had Enough Love? Lyrics

Ain't you had enough love baby
From my heart
Ain't you had enough love (from my heart)
Ain't you had enough love baby
From my heart
From my heart
Why do I have to feel this way
You're making it harder for me
Its true that I play a dangerous game
With your heart but now I see
Then I realized that you were the one for me (the one for me, the one for me)
Where were you?
And you say the crime, the crime is mine
There were only words of love (words or love, words of love) meant for me
Ain't you had enough love baby (ooh)
From my heart
(Enough of my love, baby)
From my heart
Ain't you had enough love
(Ain't you had enough love from my heart)
From my heart
From my heart
I try so very hard to change my ways
They work and disappear
How, how was it that I always knew
Still I tried not to give in to you
Then I realized that you were the one for me (the one for me, the one for me)
Where were you?
And you say the crime, the crime is mine
There were only words of love (words or love, words of love) meant for me (yeah hey)
Ain't you had enough love baby
(Ooh ain't you had enough love from my heart, baby)
From my heart
Ain't you had enough love baby
From my heart
(Enough love baby, ooh)
Umm, ah (ain't you had enough love baby)
Umm, ah
Umm, ah (ooh, ooh, ooh, baby)
Then I realized that you were the one for me (the one for me, the one for me)
Where were you?
And you say the crime, the crime is all mine
There were only words of love (words or love, words of love) meant for me
Ain't you had enough love baby (ooh)
(Ain't you had enough love baby from this heart of mine)
From my heart
Ain't you had enough love
(Ain't you had enough love oh, oh)
From my heart
Ain't you had enough love baby
(Oh, oh, ain't you had enough love now baby)
From my heart
Ain't you had enough love baby
From my heart

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Hyman, Phyllis Ain't You Had Enough Love? Comments
  1. passwordgt360

    Big 2019 and I'm still finding better music from 30 odd years ago on youtube.
    Thank you Ms. Hyman. You will never be forgotten.

  2. Mʂ. Lҽσ

    2019 she was and still is the absolute truth!🔥🔥🔥🌷🌷💖💖💖

    Albert Cantu

    Mʂ. Lҽσ still blasting this in my car today! The 80’s had the best R&B.

  3. PetesSoulMusic

    Classic tune, will still sound good in 40 years rime

  4. jwill

    played this all day today

  5. A.P. Murdock

    Best version

  6. oldschoolfrank m

    When I heard my pops first play this I was like damnnn!

  7. cupid stunt

    who votes this down?

  8. Marcus Smith

    There will never be another Phyllis Hyman!!!

  9. kabelo matthews

    Phyllis RIP my favorite female singer.

  10. Shesamiracle

    Its true that I play a dangerous game
    With your heart but now I see
    Then I realized that you were the one for me Where were you?

  11. Fernando De Souza

    What a miss....


  12. Eberneezer Scrooge

    Quito vs,itosa xhaoas vizanadomquanroin froaszl 👽👽👽🐵🐵🌙🌙🤔🤔🤔💃🕺👩‍🚀👨‍🚀🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🕺🐿🐿

  13. UtopiaTimes

    Won. Der. Full. Never knew it was Phylis. Kept hearing Julie Roberts

  14. Magno Damaceno

    Nice ...

  15. Adriana Abra Pasquotto

    💖🔥💗 acho essa música linda pra caramba 💗🔥💖

  16. Yvette Bailey

    When I was younger I went out and bought this song. My dad had the whole album. Phyllis Hyman was known for sultry jazz n blues songs but she did her thing on this song!! Old school jam at the BBQ, at home listening to this while Im cleaning my place! Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. Phyllis Hyman is gone but definitely not forgotten. R.I.P. songbird ❤🎤🎶

  17. DebsLuvsMusic

    This gorgeous woman was simply amazing...what a voice!!! 😍😍😍😍

  18. TheAmpDJ

    Her voice dances all over this track, you can tell she enjoyed recording it

  19. Clay Soggyfries

    2:32 9th wonder

  20. Osito De Peluche

    Nick The Dick did his production thing on here.

