Hundred Reasons - Live Fast, Die Ugly Lyrics

Now that we've settled down
What did you want from me?
Because it's always an excuse
That I do the things you don't choose
Bow down in fear
Your back's against the wall
We like to taunt and hit and steal
While you suffer what can't be revealed

Well it's fine cos we are in disguise
Stop us from leaving
Take turns to run away
No point in stealing
At least not today

Look fast run get away
There is the opening
They'll try and catch you if they can
But you can always try and fight back
Pick yourself up and dust down
Don't be so hard to please
We seem to border on diseased
Learning lessons in futility

Now take what you need
Leave me to rot here
I told you hundreds of times before
Don't ever trust me at all

Well it's fine
And you live fast and die ugly, young

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