Humperdinck, Engelbert - Just Like The First Time Lyrics

Those places in my mind are never hard to find
And where it all began
Such golden memories
I hope will never change
A face of innocence
The girl I asked to dance
At only seventeen
Though my show was soon undone
I knew you were the one

You don't know me now
But in some way, somehow
Maybe there's a moment you are mine
So I hope you fall in love again each day
Just like the first time

I'll never have too much
Your smile your tender touch
A thousand times a day
But when the morning comes I'll be the face you see
As tides may ebb and flow
Your thoughts may come and go
But you are not alone
Let's live the here and now
As long as the fates allow

You don't know me now
But in some way, somehow
Maybe there's a moment you are mine
So I hope you fall in love again each day
Just like the first time

I hope you fall in love again each day
I'll be there for you in every way
So I hope we fall in love again each day
Just like the first time

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Humperdinck, Engelbert Just Like The First Time Comments
  1. Bernice Kritcher

    My heart to him and his beautiful wife! So emotional!

  2. Reverend Kelly lee

    God bless them both. I was lucky to have him record my song. What a Gentleman

  3. Rosario Medina Aguirre

    Que bonita pareja

  4. Ernesto Bardwell

    God Stay With you And Your Wife 🙏😇🌷Mr Dorsey I Sing A Song For Your Wife You Are My Starship💖🎵🎼🎤 Singer Ernesto B NYC 🎵 🎶🎼 🌉

  5. Alicia Temores

    Qué relacion tan bonita y duradera juntos hadta la eternidad.

  6. Bernard Beauchamp

    Wow I can't stop crying when you know what he is living. Yes it is nice to see that he is whit his wife after all does years ! May God bless them !

  7. inga robinson

    How lovely to see how enduring their marriage is , it is so rare . God bless them both !

  8. Eloissa Arguetta

    Me encanta Engelbert.


    Love him family

  10. Peter Shearer

    Blessed you both. 🙏

  11. Stephanie Persin

    His Patricia has dementia now. This is such a sweet song.

  12. Ernesto Bardwell

    Engel You Are A Good Man Stand By Your Wife And Love Her More Every Day Make It Nice To Her The Love Man Ernesto B Nyc🤗🤗

    Ernesto Bardwell

    Thankyou For Likeing The Comment Love The One you With Take Care Of The North Of You Nyc🤗🤗

  13. Sandro Luiz Machado


  14. Edwin Eusebio

    true love for better or worse... they stick to their promise to stay til death do they part

  15. Helen Hess

    Touchingly beautiful

  16. Diana Pease

    Wow! What a beautiful Song for a beautiful Lady.

  17. eileen bailey


  18. Kathy Sanders

    Beautiful dedication to Patricia as only he can do

  19. Maria Hawkins

    Such a beautiful couple both devoted to each other love always Engelbert Humperdink ❤❤

  20. Madeleine Donaldson

    My mom always used to say the Course of true love never runs smooth. And for Engelbert having to watch his wife with Alzheimer's is so tough. Not easy but love is the key We all pray she can recover 100% to enjoy her husband, children and grandchildren again. God bless this beautiful family always. I love the music, just love it.

  21. Boxcar Bubba

    Engelbert is the real King .

  22. Top Hats86

    Love you both and hope it lasts forever!

  23. Elizabeth Martinez


  24. Geri Brandon

    Love your music. Your voice. God bless you.

  25. carmela richards

    Every time I see this. I think how lucky she was to have a man love her so much ❤️

  26. imelda Clarke

    endless love that you had for each other, wish you & your family can cope in this situation you are now. GOD is with you in the moment like this

  27. jackie santillan

    tell death do us part💓💓💓

  28. ichi1957

    What a lovely gentleman.

  29. Jean Johnson

    God bless ur 💘 I wish only to find a true love as urs

  30. Rose Mat

    Hoping there will be a miracle for PAT, Very sad that life can turn for the worst, but Praying Enge.

  31. Brenda Haltom

    Very sweet and loving! God bless you both!❤😊🙏🌷

  32. Trevor Harris

    A super star with a magnificent voice, one of my favourite singer ever.