  21. Juanita Martin

    I'm in reminisce mode tonight. I was 13 when this song came out, and it was my JAM - I love Phyllis Hyman!! I grew up on grown folks music!! She is sorely missed.


    This Sounds Like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

  23. Will Ross

    P.H.R.I.P. I❤You !!!ALWAYS AND 4 EVER!!!!!!

  24. clobbyhops

    Loose ends producer

  25. brianvi Vickers

    Classic hit

  26. Tony Turner

    This is a classic feel good song !!!

  27. David Kinslow

    My favorite song of all time. I never understood the significance of my love for this statuesque beauty until I got my heart broken as an adult. This was a woman with an INCREDIBLE INSTRUMENT!! We lost one of the great VOICES of our time when she died. There will never be another Phyllis Hyman. She will forever be in my heart as her music resonates through my SOUL.

  28. Lucy Ryan


  29. frederick fluckers

    Her voice an style is so one of a kind an her overall sound over all those instruments #unique woman

  30. College Woman23

    We need to start telling those we love how they are still loved even if they flop from stardom or loose fame or fortune. She was a tremendously wonderful singer. Remember everyone, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, says God...Psalm 139:14, KJV.

  31. TheSvartdemon

    Thank you wiz! for introducing me to this classic.

  32. Penny Thurmond

    Phyllis, so underated!! A Beautiful voice that is truly missed!!



  34. Priscilla Wilcher

    l love Phyllis Hyman and her music l Really Hated that she had took her Life 😰😰👼

  35. SuperB252

    9th Wonder chopped this up.....

  36. brianvi Vickers

    Gone but not forgotten

  37. pitso moguerane

    I'm crazy in love with this song cos it made me realize that that somebody is the real one for me after a long time, thanks to you Madame PHIL... Will always treasure this song..RIP

  38. Candacenaomi Jones

    legendary music diva rip phyiliss hyman

  39. Candacenaomi Jones

    pure soul music ear kandy

  40. Alonna Truitt

    producertrenttaylor brought me here https://soundcloud.com/trenttaylor-2/saw-ry

  41. pUSSYcREAM

    cheers 9th wonder
    cheers lil ugly

  42. c-fabian sharpe

    Phyllis Hyman bought me here

    Brandon Antonio


  43. James Ruiz

    wiz kalifa I got so much love for you

  44. rede


  45. Geoffrey White

    This is my FAVE on this LP!!!!!!

  46. Mindful Thinker

    Aww yea, a nice groove! Yes!

  47. GhettoPharmacist

    Such a good feeling song..

  48. Ernst Moretti

    Hammer Track

  49. Ashley Crimson

    ♡♡♡♡ I like both versions of this song Julie Roberts and phylis hyman alike.

  50. Itachi Uchiha

    wiz khalifa you genius

  51. Craig Thomahawk

    Ohbliv - Whipmyheart

  52. raul ortiz

    The 80's was the shit. Phyllis I'm remember this was like yesterday. You were truly underestimated and may God bless your soul

  53. nicole caruthers

    This was my jam in high school 1986-1987! #PhyllisHymanBaby

    Robby Brozzy

    nicole caruthers same here Damn best years ever

    Last Days

    @Robby Brozzy,1987 Graduating High School Year. I love this Gem song and Rest In Sleep to the Elegant Phyllis Hyman.

  54. HouseSteppaJuice

    wiz khalifa brang me here

  55. James Ruiz

    wiz kalifas best sampled track

  56. Yahspoet Yahu- The Poetic Wordsmith

    Phyllis Hyman was truly a underrated legend! she was one of my favorites!! so tragic she left from here early-


    Yahspoet Leon Ben Yahudah The Poetic Wordsmith Well I Don't How. She's Been In Movie's Countless Hits Classic Hits. Im Sorry She's Not Underrated At All Seriously. She's A True Number Diva.''''

    stephen jones

    And all because of Clive Davis....such a PREEK.

