Humble Pie - I Wonder Lyrics

Sometimes I sit here in this chair and I wonder
I said I wonder oh where can you be
This dark and lonely night ah yeah
I wonder if you're holdin'
I wonder if you're holdin' someone tight now
I said I wonder, ah yeah.

Wanna tell you my heart's, my heart's been breakin'
You know I feel such a fool to let it keep on achin', oh yeah
But one day I feel I may wake up
And find I was mistaken
That's what keeps me wonderin'.

I say I wonder, I wonder, I wonder baby
Where can you be this cold and dark and rainy miserable night?
I wonder if you're holdin'
I wonder if you're holdin' someone else tight
You know I wonder, here I go.

I wanna tell you my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart
My heart's been breakin'
I feel such a fool to sit here and let it keep on achin'
One day I may wake up and find I was mistaken
That's what keeps me wonderin', keeps me wonderin' oh yeah.

Said I wonder, I said I wonder
I wonder where you been and what you been doin'.

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Humble Pie I Wonder Comments
  1. spiritosa0123

    Loved humble pie in the 70s and actually did not know Steve died early 90s wow what a loss.

  2. spiritosa0123

    Love me some humble pie

  3. bobbynoe1

    Deserved to be a track on the Fillmore album - 2:10 (1st guitar solo), 3:11 (harp solo) and 6:06 (2nd guitar solo) are still thrilling after more than 45 years of listening to this gem!

  4. Kate Bryant Bader

    my heart

  5. 渡邉晃平

    あっ セーラームーンだ

  6. Jimmy Haun

    Probably the best blues guitar solo of ALL time

  7. Gene Magnette

    One of my favorite songs ever !

  8. meistertynemouth

    Clem supreme

  9. Á.F.Sáez


  10. Butch P

    Had the 8 track, still have the cassette. Real music. Can't even listen to the radio anymore, all b.s.

  11. Bill Hillyer

    To do all which may achieve and charest a lasting peace God Bless

  12. professormacdeezy

    thanks for posting this

  13. randall scott burress


  14. Evingham Hoffnikel

    better music than the fuckin bullshit out today. today's "don't drop the soap" music is for tube steak suckers jack!

  15. Earl Butler

    You have not heard of Alvin lee, rosy Gallagher and my god, Peter Green, dammit are you a fucking republican.

  16. Lisa Vannausdle

    Always ignites my spirit. Can't ignore the rhythm bug in my feet 😛

  17. Rick W.

    Man, Just the best blues ever. Buffalo, NY, 1979

  18. River Jordan Craig

    great album after Peter Frampton left the band. rock/rhythm and blues. I am 57 and my elder brother had it. I just about wore it out! I was 11 years old. That's the magic of music that keeps on giving!

  19. Gene Magnette

    Introduced in 71,still smokin!

  20. Gene Magnette

    My all time favorite blues rock guitar solo

  21. farmtracks1

    Clem Clempson is such a tasty blues player.....I think he compliments the Pie better than Peter Frampton did....although Frampton in his own right is a superb player..


    Peter Frampton had a certain something that was better expressed in his own original songs and band...BUT...this song, to me, is so quintessential Humble Pie. So down there into the soul... this song needs to be on a flawless vinyl album, with a new diamond needle on the turntable, blowing out of some Klipsch speakers, on No. 10 on the dial. And then some good bourbon and other possible accouterments on the coffee table...IMHO.

    Ed King

    farmtracks1 Much much better than Frampton. That's what their Rocking the Fillmore lacked, a blues guitar player.

    Ed King

    boomer1954ful Peter Frampton was pop, not blues or rock

    Virgil R

    Frampton had more of a jazzy style of playing that majored in melodies but he was definitely great on the Fillmore Live album!
    PS. I love this album!

  22. Sylvia Farese

    All time fave! I got hooked on this at 17 yoa in '72 and still love to this day.

  23. Dave Henri

    ..the dictionary to all things everything...this is how it's done son......

  24. Steve Gutheil

    Played this album SO MUCH, I still remember where my album skipped!! Lol

  25. frettchen gretchen

    happy birthday.. rip...♡

  26. Henry Ballard

    One of the longest and finest lead runs you"ll ever hear!!

  27. James Aufdenberg

    Clem Clemson, one hot guitar player!! Humble Pie, one of the All time best!!!

    Ed King

    James Aufdenberg Much better fit than Frampton. Frampton just wasn't a blueser at all, not even close.

  28. Adam

    This sounds a wayyyy too much like 'Since I've Been Loving You' of Led Zep III (1970)...Other than that it's pretty solid lol..

    Graysons Motozone

    Adam whole lotta love sounds wayyyy to much like the small faces you need loving, which steve marriott also sang on.

  29. Brian LaMay

    If there's a better heavy blues recording on the planet, I've never heard it.

  30. John Francis Mariano

    unusually written bluessong (some chord suprises and the dropping progression}cool!

  31. Frank Olsson

    Great band in the past!

  32. David Bollinger

    Memphis favorite live night gig........Ramatam opened (April Lawton and Mitch Mitchell) but Smokin Steve M. burned down the house.

  33. Clay Simerly

    Lot of old good sassafras  MDA done with this album in Atlanta back in hard rocking days !!! 

  34. Mathew Maher

    oneword verybadassss

  35. dimond ninja

    is that a g harp ?

  36. Phillip Cline

    From about 7:05 that is one hell of a solo!!

    Phillip Cline

    Saw them live in 73. One hell of a show!

    Jimmy Haun

    My favorite guitar solo of all time...

  37. Phillip Cline

    Saw Humble Pie in 73 with Spooky Tooth at Ball State University! Great Show!!!

  38. Monia77

    It's just giving me a great ride....

  39. Jack Connors

    I saw them with the blackberries during the 'EAT IT' tour what a great band ( one of the best). This is probably one of the best blues recorded by anyone ( anytime)!!!


    I agree...The only thing that comes close is the Dead with Pigpen.......

  40. Pin Pan Pun

    man ihave the vinyl in 1972 in argentina this is contenporary of exiles on main streets of stones

  41. Mark Pemburn

    So many years since I last heard this one. Wore the grooves out of that LP. Smoooooookin'!

  42. zape zoe

    no me canso nunca de escuchar a humble pie. Fantastico

  43. Anthony Borden

    stole my brothers 8 track of this great album and I never looked back ~ haahahahaha

    Cindy Dufala

    Anthony Borden my brother gave me his album, he was a drummer, and said, here, listen to some good music! R.i.p. my big bro Max

  44. thedude12372

    I saw Humble pie in 79.. long beach arena

  45. himycatisdead

    @HardRockEars Amen brother amen a barrage of blues and gut wrenching vocals that produced a coffee table magic mountain candle that never burnt out and a sweet smell in the air of a cultivated substance......

  46. wheelzngearz

    Awesome vocals!
    RIP Steve..

  47. Elcerritogooze

    My favorite Pie tune. Thanx 4 Upload.