  33. Maroon Delight

    Engelbert Humperdinck, GOD blessed you with a happy and healthy life, because you committed yourself to do what is right!! Very few had reached that Goal! God keep on blessing and your family!!😇

  34. Rogelio Maza


  35. Hayden Harris

    Gosh alzheimers is so cruel. Love and the best health to you all for as long as you all may live.

  36. Norah Oliver

    God bless you bothxx

  37. Elizabeth Martinez


  38. raymart raguine

    Thank you for sharing Your Song idol I'm to you because you're Song And Soft Beet

  39. piena konings

    prachtig dit is ware liefde ❤

  40. Жибек Алпыспаева

    Какая счастливая пара. Прошли рука об руку вместе через все годы. Счастья вам и здоровья! Хампердинг - это моя молодость, студенчество.

  41. john hunt

    so very sad , great to see the love and affection he has for his lovely wife

  42. Endang Trimartini

    Why many famous artists could not maintain their marriage like EH has done....
    Salute to this man 👍👍👍

  43. Suzan Radi


  44. Ingrid Akkermans

    Betifol song vidio thanks jou ingrid akkermans

  45. Victoria Juergens-Renfro

    Strong woman to stay , and lwont even mention the stories l have heard because it is hearsay. I think
    Englebert is an exceptional singer and she probably truly loved him.

    Susan 8

    I appreciate that, we are here to celebrate and enjoy his music and not drag up his personal private past. Thanks again :)

  46. Elizabeth Martinez

    LOVE THOSE TWO....🤗😄🥰✌🕊

  47. Melinda Romesburge

    Such a beautiful 63 yrs old and have listened to him since I was daddy listened to him often so I grew up listening to this mans beautiful voice

  48. C K

    All 47yrs of my life I have admired and loved this man and his music. A wonderful example of loyalty and devotion he shares with his wife
    How beautiful a love

  49. Ann Marie Sullivan

    I cannot get over how much their daughter looks like Patricia They look like twins

  50. Maribella Cortes

    Muy lindo y amoroso matrimonio, creo es de los pocos en ese hambiemte que han durado tantos años juntos. Ya se que ella no está aquí pero grito FELICIDADES A LOS DOS
    y bendiciones para ti bello cantante. Sigue igual de guapo y famoso
    Very nice and loving marriage, I think it's one of the few in that hungry that have lasted so many years together. I know she's not here but I shout CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TWO
    And blessings to you, beautiful singer. He remains equally handsome and famous

  51. Harriet Scott

    This is such a beautiful song and prayers are for his wife. God bless her.

  52. Salvatore Caravello


  53. Paulette Sondervorst


  54. Helen Edmonds

    Such a precious couple! Believe in miracles. Thinking of you both!

  55. rima tantik

    Best couple

  56. Raku HD

    Engelbert ist der Sänger meiner Generation obwohl ich noch 11 Jahre jünger bin. Ich danke jeden der die Videos erstellen und herunter laden. Ich höre fast jeden Tag ein Lied von ihm. Lb.Grüsse Doris

  57. Barbara Sum

    Very warm and loving pictures of Patrica and Enge, just wonderful

  58. Rita Duarte

    Lovely pictures ,gorgeus man the most romantic singer in the world. And beautiful ,Patricia,❤❤

  59. Barbara A. Brearley

    I have so much admiration for Enge and his devotion to his wife Patricia. He loves her so and this song shows it. 7/20/19,10:05 pm

  60. Anita Cabrera

    Iam so proud to have Engel as my Idol and I salute him for his faithfullness to Patricia his wife !

  61. Michelle Time

    They truly love each other. God bless xxx

  62. Елена Бабий

    Такая прекрасная пара желаем здоровья и любви и пусть всегда наш Энгельберт поёт об этом прекрасном чувстве, которое окутало весь мир.

  63. 張元瓏


  64. Bobby

    Love this.......

  65. Dali Dzaferic

    One Of The Nicest loveable Men In The Industry, Amazeing Man.