  57. TheSnoozeFox

    Lil ugly mane brought me here nigga

  58. Greg Smith

    young khalifa brought me here

  59. Isaac Angel

    Wiz brought me here TGOD

  60. Second Story

    Didn't know Loose Ends wrote this song. Loose Ends and Phyllis Hyman was a good combination!

    Marcus Rob

    Second Story

    And I may be mistaking but I can almost hear Jane Eugene's vocals in the background


    It sounds like something they would write.


    Couldn't of said it better myself!!

    stephen jones

    Wow never knew LE wrote this. PH was absolute pure talent, fook Clive Davis the absolute wetwipe for not supporting pure talent.

    cupid stunt

    you live n learn

  61. Seany06

    Julie Roberts version is better.

  62. BlazedOutTurtle

    gtfo with that khalifa horse shit, UGLY MANE did it first

  63. Ari

    Smdh, WIz Khalifa straight up stole the beat from Lil Ugly Mane's Underwater Tank (first edition) beat.
    Bitch ass nigga probably aint even gon credit his ass.

    He slender Nd A slabs S.


    Jason X

    wiz and the other rapper both have to give a small percentage of their album or Mixtape or what ever they pit their rendition of this sampled song to whoever holds the credits to the song and after that loose ends who wrote the song get a percentage of the royalties fron both artist and whoever sampled the song royalties are what record company for years are what they have tried to fuck artist over royalties are what keeps the original artist and whoever wrote the song checks coming for years even decades after the song is released


    +Lickmyfrog you don't have to do that for mixtapes, unless the sampled music is being sold you don't have to give any percentage of anything. that's why mixtapes tend to have samples and albums don't, unless youre kanye West or Drake etc. wiz khalifas entire Kush and OJ had samples for every song, he didn't have to pay for those because the mixtape is free

    Sheila Palmer

    Ari ilove this jam

    lil euf

    9th wonder sampled this too. i guess its juse one of those songs that are sampled alot... but its kinda weird how that one song sounds almost exactly like LUM's

  64. Dour

    Lil Ugly Mane man

  65. Silvio Corretor

    Wiz Khalifa

  66. Dre Stick

    TGOD !!

  67. Ana Victoria

    Wiz khalifa bought me here :p

    Jerry Ezel

    Ana Victoria Big Time!!!

    AfroHop Music

    🤟🏼 Taylor gang forever 🤙🏻 Happy New Years everyone 🎊🎉

  68. KING TIM

    Wiz Khalifa bought me back here.


    same love that old school vibe


    +23dlc Same. And old school and new school, it's just too funky


    Lil Ugly Mane brought me here dawg

    Sho Nuff

    Oh hell no cookin soul brought you here or bust

  69. Sade Stewart

    This is my jam I 💜 this song down to the bone. There will never be another Phyllis cause she meant everything she said. You better sang this song Ms. Hyman cause this is my jam all day & everyday. I Miss u Ms. Phyllis Hyman, rest up 😪❤💙💚💛💜


    Its called a sample lol.

    Sade Stewart

    +PAC 'A'PUNCH It's a sample of what? Reality, If u don't know what the hell u talking about, don't talk. Boy Bye✌👊

  70. benHoda'ah Shedar'

    One of my favorites.... Phyllis Hyman ; sorely missed

  71. blvd73

    I love this song- hot too def..... one of my favorite producers " 9th wonder" killed it on a mean sample called "Phylsexyself" check it out.... R.I.P sexy Phyllis Hyman...

  72. sonja hill

    oneday i would love to sing and play my favorite female singer in the world it would be a dream come true

  73. Marcus Rob

    I know I haven't chased this question around in years (call me crazy), but I STILL distinctly remember seeing a very very very "rare" music video to this song. One day, I know I'll find it, but I'm almost certain there was a video done for this song.

