Humble Pie - Sweet Peace And Time Lyrics

Don't want war, don't, don't give me preachin'
Don't want love, no fancy teachin'
All I want's sweet peace and time, make up my mind.

Woman of my heart, let me live again
Oh, why am I so lonely? Let me live again
All I want to do is find the people who'll ease my soul.

Don't want Mars, don't want plaided suits
No one flies there, no more army boots.

Don't want lies, don't give me Ho Chi Minh
Don't want time, don't want no schemin'
All I want's sweet peace and time, made up my mind.

Woman of my heart, let me breathe again
Oh why am I so lonely? Let me live again
All I want to find is something to ease my soul.

Don't want lies, don't give me Ho Chi Minh
Don't want time, don't want schemin'
All I want's sweet peace and time, made up my mind
Sweet peace and time, made up my mind.

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Humble Pie Sweet Peace And Time Comments
  1. Jan Davis

    lyrics anyone?

  2. Manny Badabing

    Humble Pie, Free, Bad Company.......and Mountain, and Grand Funk for good measure.....😡

  3. Manny Badabing

    Ooooooffffffff......hello England.....💪🤘

  4. Mark Berge

    The pie. Had this album and then copied to maxell cassette tapes now on youtube

  5. Manuel Amigo

    Jerry Shirley........on fire!!!!....

  6. Bill Hillyer

    Got u on my side thank the Lord

  7. Francis DeAngelis

    Oh my God!!! Listen to Steve M. here and you can hear Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Page. So glad to hear this today.

  8. Evingham Hoffnikel

    fuckin tripping music

  9. John Gustafson

    Who is giving thumbs down man. They must not of lived it. Great album!

    Lisa Weaver

    You were blessed to understand this experience.

  10. randall scott burress

    Poor old people all dead from marijuana*


    I'll have a slice of PIE!!

  12. John DeHan

    I missed the whole HP scene. Glad I found it tonight!

  13. Bill Smith

    fuckin. trippin. music

  14. Čedomir Rosić


  15. SuperRowdyone

    Damn this albums amazing.

  16. Robert V

    I can tell KISS listened to this song. The intro riff is very KISS-esque.

  17. Jenette Blowycky

    I still an operable 8-track of this album. yes..a great album.

    Blistered Blues

    Jenette Blowycky that's hard core "old school".

  18. Frank Olsson

    R.Blackmore has made a loan of the riff I think ;-)


    +Sam Hooper Nope...Blackmore was still playing with Procol Harum when this album was recorded.

    Butch Davis

    @truthdefender54 Procol Harem was nothing compared to Pie.I play guitar and I can assure you Blackmore ripped some riffs.


    Heard this riff first on Jeff Beck's Plynth

  19. Robert Hendry

    Killer track-Sweet Peace and Time. Arguably Humble Pie's heaviest track.

  20. traveller3211

    This entire album rocks

    Terri Imel

    I totally agree!  Listened to this as a teenager and still do at the age of 58!!!!  I'm an old time rock and roller.


    Not the album but the entire band I was too young to see it then. Now I know.

  21. John Boy

    1975 yes again???

  22. Vincent Gabry

    the last resort Aileen Wuornos 
    Monster !!! 
    great movie and great music !!!

  23. MrMrfreedom1

    Forgot this one, thanks for the reminder

  24. Paul Pellerin

    you had to see thease guys been to a hundred concerts one of the best shows ever

  25. Greg P

    the pie has spoken! holy smokes, it aint barry manilow

  26. Jeffry Lawson

    FUCK YEAH!!!!

  27. imajeepster

    rock on!!!

  28. Anthony Kavanagh


  29. mark brown


  30. ludwig26


  31. LugalBandawithblades

    This song I wore out at the chess club!

  32. King Rat

    great as Stevie was (and he was surely great ) Ridley had a very good voice for this kind of rock and roll . vive la humble pie

  33. zape zoe

    one of the best album ever

  34. MrBlueSkyMrNight

    I pray every day for a HARD ROCK revival.
    Just once in my lifetime!!!

  35. buschnic61

    'Sweet Peace and Time' ..I'll be damned..if that ain't the fucking Humble Pie holy land, I don't know what is..another stone cold example of why Greg Ridley.. bless his soul, was by far the best of the best of rock bass players-he is the white Jamerson-there's just nothing like the kick in the face of HP..they absotutely RULED.

  36. brainsareus

    stevie m,had the perfect voice for this grp. a lot of ppl did not care for it. to me, it rang true for the HP sound.

  37. DRpretorius39

    I had to replace this tape 4 times in my life!!! Thanks for posting! Steve Marriot was full of soul and we`ll never here music like this again!

  38. Greg P

    thats what im talkin about, serious fucking rock!! RIP brothers.

  39. Hagarviking

    Brilliant album, play it all the time. Thanks very much for posting these gems

  40. wmjdovensky

    Thank You For All The Humble Pie You Have Posted.
    Very Well Done, you are the Limit.

  41. EmpressOfWyoming58

    One of my top favorite LP's from the 70's. Thank you so much for posting it.