Humperdinck, Engelbert - The Man I Want To Be Lyrics

Sometimes I feel a shadow fall across my heart
Sometimes the distance and the sadness is too hard
And you try your best to reach me but I can't reach back for you
I know that I'm not easy when there's just no getting through

I'm sorry if I ever made you feel unsure
Made you think I didn't love you anymore
When I don't know how to show it
When my heart is trying to hide
Darling can't you see it in my eyes

You are the light, you are the sun
You are the one right thing when my whole world is wrong
And through it all you still love me
For the man I am and the man I want to be

When my troubles weigh me down you take the weight
Your love for me is like a bridge that never breaks
And for all my faults and failings you can see a better man
Somehow you still take me as I am

You are the light, you are the sun
You are the one right thing when my whole world is wrong
And through it all you still love me
For the man I am and the man I want to be

You're the northern star that guides me
When the shoreline can't be found
You're the one that understands me
When the rain is coming down

You are the light, you are the sun
You are the one right thing when my whole world is wrong
And through it all you still love me
For the man I am and the man I want to be

You are the light, you are the sun
You are the spark of inspiration in my song
And through it all you still love me
For the man I am and the man I want to be
For the man I am and the man I want to be

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Humperdinck, Engelbert The Man I Want To Be Comments
  1. Бисер Николов

    Engelbert forevar

  2. Cindy Ulrich

    Love this Enge!

  3. Carolyn Himes

    Your words and music are a true gift.

  4. Daisy Vervoort

    he 's the best singer of the whole world !!!!!!!

  5. Rosabelle Lopez

    Thank you😘❤ never fade his golden voice..

  6. sylvie lapierre

    Never stop singing. You are a blessing in our life.

  7. Lily Viterbo

    It’s always inspiring to listen to Engelbert’s beautiful songs. He gives so much passion and emotion to his music!❤️❤️

  8. Яна Ашрафова

    Спасибо за видео ,за прекрасную песню и прекрасное исполнение любимого и легендарного певца Энгельберта Хампердинка .

  9. Carol Bishop

    Just love this...thanks Enge!

  10. Gisela TIdaback tidaback


  11. Dorothy Cafferty

    He is the men he wants to be how can he get better just love everything he sings have done for many years your voice is as good as it was years ago Englebert hope to see you again if you get to Winnipeg Canada I've lived here for 52 years same age as you take care and bless you and Patricia and your family regards The Cafferty Family

  12. Dorothy Cafferty

    You don't need to be any different Englebert you are the Man you want to be just love listening to you sing as I have and my Husband James have done for Many many Years God Bless you and Your Family

  13. Mariajose Arce Sanchez


  14. Dorothy Cafferty

    Ail say it again Englebert you are the Man you want to be please don't change at all thank you again for the Last Waltz 🇨🇦 🇬🇧

    Dorothy Cafferty

    So nice

  15. Dorothy Cafferty

    You are the man you want to be don't change ar all xx

  16. mr aqrnold gerry george frankiefields

    your such a sweetheart i love you your a gentleman there know in enough words for a gentleman as you all the best too my dearest love of all

  17. Moose Abels

    Engelbert, Thanks so much for the special show last night at the Place theatre in Greensburg. You still have the voice, stage presence and charisma to entertain. You are a legend in my eyes and your music is one of a kind. I am also thrilled to hear about your new album(s) coming out in 2018. You sharing a small dose of that with all of us last night during your show was just precious. Thanks for being You and Yes, you are the Man!Moose

  18. Guillermo Calabriano Saavedra

    Engelbert.Que clase que estilo ; Que voz intacta ..aun que pasen los Añ mantiene en el primer la musica..

  19. mr and mrs silverfields

    i lost my mother in law yesurday . its so wrong that they go she mined me of my own mum really 3/foot 10 inches high / but when you loose you mum that it . is it every think chances . you some one so speical and it gone / some things are too remember them the way just are / mums are there all the time when there gone its never the same , she was a little lady and small . she eat jelly eels .or pie and mash she was some lady too have around . so keep yuor mum safe and hold on too her as once she gone there . the memories you could share with others and make your own story count mareen in loving memory for her that died yesurday god bless her and may she have a safe way home god bless her she be sadly miss have the love and respect for your mum as she always there no matter what xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. JEN Hall

    Thank you for Mothers Day song. You have lyrics always in your heart. May GOD BLESS you & your Patricia. I pray for you both.