    Angel Johnson

    Marcus Rob really?

  74. Franky Deneve

    To all the lovers of funk soul disco be a member of the facebookgroup " Funky Town 1980-1990 Belgium"  like it share it and post your favorite songs.

  75. Franky Deneve

    Love it.

  76. Marcus Reeves


  77. L-Ament Universal soul

    Little Brother Star......

  78. latinfreestylesoulvinyl

    I remember this song when I was a little boy.....my mom used to play and sing this song out!!!


    @latinfreestylesoulvinyl Mine too!! lol


    NellyBelle It's rare to run across another person with nearly an identical taste in music. With that said....hello Nellybelle!

  79. Tmccord15


  80. Audrey Thomas


  81. Kwasi Kisiedu

    I really miss Phyllis! One of the best!

  82. Soul Brown

    Dope :)

  83. Juan Brown

    Love playing this song in my car and watching the expression of those I pass. The ones that love it appreciate hearing a classic!


    @Juan Brown I know thats right!!

    Sheila Palmer

    Juan Brown she was excellent

  84. Xachary Lightner

    the beginning of this sounds a lot like another song i know.... a guy singing.. does anybody know what i'm talking about?

    Marcus Rob

    Strawberry Letter by Brothers Johnson, maybe?

  85. Randall Pope

    classic babe..classic song here..timeless

    Jessica Gomez

    like it

  86. ihad2uno

    I remember I played this CD so much it melted in my CD player in the car.  Right after I got another radio/cd player for my car, I bought this CD again and was at it! LOL  No one could do it like Phyllis.  Heaven's choir is off the chain with Phyllis, Whitney, Aaaliyah, Barry, Luther, Gerald and Mr. Jackson just to name a few!  #riptoeachandeveryoneofyoulivinglegends#


    @ihad2uno I hear yah!! It sure is!!

    Richer p Sickert.

    Minnie ripperton should be on that list!!!!!!


    @troy dawkins you are so right!!!  Minnie was the truth. 

  87. Dustedanddisgusted1

    Shes an Angel. Wish you would have had kids Phyllis.

  88. phil14true

    None of these female vocalist today could touch Ms Hyman..

  89. originalGFLEX

    Thanks for the info robin steves family

  90. Robin Bramlett

    This song was written by Jane Eugene, Carl Mcintosh, and Steve Nichol (better known as Loose Ends) and it was produced by Nick Martinelli who produced just about all of Loose Ends' albums including A Little Spice which includes the hit "Hanging On A String" which was released in the US in 1985. Living All Alone was released in 1986; hence, the Loose Ends sound.

  91. MrKunjar

    this is a great track put together very well

  92. Dallas Sniper

    @north5880 Was the radio station called FOXY99?

  93. Gary Groutage

    This song is just brilliant - a perfect combination of Phyllis Hyman's peerless vocals with a great "hot tempo" beat. Always one of my fave choons :-)

  94. honeegrrl

    I still love this song.

  95. phil14true

    This is a great song it got no play time when it came out what a shame !!!!

  96. luis reguera

    @Pedster9 Sorry sweatheart....but this song was writen buy Jane Eugene,Carl Mcintosh and Steve Nichol, You know who these gus are?? Correct LOOSE ENDS no doubt why this sounds as Loose ends, vocals included, i never understand why they never used this song for his own records, with the voice of Jane Eugene a Soul explosion....

  97. phlypped

    Nick Martinelli produced both Phylis and Loose Ends
    around the same time

  98. Pedster9

    A lot of tracks sounded like Loose Ends back then and Loose Ends sounded like a lot of tracks to. This was the sound of the era and just like many other artists phyliss was catering to the younger generation at the time. Great sound ,Great track and a brilliant artist. We love you Phyllis xxxxx