  66. Beverly Carter

    Just like the first time, Bob was my first time, memories are great.

  67. Linda Yanez

    Very beautiful love story

  68. al reyes

    God is great and very good...Peace and Love to you both..

  69. boysilber w

    마력을 가진 목소리 들을 수록 중독된다
    노래 너무 good thank you

  70. Bruce Monterosso

    True love and devotion: what a concept. Bless you both!

  71. Bavariangirl

    I have been a fan of Engelbert Humperdinck since I was a teenager. I always told my parents I was born at the wrong time. :) This song is a wonderful tribute not only to his wife but also to their long marriage in an industry where marriages crumble endlessly. Their commitment to each other was and is for better or for worse. God Bless them both and many Prayers for his wife.

  72. Steve Nappe

    I just sat at my work desk crying to this. OMG, what a beautiful, but sad song. Love Engelbert since I was a kid in the 60's. God bless you, your wife and your children.

  73. d abdella

    Very special to see thanks for sharing

  74. Barbara A. Brearley

    I can see you are still very much in love 🥰 with each other. God bless you both. Hope Patricia is doing better.

    Susan 8

    According to what he has reported she is making progress little by little but he is still has faith that she will improve more and more each day.

  75. Caterina Parrinello

    Sei semprei il piu giu grande

  76. Loulou

    No one can say if he was faithful to his wife, except him and maybe his wife.

  77. nora Jazzy Poppy

    Beautiful song.Prayers for you're wife🙏

  78. Israel Clareti Soares

    Parabéns cantor com belíssima voz, sucesso na música e no amor.

  79. Eri my Love

    A man who knows the meaning of " for better of wores in sickness and in health till death do us part" !!
    Not so many!! God bless you both!!! 💐💐💐

  80. Debbie Konkel


  81. arlene smith

    I love this song. God Bless You and Your Family, Engelbert.

  82. Vanila Le

    You are faithful man. And your wife , she is a lucky woman

  83. Donna Lomas

    Love this song...Engelbert has kept his beautiful voice all these years

  84. Theresa Dupuis

    Love you Guys God Bless you Both 😊💖

  85. lora Schultz

    A beautiful song for a beautiful couple.

  86. john tash

    grannys fave...I cant listen to.him tho...not cos I dont like him..totally the oposite .im ok if in a taxi and hes playing radio,I can hold it in there.but at home im alover place if put him on...need a bottle bushmills 1st lol

  87. Susana Gonzalez

    Guapote!!!! O papacito

  88. Glynis Higham

    wished i could have met a man like engelbert, instead i got a bastard - agian

    sharon lint

    Glynis Higham lol how many of us have been there just shows you how much he loved his wife

  89. Kevin Falcao

    Praying helps us , NOT the victim. We ALL must share in contributions toward the cure. It may be too late for those that have the desease -- the CURE will come for future generations. Courageous of George Dorsey to share his family experience.

  90. Sue Streets

    beautiful song beautiful pic of u both

  91. karen marie

    love it!!

  92. Mc City

    You are a wonderful GENTLEMAN So Devoted to your wife and family. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.x

    Anghy R

    Que lindos 👏👏👏👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

    piet pienter

    Gentleman ? I thought so too, but i read that he cheated on his wife all his life. Devoted to wife and family LOL.

  93. anne s

    A man that loves his woman. . So touching.. i pray she gets better. He really loves her

  94. Елена Бабий

    Как красиво вместе идти по жизни руку любимой держа в своей руке и потихоньку стариться перилистывая страницы жизни, где живёт любовь.

  95. Елена Бабий

    Если бы можно было перенести восхищение по ветру то я бы попросила передать его ЭНгельберту и его прекрасной жене ПАтришии и ещё счастья и любви всей вашей семье храни ВАс всех ГОсподь

  96. taleta nasi


  97. farie dmaya

    When love is true sincere ... he meant every words of his vous before God on their wedding day, insya Allah the marriage will last eternally ... "the word till dead do us part" meant temporarily, they will rejoined again in heaven. May Allah blesses him and his family always...