Hundred Waters - Gather Lyrics

It started out as some things do
One must be wild, one thin [?] should
It spread ahead before me
And while you still run it all ran in
[?] face that we [?]
Been in many [?] and sun will fade
We are twisted from fibers [?]
And we will wind ourselves till [?]

But has now many [?] before me
From my tissues and from my strengths
Since I figured you are without stretched hands
Said we can sit solitary
We can crowd [?] sanctuary
We ca gather, gather, gather
We ca gather, gather, gather
I fell into you

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Hundred Waters Gather Comments
  1. cpb orlac

    didnt thought about this song for a long time: its 2017


    2019 now

  2. Angel Ruiz

    es una mierda ovia

  3. Augustus

    This reminds me of a time, when music was more simple, but also more powerful & touching. No matter what happens, this song brings me to peace.

  4. Mark Khoo

    I like the turn in music in here. Opens different points of views. Opens to the world.

    Jezza Lenko

    the turn?

  5. Kyle Cowper

    Respect, OWSLA