Hundred Waters - Thistle Lyrics

When I ran to you
Expecting open arms and warm tea
I got sour rind and sop
When I ambled toward you
Bridging bramble toward the sea
I stuck only in the stubble

The thistle by the barn
Rallies its barbs like swords
From arid land not wicked, but dry

When I wanted lift, I got stone
When I wanted rest, I got din
When I wanted cheer, I got cap
When I wanted shade, I got cast
When I wanted drink, I got dust
When I wanted warmth, I got soot
When I wanted food, I got swill
When I wanted wool, I got thorns

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Hundred Waters Thistle Comments
  1. Mr derp

    I hope the horse is ok

  2. Kultur

    bite cul chtte

  3. heeheehedd

    This song has a very Bjork-esque feel.

  4. HesMercifulOnMe ///

    looks like Jupiture is moving around in a cup

  5. william rodrigues

    Um oscar pra eles por favor ! #420

  6. jasonslfl

    I wish they still played this material live T_T Still have this vinyl and will always remember seeing them live the first time on this record.

  7. Nagisa Day

    Nothing goes well for that poor horse.

  8. vanghosinoreja


  9. Grennoc

    I remember watching this when it came out Glad I found it again.

  10. raggedthistle

    Fully complete.

  11. squishy

    Is their music copyrighted? Can I use their full songs in a video?


    +squishy In a video? You got 5 subscribers and didn't made a single video.

  12. viky baou

    Fantastic !!

  13. Atheists Gone Wild

    am i da only one who think the nose look like a D

    Stephanie Gomez

    +Atheists Gone Wild Damn it I cannot unsee that now.

  14. Alejandro Michael

    It will be interesting to see them when they come to Metropolis Montreal - should be fun.

  15. stegokitty

    It's like Björk & Fleet Foxes had a baby.

    Gabrielle Lopez

    perfect description

  16. AeonsOfFrost

    Little Tybee sent me. This is great stuff guys.

  17. asuna

    what type of genre is this? anyone help?

    Barry McCockiner

    Some people call it folktronica for its very organic sound yet use of electronic ambiance & such. I just call it straight experimental electronic and amass it w/ artists like Glasser or Ramona Lisa.


    don't worry about it

  18. Jenna Brown

    I spaced half in the video since its 12 am an getting tired and focused and saw a horse have a house in its stomach and running like fuck and its so weird but I didn't except this at all this is amazing .this is gonna be a great band!

  19. Vide0Head

    Was this directed by Michel Gondry? 

    Daniel Cecil

    Martin Allais!

  20. DerbJd

    One of the best IDM / glitch pop tunes for a long time!  I love the 6:8 time signature that flows in legato within itself. Mmmm mm!

  21. Wiiarerock

    Good luck in the horse year <3

  22. Thistle Boosinger

    Btw, amazing. I agree, exquisitepickle!

  23. Thistle Boosinger

    Haha my name is thistle and I make stop motion movies in my free time! What a coinky-dink

  24. Jessie Storm

    Bloody brilliant.

  25. ExquisitePickle

    I feel like this would fit well in Coraline.

  26. Abraham Masaryk

    seeing them saturday :f

  27. MrMackmoody

    What a great concert!

  28. Caleb Smith

    Jaaaaaaaaames Baxter!

  29. Grace Carmona

    I'm seeing them today:)

  30. A.B. Corduroy

    So many magical feelings! <333

  31. antonio hermoso


  32. fernand0fr


  33. Glenda Lazart


  34. Kassem Mnejja

    The XX brought me here.

  35. Laura Nivela

    Q increible cancion

  36. bigpimpdaddy69

    Reminds me of The Science Of Sleep and golden the pony boy. Very underrated film as well as trippy. I wish i could ride a horse made up of arts and crafts materials.

  37. lugnut33

    Saw them live a few weeks ago when they opened for Alt-J in Milwaukee and I really enjoyed them. Such a complex musical experience.

  38. Rubina Israyelyan

    Ok this band live is something else. A totally different experience than their audio. They are amazing live!

  39. Bryce Wills

    Breadfish anyone?

  40. xtinct2

    hundred waters = bjork + austra + grimes

  41. Alex Cintron

    when the music makes your tears come out :')

  42. UrbanDwelller

    Saw and met them on Saturday. Amazing.

  43. henoser

    I hear Ekova influence.

  44. sebastian castello

    This song and video are amazing!!! :D

  45. zsantschi

    About to see this band open for Alt-J tonight!

  46. Olive

    Wow, I love it... And the music reminds me of Bjork.

  47. Adrianasco

    I love when I find good music

  48. Amber Lilly

    It's just, so good to my ears.

  49. Gilbert Yew

    this songs is way better when you see them LIVE!!! I just went to a concert yesterday of Freelance Whales, and they opened the concert for them, man, they were all breath taking!!!

  50. Gabor Kovacs


  51. Pablo Horteg

    Yes reminds me of Bjork, but also Mew (because of the odd timings, lightness and unusual piano lines). Both great influences so I will have to explore this band more!

  52. Elliot Silver

    Bjork clone

  53. schizopiano42

    i have got a refridgerator

  54. Joelynn Ross


  55. Apu Mahasamapetilam

    this help me to sleep

  56. themagiclotus

    Skrillex brought me here!

  57. Robin

    I see ponies

  58. ThePuklink

    i felt the same hhhh

  59. Emily H

    but what does it MEAN ?!?!

  60. nbgurler

    Damn Horse, you're gonna make me cry.

  61. hob976

    Now I'm gonna have a nightmare about a pinata trying to chase me.

  62. Osmerlin Silva


  63. Slight0fHand

    excellent vibe!

  64. Ranke Tak

    What's with the scientology ads!?

  65. para variar un poco

    Que buen tema musical y el video es una obra de arte gracias por la recomendación skrillex!!!

  66. NICTIBBS97

    Strait chilln' 〜( ̄△ ̄〜)

  67. Roger Hawkins

    This is incredible.

  68. Bobby Pinto

    love this song and this band. So happy that Skrillex signed them, because otherwise I never would've heard of them...I've been listening to this over and over and I can't decipher one lyric and can't find any out there :(

  69. Indis73

    same thought!

  70. Sheepdog

    Yup and big props to Skrillex for running a diverse label and bringing these guys to my attention~

  71. Shelbeh Goodarr


  72. maxim de heer

    skrillex fans watching. skrillex fans everywhere

  73. verneukteaap

    This looks a lot like the movie "the science of sleep" right?

  74. Daryll Mangan

    well made but not to my taste made me feel like a hippy

  75. HenryDaher

    my dude trayer doin it!

  76. lwgillan

    This is lovely! Great job to everyone involved!

  77. lukeves

    Hey this is a good Bjork song!

  78. Justo Blando

    Damn this is a beautiful song. Thank you OWSLA and Pitchfork for releasing this video

  79. Jakub Alexander

    Come play my horse stable and meet my son.

  80. Zach k


  81. humidity

    This is wonderful. I'm going to watch it again.

  82. Napkiner

    i hear a lot of Bjork influence

  83. GJunkieYT

    For me this sounds like a Mirror's Edge soundtrack. Magnificent!

  84. MickersMind

    this reminds me of the Alice movie from the 80's

  85. lim

    I had no idea what was going on, but I like it!

  86. Riley Francis


  87. launderground

    we love hundred waters.