Hundred Waters - Hydrodictyon Lyrics

A melody
Is what he is to me
Rising and falling constantly
My favorite song
My favorite song

A lattice
Is what he is to me
Strong as a rope
Strong as a rope
A web with plenty of hollows for me

And he
For we
And he
For we

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Hundred Waters Hydrodictyon Comments
  1. VleesjeProductionz

    "art" thumbs down <3

  2. Erni68X

    first time i need to agree with you

  3. Don't ask my name

    wha... what genre is this music? im actually kinda like it

  4. MrRoobboy

    skrillex invented techno..haha that me me laugh

  5. nathan shaw

    hi guys its me skrillex, fuck off you brostepping idiots

  6. Guilherme Marques

    nothing to enjoy... ups

  7. Cesar Rosell

    OWSLA what are you doing?.. OWSLA ...STAAPH!

  8. mockthehouse

    shut up and enjoy the music

  9. FireWaia

    This makes me hate skrillexfans. Not skrillex. But you retarded yoloswag-fucks.

  10. FireWaia

    WTF no sickassbombdrop? Then i can't listen to this.
    (psst, everyone hates you for thinking like this you inbred fucks)

  11. Fearbace x bace

    Love the fact that OWSLA is not fixed to just electronic style music! Great Label and awesome vibe on this song!

  12. Jamie MacMullin

    What dafuq kind of drugs are you on Sonny, can I get some?

  13. Mateja Popadic

    wtf is this?? o.O

  14. MickeyMillz Dawg

    Skrillex just wants people to know he's not just about dubstep, which is why he's been signing and producing music outside that genre

  15. nathan shaw

    Man this is cool.But is it normal human behavior to have an orgasm whenever I hear a skrillex "transformer growl"?

  16. Little Krill

    hahahaha agreed

  17. Gaspar Pini

    so good

  18. HLMCmx

    I love this, it's amazing! Obviously, those who are not familiarized with OWSLA's artists and/or music types will not appreciate this.

  19. Guilherme Marques

    come on dude, just my point of view, gotta respect that...

  20. jesse calcei

    ooo OWSLA

  21. Ian447

    Someones been taking hallucinogens...

  22. DJNTDOfficial

    Hm. Not that I'm complaining, but that was... different.

  23. Vespyro

    This song makes me smile uncontrollably

  24. Kartel

    has '96' at the end of his name

    pretty much sums up skrillex & dubstep fans

  25. kachingaaa

    shut up! this is not kicking out other artists, it's just growing. You don't need to listen if you want to. There are persons who do like this. And that doesn't mean I don't like the rest of OWSLA.

  26. nathan shaw

    like a boss

  27. nathan shaw

    i eat penis

  28. nathan shaw

    ppretty certain skrill jams geeetar with this guys often sittingg around a 5 way bongg

  29. nathan shaw

    stop it, you're scaring me with that grim assessment .

  30. nathan shaw

    yue forgude to say dude

  31. nathan shaw

    Hundred waters are a band you fool. skrilex is an artist not a dj u jackass

  32. nathan shaw

    u punk brostepper,go away

  33. nathan shaw

    Correct, a true skrillex fan enjoys all kinds of music ....and smoking weed

  34. Little Krill

    thank you
    these fuckheads dont understand that just cos this is skrillex's label doesnt mean all music is going to be electro dubstep shizz

  35. Little Krill

    are you serious?

  36. Diversa

    this only has dislikes because of narrow-minded punks

  37. NexusKeks

    а мне норм

  38. moth

    omfg this is so sick. dat bass dayum

  39. Los Beats

    this is some real shit i love it

  40. Rustle's Floors

    Guys, maybe, just maybe, instead of being dicks, you can understand that a record label might want more than just EDM on their label.

  41. TheAngrywhore


    Fuck all of you.

  42. bruceurbain1

    Cocaine ... Too hard for musicals xD

  43. xmatelianx

    Alex MEtric shit and then this OMG OWSLA is going downhill.

  44. CrazyAbe101

    Listen to this faded.... fucking tripppppp

  45. Jalil Hammal

    Just shut up and get away if you're not satisfied.

  46. Michael Nociolo

    the only reason i'm not disliking this is because <3 the rest of OWSLA

  47. UberChipf0rk

    Get out.

  48. brettmongoloid

    that drop was so filthy, yeuck

  49. Scorpion12n

    Even though I don't like Hundred Waters, its good to see OWSLA expanding their horizons.

  50. It's Djeff C

    loving the sub bass wobbles in this. 20Hz yo

  51. It's Djeff C

    why not. diversify yo

  52. Sebastian Carter

    This song is on the wrong label! It's really great but it just goes out to the wrong audience. OWSLA, UKF and Beatport fans expect something else. That's the reason for all the hate. It's not bad. Just wrong label.

  53. lolloled1

    Why are you all hating? OWSLA is like any other type of all genre label.. don't expect all it's music to be only electronic. Not liking this type of music is fine but don't hate in the comments about the song and it's label -__-

  54. VlaNt Sb

    dude..someone here is HIGH as fuck!!

  55. Frankis

    OWSLA, go home, you're drunk

  56. TeBe

    ??whuuut??? smooth song, but.....

  57. mattsandyson

    love these guys so much, thanks again OWSLA for finding this treasure

  58. daweil

    why the dislikes? its amazing!

  59. EwwWTFLOL

    Dafuq did I just watch? But the song is quite soothing.

  60. Dylan Tallchief

    ERMAGERD WURS DA DRERP??? - Don't let this be you.

  61. Xen Bull

    skrillex is high again.

  62. Sheepdog

    I loved it! Hundred Waters is something different and I respect OWSLA immensely for having the guts to sign them!

  63. Orchestrate!

    I had a very bad day - this is catching me. thank you!

  64. Sharked

    WTF this shit is in owsla label ???

  65. Guilherme Marques


  66. CruelQuertos

    dubstep wub wub i like wobble cuz im 7 years old

  67. Crfty

    Well hi every body hope its a good vid

  68. samwelljackson

    Well look at that.

  69. Sebastien Calinciuc

    1st heeeeeeere :D