  21. Guillermo Calabriano Saavedra

    Es un super clase ...extraordinario la voz intasta...grande

  22. Vedo Jokhan

    I w'll never stop listening the wonderful song 💞💔

  23. Vedo Jokhan

    What a beautiful expression.. 😍😍 oh you're so very attractive you 💕💋❤👏👏👏

  24. Vedo Jokhan

    Oh my dear !! Wish cud dance this song you love it so much 👫so senitimenal song 😢💋❤👏👏👏

  25. Vedo Jokhan

    I listen to this song every night ..just love it .💞👏👏💕💔💔💝

  26. Sharon McCallum


  27. Karaoke Time


  28. Ivone Rosário

    Beautiful Beautiful nice music God Bless Engelbert kiss thanks you !!!!!!!!

  29. ibster57

    So sweet.

  30. Lucio Vids

    Thanks for the video. Would love to see a complete internet live concert stream like we had a few years ago.

  31. Raffaella Orsomarso

    Love this song very much. Engelbert has delivered another hit song on the charts. I ordered the cd back in. January it is great music. I listen to it all the time. Hope your daughter. Louise and wife. Patricia have a nice. Mothers. Day today. It was very generous of you to wish all the mothers in the world a. Happy. Mothers. Day. I wish my mom was around for. Mothers. Day cause she passed away 5 years ago miss her but she is in heaven having a great one up there. May 13 2018. God. Bless you all.

  32. Colleen Miller

    Thank you for the mother's day greeting! Love you all!

  33. Ellen R.

    Beautiful song and two great guitarists.

  34. Joann Foxx

    This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for doing this for all the Woman around the world. Engelbert has a heart of Gold and it show! If you don't own this CD, I highly recommend you buy one. Every song is a gem for sure!! Also a Big Thank You to OK Good Records for posting this for us! You guys are the Best!!

  35. Debaera Bisceglia

    Beautiful song and message of true love...Awesome (:

    Maria Andreu Santanreu

    Molt bo

  36. Sompolsri Drake

    Love this song and thank you Mr. EH for honor Mother's Day to all mother out there!!!!

  37. Bennie Wright

    I tied a red ribbon on one of our trees of 50 acres of our land - and this tree is dedicated to you young man; for all the love you give others. Love to you Sir.

    Fernando Troncoso

    Fantastic mr Humperdinck congratulation

  38. Helen Edmonds

    So much feeling and compassion in this song. I love it! EH has it all!

  39. Lynda Rodrigo

    Thank you Enge!!! Love these informal surprises 💜💜💜 Happy Mother's Day to Patricia (and Louise 💜)

  40. Þorbjörg Björnsdóttir

    Vonderful song, and a beautiful singer! Engelbert Humperdinck! Thank you!❣🌹🎶

  41. Primrose Haran

    Brilliant love this song from engelbert thank you for this post

  42. Vedo Jokhan

    Very touchin song !! Miss my mom R I P LOVE YOU MUCH MORE THAN EVERY 😂❤💋💙👌👏👏👏👏💙

  43. Tammy Lewis


  44. Patricia Hillegas

    Thank you Engelbert...Beautiful and relaxing.🎤🎶💞Thanks, also, OK! Good Records!!!🎶

  45. Vedo Jokhan

    Really nice song !!! Love it ❤💙👍👏👏👏👌

  46. Bennie Wright

    Thank you PRECIOUS Engelbert for all your wonderful Mother's Day songs; how you are loved Sir. May the Lord always bless you and your wonderful family.Bennie

  47. Jeff Davis

    Beautiful song! Engelbert just knows how to deliver a song....

  48. Lauri Sontowski

    This album has to be one of the best Enge has done!!! Perfect for Mothers Day xoxo's !!!

  49. Tammy Lewis