Humble Pie - Rally With Ali Lyrics

Hey, get on down, yeah right
Won't you rally, rally with Ali
Rally, rally with Ali
Look at your body fly like the beat
You're the real thing, the only chance for me
Your whiplashing legs can shake the nation
Just drive him in the corner, use a combination
Come on, take a spin
You gotta stand by the man
If you stand by the man
You're standing by the fastest in the land
Oh yea, rally with Ali
I say, rally around the man
Well, this is an Ali rally
Ah, dance around the ring, boy
And then you do the same a little more
Get it from Leroy, you gotta see sweet Leroy
You got all the answers
And you're the king of dancers
You need no temptation
Swing him on the chin, boy
And you've got the style, boy
You've got to use it all the while now
Come on now, take the stand
You gotta stand by the man
If you stand by the man
You're standing with the fastest artist in the land
Rally, rally with Ali
I say, rally, rally with Ali
It's my Ali rally
Rally, rally, rally, rally, rally
Yes, people down in the street
Thought there's never be another Mohammed Ali
Oh rally, just a fight
Get lazier with Frazier, haha...

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Humble Pie Rally With Ali Comments
  1. Manny Badabing

    Funky, groovy, badass.

  2. Mo Bettabud

    killer drums!

  3. D Mark

    Are you sitting comftybowl 2 square on your botty? Then lets begin...

  4. Eric Vitelli


  5. ledrotten

    the first rap song ,inspired by the champ and his way with wordS ,from the great musical mind of Steve Mariott , and to us for our listening ,pleasure ,to bad rap today is as bad as R$B today , kinda like the Isley Bros ,without the good parts ..... this track is awsome thogh , who knew what it could lead to at the time , eh?

    James Haran


  6. Greg P

    Ah yes, great homage to the "greatest" multi talented Humble Pie, too bad Steve and Greg are gone, rock on Peter!! thanks for the post

  7. PeekaPeep

    Too bad nobody tried to sample the drum into, lol...better off that THEY DIDN'T!!! Humble Pie is good eatin'.

  8. Thomas Guitar player Richmond

    Thanks for the memorys, b-side to Ninety nine pounds, pretty cool 45

  9. gorblimey61

    Get lazier with Frazier!

  10. Chris Meulbroek

    first view! Thanks for adding this!